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  1. Guild criteria: Region: US Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, mostly playing when chilling at home, can dedicate days if available. Size: No preference Play-Style: Bounce between tank (to troll really, think league of legends tanks) and caster..very rarely doing assassin/ranged roles Commitment: I think it has serious potential, like pre-patch star wars galaxies potential...I'd say more than star citizen! Side note: Laid back, but I really dislike time being wasted considering the little I have to enjoy PC games. I literally uninstall games if they aren't fun even for just an afternoon and move on. Experience: Quit playing WoW after my personal story ended in Frozen Throne and have since played Eve Online, and Star Wars Galaxies followed by the various other MMOs to come out through the years but never hooked as hard as the first three mentioned. Voice-Chat services: I will use what the guild ask to use but at this point I expect discord lol
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