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  1. That's not the way to go as it would be irrational to have equal chances in fight for harvesters with harvesting gear and disciplines against gankers being prepared for pvp. And what is that OP build you are talking about, stealth? I don't think that's a big problem, there are many ways to deal with that as harvesting in groups, choosing tanky classes or stealth detecting with proper disciplines. That might not be the perfect solution, espiecially if there are more people on the server but it's not one of the biggest challenges CF has right now either.
  2. I agree that opening chat/inventory or anything else making your character stop even if you were auto-running previously is annoying and I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible BUT I hope that at the same time spirit banking will be made to be possible only in safe areas. If we're about to allow people to spirit bank while running it would kill most of the ganking aspect of the game.
  3. Keep in mind that most of the crafting is done in guild's EKs so imports are needed simply to move materials there. Small amount of imports/exports would mean that EKs would loose on their importance and it would make crafting even more bothersome. So at this point let's look for the essence of problem that you are looking solution for. I think what bothers you is "safe farms", so not being afraid of ganks because harvesters are spirit banking multiple times during harvesting. That case will be solved when spirit banking will be available only in the safe zones as it was meant to (current state which is spirit banking anywhere is temporary). I don't think there's need to reduce the amount of import/exports and making harvesters/crafters lifes even harder. The incoming solution which is spirit banking only in some safe areas is a great compromise between "too safe" gathering runs and problems with transfering materials/items to and from EKs.
  4. It doesn't make sense to me as materials are being used continuously and some people might start wasting their time thinking how to donate materials to always have at least 10% of contribution instead of putting all at once etc. However I agree that some kind of logs would be nice to have to see who and what donated. Sounds cool to me. I also miss some kind of indicator what materials do we need/are missing to achieve some goals.
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