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  1. Shadowbane is free to play, most guilds would take you on if you are willing to log on voice chat and resemble a human. There is no excuse for ignorance. Shadowbane is bar none the best MMO ever, and it isnt even close. I guarantee the Shadowbane contingent will dominate in this game in one way or another because the weak politicos from SB will have a train of thought that will present obvious opportunities, and the weaker PvPers from SB will already have instincts that can only come with time from many hours in a perpetually unsafe environment. They will have a head start in character creation and coordination on the battle field. The only major shortcoming i see is in the world of crafting and SBers have proven to be innovative enough to provide wealth for the value in its players. Yes SBers are a tough bunch to like sometimes, but never underestimate even the weakest of the SBers... you might loose more then you bargained for.
  2. Somehow incorporate the blockchain into the meta so that duping would be impossible.
  3. TA is the best/most refined of all the CN guilds i ever encountered and they consistently got curb stomped when numbers were close. Also after getting waxed continuously by Armageddon's fat kid group for weeks, they still didnt figure out that they might want to stack holy resist. Took WM all of 2 fights to use that counter and kicked our bottom with censures hitting for 100-200. TA = drone army.
  4. I started to play on test (NATO) because real life started to cut into game life. Plus my guild on Entropy (WP) was fizzling out. On Test we ("we" was 4 and sometimes 5 of us) did disgruntled off SilverMoon bad enough that they wouldnt let us have a city anywhere on the map, and as soon as my name would pop under any tag that city got a rock.
  5. HaHa, i remember the sub-or-die mentality i had with the cities in WP territory. The best part was after one or 2 fights they usually subbed. Arena didnt, and we took that city from them. It was shortly after this period i spent most of my time on Test server, but would sweep the zones (usually ice) in peek times.
  6. MB is alive again! The active pop is up, I have to protect my pl/farm groups, the map is resetting, and NA is on the verge of firing up a server war. MB is definitely the place to be, despite CNs attempt to destroy another server with its drone wave.
  7. No0b island actually had a population today.
  8. indianburn


    SBemu is sooOOoo not SB. I admit some of the changes are fun, but not enough to endure the buggy madness (i love the new no0b island btw)
  9. indianburn


    I just copy/paste from my notEpads. I use http://pyetrek.redlem.com to put them together. I always build my toons with an end game vision. Xbow warriors crush in banes and clear squishes over a single set of walls.
  10. The zombies have helmets... Archetypes...no helmets. I would feel a lot safer going into battle with my brain bucket. Just say'n.
  11. indianburn


    If you roll this on magic bane I can help you get most of what i list below. I always play different toon but if you msg someone in Armaggedon and ask for Newfie, Weapon, Indianburn well throw you some tags.This toon finishes with 7200HP, regens like a mofo, and cuts enemy dmg really good. I can face up most mages, and anything with mid/low P resist. This is my Xbow warrior spec. Its a con/regen/res spec.The resistance is very good too. Gear: elven plate Heavy armor 12/12 con jewlry 12/12 con hood5/5 s/p Breast plate, arms, legs.5 slash + 10dex on the gloves, and 5 slash + 15% movment speed on the bootsP of R 110% infernal Xbow. -------The Basics--------- Race: Elf Class: Fighter Profession: Warrior------Applied Runes-------Remove 5pts from all stats Scion of the Gwaridorn Warlord's Page Healthy as an Ox Tough as Nails Constitution of the Gods Exceptional Dexterity Archer Bounty Hunter Commander Gladiator----------Stats----------- Strength: 35/70 Dexterity: 145/145 Constitution: 140/140 Intelligence: 60/120 Spirit: 30/95----------Skills---------- Wear Armor, Heavy 117% (90 trains) Toughness 126% (90 trains) Athletics 126% (90 trains) Crossbow 127% (90 trains) Archery 127% (90 trains)----------Powers---------- Hold Fast 40 (Grand Master) Indomitable Will 15 (Adept) Thread the Needle 20 (Journeyman) Resist Pain 20 (Journeyman) Cry Havoc 1 (Untrained) Trip 1 (Untrained) Detect Hidden 1 (Untrained) Take No Prisoners 20 (Journeyman) Call of the Crowd 20 (Journeyman)
  12. ZOMG, I want my rolling Treb!
  13. I see it as a Cartoony claymation. For example look at the armor and gear and how it has chips in it. I am not a huge graphics guy, but I think it will work well when in full motion.
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