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  1. In the world there are so many geniuses and so many briliant ideas on every topic, business and invention that never see the light of the day just because people don't want to listen to the community. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the community should create the game but getting the vast amount of ideas from it as developers to inspire themselves or even taking some of the best ones and implementing them as they were presented (if only it wouldn't be intelectual property stealing) woul not hurt and might help to create great mechanics and features in game There's a limited amou
  2. KDS warming up and starting their engines before 5.110 hits the servers with a bunch of events and meetings. If anyone is interested in fighting in 5.110 or simply joining our community that's the right time to do so
  3. So far this GMS is awesome, much more useful than I imagined it to be. 5.110 going to be fun and way more organized than it used to be I like that GMS brings kind of DKP system to the CF - the more you contribute the more you can get in guild in a fair way.
  4. Hey there @SharkBeast 🖐️ It's great to have you here. If you didn't do that yet join the CF community discord channel, there are a lot of helpful people that will answer your questions
  5. Just to clarify - almost noone plays on infected, and Joveth is (or rather will be) mainly used to level up your vessels, try the things out. The main action and at the same time destination is campaign server with full pvp.
  6. Aeriav


    I don't know what "double currency cap for transmutation crystals and exclusive assess to unique store deals" means but 10% increase to Gold, exp, crafting inspiration and trait research sounds a bit p2w to me
  7. Aeriav


    None of the things you mentioned are P2W as they don't give any advantage in actual gameplay. They are convenient and makes your life easier but it's not like you will have a better start over someone else nor will they give you any unfair bonuses that matter during gameplay. I perceive all these bonuses that @Arkade listed as a good start for a VIP but them alone might not convince me to pay more than 10 bucks a month. I can imagine these features to be a nice addition as well: Nice emotes that only VIP members would have access to. They could include vessel animations or some othe
  8. To be honest there could be no Q&A this month and it wouldn't change much but let's not just complain and see the bright sight - maybe in Feb we'll see the new patch on servers.
  9. I think our PCs might not handle this with the current optimization
  10. I love the relaxing part of the game which is solo gathering. Hauling resources and giving it to the guild feeling that it makes an impact on guild's progression is really rewarding to me and the way the gathering works now with it's mini-game aiming for circles and then running through all the resources on the floor to pick it is a great stress realiever to me. On the other side the big-scale pvp with fighting for forts and keeps is awesome when you're fighting with your guild members to achieve something. I also feel like that and hope it's going to change in future.
  11. Yes, what I meant would be some new/alternative talents on their place. That sounds quite cool and seems at least like partial solution I agree that another look on talents would be pretty nice in future.
  12. I wondered if I should to create 2 separate topics for the discussion regarding disciplines and talents. 1. Why was there decision made to make disciplines a part of a talent tree? I understand the vision that discipline slots unlock thorough the progression to level 30 but it could be done simply on specific levels, e.g. 1st major on level 10, 2nd major on level 20. Why would it be better to take some of the talent points just so everyone need to take these talents? In my opinion talent tress are a tool that is made to enable everybody to customize their vessels/characters so there'
  13. That's a good question and I agree with it. I think the world, the environment and the pvp are/were the selling point of the game but pve seems to slowly come to the first plan. As @mystafyi wrote the reason behind it might be the technical issues of the game. But if now is not the time to solve them then when? I also perceive it that way. I'm a bit afraid that the pvp won't be as rewarding as it could be. Sieges and fights for forts are really fun as a concept and mechanic but the fight and the pvp itself could see much improvement. CC do not feel to be impactful and sometimes kil
  14. Tbh I really enjoy gathering as it is right now. There's something satisfying in breaking down the ore veins and then pick up all the materials at once.
  15. Maybe he is kind of spammer or whatever but let's be honest - he's right. The animations and combat feeling is not the strong part of CF at the moment and let's hope it will be addressed at some point.
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