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  1. I came back to Crowfall in late december as there was a bit of hype for this 5.8 pvp campaign, I am fully aware of what other games are out there, I am also ready at any point to just walk away from this game...I put down $60 in 2015 knowing that i might just wash my hands of it or this game might never get released. I would still like this game to be a success however Anyway you enjoy it, I will check back in another 6 months.
  2. I backed the game at the first kickstarter and i was sold on this video at no point in this video does it talk about craftfall they sold the kickstarters a pvp game with destruction and dying worlds...not grind rocks and trees...
  3. What i am trying to say is if you make testing the game a grind then you will limit the amount of people willing to test and this shows by the amount of players even in spring, I backed this for the pvp side of things so i will just wait until launch and see how it turns out.
  4. ok so ignore the vessels part So all i need to do is farm green mats in a pvp zone and not be killed by the gankers that are bored that there is no pvp and will kill anybody on site and take your stuff? that sounds great to me...
  5. Ok here we go... So i login and i want to do some pvp Ok so first thing i must grind rocks and trees and make some stupid item so i can fast track to lvl 30 (done) ok i am ready ? no no no you must now grind either gold or necromancy to make a new char that i also have to lvl to 30...(ok Done) now i am ready? nope you must now grind weapons and armor and then you might be ready for a fair fight. Don't get me wrong that in the full game i totaly expect that people who spend alot of time playing the game will be stronger than me gear and experiance wise But this is pre-alpha ffs and yes you can go on the test server but come on who wants to play there ? And yes you could say JOIN a GUILD well i dont want to also if this game was fun to play then where are the 50k backers for this game? I am not talking 500 or 5000 it's 50,000 and at best (even when it's the start of a new campaign) on EU peek time you get 150 lol 150 that must tell you all you need to know about the state of this game. Devs if you want to advertise this game over the next year the best way you could do that is to make the alpha FUN! I log in and think f... that its far to much work to catch up when my stuff will be wiped at some point. I bet alot of players download this and think f... it i will just wait until launch and start there, grinding to test a game.....no thanks
  6. Counting the days, dam I need a good mmo to play!
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