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  1. This is more of a final product wishful thinking sort of thing. As playing the alpha, this is what i can see the game becoming at the end.
  2. I recently got this, and i must say. wow. but after playing the campaign i was thinking about the game at work. and then all of a sudden i got hit with something. This game, so far, is what a lot of us wanted, but in a very small restricted package. Imagine this. first, take the world of crowfall, but add one more faction. then take the world map, and multiply it by about..lets say 25 to start. now. make a campaign last about 11 months with 1 month down time, OR. dont have campaigns at all. [you see where im going with this..] For as long as i have played MMO rpgs, i have ALWAYS wanted a
  3. Hey, got this game last week and played it quite a bit. I tried almost every class at least to level 10, and stuck with 3 of my favorites. The game is fun so far but has a few issues that I would love to see changed. And hopefully other players agree. Durability - I don't mind tools breaking, but weapons and armor durability should only go down when you die, in a more traditional MMO type, with the ability to repair you gear through vendor, or yourself. IF you can do this already i haven't found the person that can repair or know how to do it myself. There is no reason whatsoever
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