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  1. No longer LFG Guild criteria: Region: US Casual/Hardcore?: Medium Size: Medium, I'm hoping for a group that's large enough to make a noticeable impact, but small enough that I can actually get to know the majority of the members. Play-Style: Typically Mage/Assassin, but I tend to be open to changing based on demand. Commitment: I'm hoping this can turn into my new go to game. Side note: I'm currently locked in to balance in NA for the current campaign, but once the current campaign ends I have no preference towards any faction. Experience: I used to play a lot of LoL. I did a decent bit of Guild Wars 2 (WvW) and PlanetSide 2, though in those I mostly participated in the zergs, something I'm hoping to change in Crowfall. Various amounts of numerous other games that aren't worth mentioning individually. Voice-Chat services: I'll use whatever the guild uses, but I prefer discord.
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