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  1. Hey! *waves arms wildly* Does this all still exist? I can't remember what happened to us all but it's BETA!
  2. Region: US West Coast - PST Schedule: Flexible Casual/Hardcore?: Casual killer. Hardcore healer. Stop judging me. Play-Style: Squishycore. Snackcake. Loves crafting and healing. That's right. I know I'm playing the wrong game. Come at me bro. Commitment: Oh I dunno, I guess I'm into it. Sorta want to trick out my EK so I can have the best stores in the game all gathered in one place and be able to provide uberduber gear to my guild while I rake in gold that I then throw at crafting until I'm a goddess of all things made. Kinda want to go sneak around in the campaigns with a few stalwart killers by my side as we rifle through the mats available then go back to base and trick everyone out. RP?- Depends. Experience: SWG, Warhammer, Age of Conan, LOTRO, FFXIV. Did kickstarter. I keep checking back and seeing how this game is doing. I think it's time to guild up.
  3. Hello everyone - how is the game doing? I've not checked in for years - how is gameplay? Did crafting ever go past magically appearing pick and there's a node? How is the community? A good friend reminded me about this game and how immersed I was in the possibilities back when it was just a lil kickstarter. I spent a lot of time on these boards arguing (a token squishycore amongst the elite) and writing endless stories (crowfall chronicles still holds up though it's been half a decade!) and I met some really wonderful people. How goes everyone?
  4. Well this was fun! I just remembered this and thought I'd go through and see how it holds up 5 years later.
  5. It's been a bit since I've checked the forums and I was hoping that the crafting professions would have shaped up by now. It looks like the same imbalance still exists. If you love PvP and that's all you want from Crowfall then you're all set. If you hopped on the Kickstarter and invested in the game cause you thought it was going to be a balanced experience that required both supply and demand - if you thought that Koster was going to bring some magic to the harvesting and crafting - you're outta luck. Keep this in mind devs. If there's no one that likes harvesting, folks won't do it after a while. If there's no one that likes the RNG trashing their crafting process over and over, folks won't do it after a while. To make the player economy you want Crowfall to have, there has to be both supply and demand. You've got demand handled with import restrictions, item decay, and player looting. Now you need to work on the supply side. Get busy.
  6. Thanks for the video. ---Starting with the meh part of things - not excited about the harvesting process. It can get excruciatingly boring over time, even with folks trying to kill me as I hack away at nodes with my magically summoned axeshovelpickknife. ---Really happy with the impact of resource quality on the final crafted product. Glad that end product is impacted by resources and crafter choices as that leaves room for excellence outside the dictates of an rng. I've not posted in a while but some folks may recall my dismay/trepidation about the crafting system going the scattered nodes/static recipe route or being such a secondary system that no skill would be involved. This looks challenging and interesting and I am looking forward to discovering what each resource does as far as stats. Thank you for choosing to go in this direction for crafting. ---Ways you can screw this up/ways you can make this amazingly great. You probably have run through all of these but my fingers are flying. Keep a very close eye on the success/fail rng for the first few campaigns. Too easy and folks will get bored crafting. Too harsh and you'll lose folks as we're trying to get resources in the midst of battles, defend poi resource points, transport the resources to our safe spots and/or get resources out of the campaign back to the EK. NOONE is going to be happy about fails/losing resources and while I see the value of tossing in a nod or frown from the gods, if the god frowns 9 times out of 10 nothing decent gets made. LOTRO had an issue with this - not in crafting but in festivals- and it gutted a section of their playerbase. (I can hear folks now hollering that CF should be hard and it should be for players that are tough and can take it but I'm saying this now so that we crafters can at least gear you people up well enough for you to crush your enemies 5% easier with decent gear.) Having a range of resources seems like it will be key. I get that the better quality resources will be in the harder campaigns, but a full range of resource types should be on every planet so that we can have flexibility in the stats we offer our customers. While PvP and combat focused players may have a built in thick skin some of us crafters do not. Please make the crafting something that we can actually do well enough and consistently enough to become skilled at and earn a decent living ingame. You've already got us killing and dying to get the resources needed - and we're willing to make endless pitiful products as we learn choice point balance and the nuances of the crafting process. But please don't rng us to death or make resources so rare in the campaigns that we can't get the basics. There's no grind to skill up but there will still be several dozen experiments with gold combined with A, combined with B, combined with C etc. and I don't mind slogging through that as long as I know that somewhere in the first few campaigns I stand a chance of making something good. Thanks for the video and the crafting system setup. I'm actually looking forward to playing the game again.
  7. I'm glad to see that the alloys will have use as crafting levels up and I'm looking forward to the metal/stat combinations and relationships. I'm pretty weary of the "run up to a node and a magic tool appears that harvests for you" approach to harvesting however. I loved SWG's harvesters and I'm disappointed that the actual harvesting will not take more effort/strategy.
  8. There was discussion a while back about player built tunnels and I'm not sure whether that turned out to be feasible or not. It seems to me that if tunnels are an option then every defensible building should have a secret way in/out. I'm not sure if covering all the POI's and still having enough players left to wage a strong enough siege to keep a stronghold wrapped up tight is going to be very common. It will require guilds joining together to cover everything and anytime there's an alliance, there's betrayal. I think that part of the being under siege skillset will involve myriad ways to keep mats coming in for repairs and crafting, ranging from 1off 3am surgical strikes on POI's to distraction inducing suicide runs.
  9. As the game moves further along in development the unfinished areas like crafting are becoming more and more like a weird 6 pronged puzzle piece that clearly was designed with the main task of fitting the last open spot and connecting everything else together. Crafting impacts everything - combat, the EK's, builds, game storage, player to player interactions. I have an image in my head of a huge scrolled list half hanging from a wall in CF HQ with the title "Crafting has to accommodate or provide the following:" heading up a 20 foot long ream of scrawled notes. On the plus side, one of the better aspects of Crowfall overall is that the devs are willing to at least explore going outside the box to solve gaming issues. I'm not sure how the balance of a Diablo style inventory vs. enough room to actually harvest mats is going to work out, or how feasible actually crafting in campaigns will be, but at least I'm reading in this particular article that there's awareness of the impact that crafting and its various components will have on the game. So far there's been a pretty high level of creativity so I'm banking on crafting being a unique system that fits CF well. I have the feeling they're waiting to do crafting near the end of the game build and it will be that bizarrely shaped puzzle piece, designed to bridge together all the other systems.
  10. Your OP was as follows: "I am tired of EK junk, until I see what purpose, if any, an EK has. I have bought just about everything from the merchandise store I have 4 accounts already I am thinking, skins and maybe access to a unique looks in the char selection screen. What ideas can you guys come up with? Get those imaginative juices flowing...." When I read the OP I thought that you were actually asking for ideas and your posts that followed supported the brainstorm ideas concept. I'm seeing now that your point was that the EK store items are pointless in your opinion. You may want to edit the OP then as it does not actually make the point you're trying to convey. And yes, you probably want to hop onto one of the many existing EK debate threads to discuss it.
  11. TBH I think that Crowfall has provided more than enough instant gratification to us whales of the CF world. Mounts, buildings, pledge bells and whistles, merchandise... there's a lot of stuff to buy already. I know that you want suggestions of what to buy so I suggest a payment plan to up your pledge level. You can pay over time and you'll get all the nifty things offered in the next level. I'd much rather they focus on getting the game created rather than focusing on creating more shiny sparklies for the store. Anything they create now is going to be mostly guesswork anyway until they get done with core structures in the game and test them out fully.
  12. Got the survey on one account's email and not on my other account's email. /begin conspiracy theory
  13. Billykillsemdead sneaks forward without a sound, his bow notched with a poison arrow. Will he be seen? Not likely with his stealth skills and custom crafted Boots of Shush. As he approaches the castle wall he keeps covered by the ragged brush, unseen by the sentry on the top of the wall who is busy frowning at a distant roar in the forest. The wall is rough stone, festooned with vines, animal nests, and the occasional beehive. Billy aims carefully, angled up to hit just the right spot in the sentry's throat. At the moment he releases the arrow his focus is diverted by a scurrying rodent at his feet and the arrow goes off course RIGHT INTO A BEEHIVE! BEEES! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! OK so maybe beekeeping may not relate to combat but it would make a lot of sense as a skill that could impact a wide range of crafts.
  14. +1 for the onesie. Waiting for the tote bags, bumper stickers and umbrellas. Just go all PBS on that merchandise...
  15. *looks at C. Silver's sig and files away the name for future use*
  16. I think I'm understanding your post - you're saying that a fun idea would be to have a campaign world where the players could choose some land from their EK's and bring it into the CW. They would risk losing the land and all that was on it but they could also win big. I salute the outside of the box thinking but tbh I think this is a terrible idea. ---The EK's are tied into the cash shop. There has been a very specific approach of selling EK items in the cash shop and there's no way to separate out paytowin from your idea. ---Controlling imports and exports from the CW is the primary way that Crowfall is balancing risk vs reward. To be able to import anything from the EK into the CW there needs to be a uniformity of imports. For example, everyone can wear gear, or everyone goes in commando, or everyone can wear armor but no weapons, or everyone can bring in 5 stacks of resources etc. Everyone starts on a level playing field. With your idea anything goes as far as what people can bring in. A castle for one person (because they bought it off the store) and a rock and some trees for another. A hut with a chest of gear in it for one person and a fully furnished fort with weapons for 40 guild members for another. I'mma go with no on this one - not that it's an uncreative idea - but because it conflicts with too many of the basic precepts of the game.
  17. Something that is not being mentioned is the "if a high skilled player attacks you and kills you, go get your friends, come back and kill them" scenario that the devs have mentioned several times now. I think that if you're only thinking of 1v1 PvP then these concerns seem realistic. The moment you move into more of a free form sandbox approach then suddenly things are not about making sure there's balance between players 1v1, but about finding ways to fight your enemies with whatever advantages you can summon/invent/use/find. CF is not arena PvP where you're slotted into a fight with one other player and that's it. You're not even slotted into a fight with your team against another team. You fight when and where and with whatever/whoever. There's no need to make sure that a 3 month veteran won't over power a 3 week player because the 3 week player should have the sense to travel with a group of friends that can overpower/outthink the 3 month vet. Not even gonna mention stealth and pit traps.
  18. TBH I'm hoping that in CF it's more about the skill of the player wielding the weapon rather than the weapon itself. I think that great crafters will rise to the top through reputation/word of mouth as long as there's a spot to put a "made by" tag on crafted items.
  19. The minigame idea has been discussed quite a bit in this section. For folks that come from more intricate SWG like crafting experiences mini games are pretty much non-starters. There's no way at this point to discuss crafting in any real way as there's no info on crafting. We have a few bare bones concepts (see the crafting thread in the dev announcement section and the crafting FAQ's) but other than that there's not much to go on. While I doubt that crafting will be swayed at this point by ideas from players, I'm also aware that it's possible. However, I hope that this particular idea and any minigame approach that artificially creates structure by tossing in random required actions is not a part of crafting. Annnnnd here's where I am supposed to say, "keep posting about your ideas!" but tbh until there's more crafting info there's not much point in going down any particular road until they've at least set the landscape.
  20. I think that there's a lot of good analysis in this thread. A few thoughts - ---We're missing one aspect of the game's success/failure formula though - and that's the community and ingame experience and it's mostly separate from the logistics of gameplay. There's a strata of players that play because it's a community/home/great group of friends ingame and they look forward to seeing their crew ingame so they log in. This camaraderie is forged by mutual ingame experiences. I played SWG way past its shelf life because of my ingame guild (and yeah, ok, my house). I stopped playing LOTRO after going from alpha to Rohan because no one I knew was playing anymore and the newer players were solo/grind oriented. I'm having a blast in ESO right now because there's a group of us that keep showing up every night and decimating a very, very small area in Imperial City. I am still learning to like PvP but I already love playing with a bunch of people. This community feel is by no means the entire reason that games fail or succeed but it's a part of it. Games that might dwindle will stay strong for years and new games that might teeter on the edge of instant F2P get a solid core of stability from people that find their home and tribe within the game. There are some folks that may dismiss community as having any impact on the success of a game but it's a part of what makes a game work. ---As far as boredom goes - it's a low skill gamer's issue tbh and a rather vicious cycle. If a game is built so that it requires X number of people to be stable, the devs make sure there's a good chance that X*3 number of people will show up at launch. To get that X*3 number the game experience is homogenized until it is easily playable for a certain percentage of players. That dumbing down causes the higher skill group of players to leave as the game no longer holds their interest - not from lack of attention on their part, but because of the sheer lack of challenge. The lower skilled players hang on until the skill curve climbs past their attention span and they leave - and the game winds up insipid and empty. ---I'm keenly aware that CF so far has been quite clear that their vision requires skilled players with decent attention spans and a willingness to invest time/energy and take risks. I don't see any disaster in shifting archetype's roles or changing up combat structures as it's pre-alpha. If they pull a Wildstar and freak out 3 months before launch and suddenly try to backpedal on the difficulty of the game (making a hellish brew of too easy followed by too hard cause they can't make up their mind what the magic balance is) then I'll worry. At this point I am experiencing them holding firmly to their PvP centric vision and I don't see that changing.
  21. I started a game theory class a few weeks ago and the first things addressed was "self interested agents" and "theoretic rationality". Which is all about why people make choices in games and what drives their choices in the long run. The course tossed this classic fake scenario at us - Player A and Player B are each asked to choose between killing a fluffy chicken that lays magic eggs or letting it live. If both players choose to let it live then they each get 2 magic eggs. If both players choose to kill it then they both get no magic eggs. If Player A chooses to kill it and Player B chooses to let it live, Player A gets 3 magic eggs and Player B gets 1 magic egg. If Player B chooses to kill it and Player A chooses to let it live, Player B gets 3 magic eggs and Player A gets 1 magic egg. So the way for one player to get the most eggs is to choose to kill the fluffy chicken while the other player chooses to let it live. 3 eggs for the killer, 1 egg for the other. The way for the most number of players to get the most eggs is for both players to choose to let the chicken live. 2 each. Since the choice is made and acted on by each player, there's no way to make sure that what the player says they will do is actually what they'll do. "Sure, yeah, let's both walk away and let fluffy chicken live and get 2 eggs each" but either player could easily dash forward in the moment of choosing and kill regardless of what they said. And not all players lean towards the 2 eggs each decision - some go for getting the most eggs possible for themselves. Crowfall is a sandbox environment so I don't see a lot of game driven choices (save the fluffy bunny or let it die!). I can see a lot of personal moral choices coming into play and, all the tripe on these boards notwithstanding, I think that there is a moral code of conduct within PvP communities overall. IMO one of the things that will impact whether CF succeeds or fails is how people handle themselves ingame and whether alliances and agreements can balance out PK's and betrayals. While I agree that a game structure automatically makes enemies for you when you log into a game I am not as convinced that the moral choices are defined for you 100% by the character path chosen. Something like an Empire character in SWTOR has pretty clear expectations of how your character will choose written into the options but you can still choose to err on the side of good if you are truly interested in being "the Sith with a heart of gold". Lastly - this subject strays into the discussion of how people act online vs. how they act IRL and how morals/a sense of right and wrong (as well as a sense of entitlement) can shift when ingame. Someone who would never cut in line IRL will boldly kill steal ingame and the instant rejoinder of "chill out - it's just a game" flies freely in most mmo's. That fine line between a toon and the player behind it is a pretty interesting discussion in and of itself.
  22. OP - good questions. Still unclear on so much about the game that it's tough to say more than a general statement. I'm hoping that down the road/closer to launch I'll find a guild focused on exploring the game fully and one willing to put in some time figuring out/getting good at the game mechanics/structures. I want a guild that is focused on teamwork and becoming proficient at working together whether it's defending a POI or scouting new territory. For me the higher stakes of a PvP centric game makes becoming a tight knit guild with several well honed teams that cover crafting, combat, and campaigning pretty rewarding.
  23. I'd like pets to be something available to players regardless of their archetype. Make them impact non-direct-PvP combat. Have a falcon that can be sent ahead to check where other/enemy players are, a pig that snuffles around and finds resources to harvest, a gopher that digs out pit traps - basically a pet that helps but only so much. Pets that don't defend or attack, but assist with other tasks in the game. You'd still have to engage or avoid the enemy the falcon spotted - and they may have moved quite a bit since the falcon saw them. You'd still have to stand still and harvest the resources the pig found, putting yourself at risk. You'd still have to lure the enemy to the pit trap the gopher dug. And yes, pets should be perma-killable but it should be more than 2 blows and Fluffy is dead. Players should be able to armor their pets and killing them should not really do any good for the attacker other than the whole bathe in the salty tears of the petowner thing.
  24. The 3 fates are found in nearly every culture in one form or another. The Greeks had the youngest fate spinning the thread of life, the Romans had her in charge of pregnancy, Norse mythology has the 3 of them as giantesses that came to protect mankind. Most of Europe has a fates myth and they revolve around life, death, and destiny. Usually one is young, one is middle aged and one is old - and each holds the wisdom of their age. And here we have Cybele - in charge of Spring and new life and all the wonder and beauty those things hold - and yet her personality reads like a too honest Tinder profile. Ebullient, flirtatious, innocent, naive, easily bored, flighty, self absorbed, given to tantrums, breaks promises. Generous and caring as long as you worship her. She's a caricature and one that seems designed to appeal to a 12 year old. I'm starting to think that the point of the lore is to hit the high points most likely to sell the game to tweens who are finally tired of watching Twilight and counting the sparkles.
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