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  1. Hit the campaign for the first time. Leveled to 30 and then went to search for the mats needed to do better crafting. Really disappointed in the mats available in the campaign. I killed animals but got nothing I could not get in God's Reach. Wandered around and found nothing to harvest that I could not find in God's Reach. Avoided other players fairly easily though I'm sure that will change when things get more crowded. Community is actually pretty good. There were a few random spots of ridiculousness but on the whole folks are grouping up and going out to kill each other in a
  2. Hey! *waves arms wildly* Does this all still exist? I can't remember what happened to us all but it's BETA!
  3. Don't mind the wipes. I think it gives us all another chance at fine tuning builds and figuring out leveling strategies.
  4. Region: US West Coast - PST Schedule: Flexible Casual/Hardcore?: Casual killer. Hardcore healer. Stop judging me. Play-Style: Squishycore. Snackcake. Loves crafting and healing. That's right. I know I'm playing the wrong game. Come at me bro. Commitment: Oh I dunno, I guess I'm into it. Sorta want to trick out my EK so I can have the best stores in the game all gathered in one place and be able to provide uberduber gear to my guild while I rake in gold that I then throw at crafting until I'm a goddess of all things made. Kinda want to go sneak around in the cam
  5. Well, I held off hopping into the game until now as I wanted to give things a chance to settle down. I've been around since the kickstarter and spent some time being the token snackcake on the forums early on. Right now the game is not much fun - mostly because of a combo of glitches and balance issues. Here's my notes from 3 days of playing. --Crafting needs an enormous amount of work. It's seriously unbalanced and trying to get started in crafting is rough at best. Part of it is the length of time needed to harvest mats. Because Crowfall went with nodes it's time consuming to stand
  6. Hello everyone - how is the game doing? I've not checked in for years - how is gameplay? Did crafting ever go past magically appearing pick and there's a node? How is the community? A good friend reminded me about this game and how immersed I was in the possibilities back when it was just a lil kickstarter. I spent a lot of time on these boards arguing (a token squishycore amongst the elite) and writing endless stories (crowfall chronicles still holds up though it's been half a decade!) and I met some really wonderful people. How goes everyone?
  7. Well this was fun! I just remembered this and thought I'd go through and see how it holds up 5 years later.
  8. It's been a bit since I've checked the forums and I was hoping that the crafting professions would have shaped up by now. It looks like the same imbalance still exists. If you love PvP and that's all you want from Crowfall then you're all set. If you hopped on the Kickstarter and invested in the game cause you thought it was going to be a balanced experience that required both supply and demand - if you thought that Koster was going to bring some magic to the harvesting and crafting - you're outta luck. Keep this in mind devs. If there's no one that likes harvesting, folks won't
  9. Thanks for the video. ---Starting with the meh part of things - not excited about the harvesting process. It can get excruciatingly boring over time, even with folks trying to kill me as I hack away at nodes with my magically summoned axeshovelpickknife. ---Really happy with the impact of resource quality on the final crafted product. Glad that end product is impacted by resources and crafter choices as that leaves room for excellence outside the dictates of an rng. I've not posted in a while but some folks may recall my dismay/trepidation about the crafting system going the scattered nod
  10. I'm glad to see that the alloys will have use as crafting levels up and I'm looking forward to the metal/stat combinations and relationships. I'm pretty weary of the "run up to a node and a magic tool appears that harvests for you" approach to harvesting however. I loved SWG's harvesters and I'm disappointed that the actual harvesting will not take more effort/strategy.
  11. There was discussion a while back about player built tunnels and I'm not sure whether that turned out to be feasible or not. It seems to me that if tunnels are an option then every defensible building should have a secret way in/out. I'm not sure if covering all the POI's and still having enough players left to wage a strong enough siege to keep a stronghold wrapped up tight is going to be very common. It will require guilds joining together to cover everything and anytime there's an alliance, there's betrayal. I think that part of the being under siege skillset will involve myriad ways t
  12. As the game moves further along in development the unfinished areas like crafting are becoming more and more like a weird 6 pronged puzzle piece that clearly was designed with the main task of fitting the last open spot and connecting everything else together. Crafting impacts everything - combat, the EK's, builds, game storage, player to player interactions. I have an image in my head of a huge scrolled list half hanging from a wall in CF HQ with the title "Crafting has to accommodate or provide the following:" heading up a 20 foot long ream of scrawled notes. On the plus side, one of t
  13. Your OP was as follows: "I am tired of EK junk, until I see what purpose, if any, an EK has. I have bought just about everything from the merchandise store I have 4 accounts already I am thinking, skins and maybe access to a unique looks in the char selection screen. What ideas can you guys come up with? Get those imaginative juices flowing...." When I read the OP I thought that you were actually asking for ideas and your posts that followed supported the brainstorm ideas concept. I'm seeing now that your point was that the EK store items are pointless in your opinion. You may
  14. TBH I think that Crowfall has provided more than enough instant gratification to us whales of the CF world. Mounts, buildings, pledge bells and whistles, merchandise... there's a lot of stuff to buy already. I know that you want suggestions of what to buy so I suggest a payment plan to up your pledge level. You can pay over time and you'll get all the nifty things offered in the next level. I'd much rather they focus on getting the game created rather than focusing on creating more shiny sparklies for the store. Anything they create now is going to be mostly guesswork anyway until they ge
  15. Got the survey on one account's email and not on my other account's email. /begin conspiracy theory
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