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  1. Alright, thanks for your answers! I'll just tag along and join the feedback loop after getting familiar with most of the systems!
  2. Dear fellow crows, I just recently bought the EA to not only check out CF. Like you, I'm very intrigued by the whole concept of this game and want to help with in-depth feedback. So in order to not spamming the forum with random feedback which might also have been given a long time ago or focussing on a feature which is just a placeholder, I tried to find a updated list of things which are actually ready to test. I browsed the forums and reddit yesterday and couldn't find any kind of that list. But maybe I'm just dumb, so I ask you: Is there a thread, a list or a post which contains such information? This might as well include things flagged as placeholders, systems due to upcoming changes or already WIP fixes on current problems. Thanks in advance!
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