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  1. I dont think 65m is that big of a deal most classes have that much in dodges and leaps and charges. There are a ton of gap closers in the game now . that being said the lmb does suck
  2. Entertainer major disc bolster doesn't work . Says you get 750 hp for every song but im only getting credit for the first song with all 3 songs up . This is broken on live as well.
  3. That and they wont release it to test with any blockers. A few patches back they had a blocker that took about a week to fix so it will come when it comes.
  4. Hey its beta to be expected thanks for the update. Ill keep fighting and testing because that's what its about .
  5. Can we get this right click renamed to dash or leap or something other than dodge because it doesnt dodge, and would clear up a lot of confusion that its just a gap closer/creator.
  6. its just low and you cant bulk craft them which is dumb.
  7. I think a major part of it is the 30-60 items made for woodworking, blacksmith, leatherworking for procs feel like wasted items. How about yall buff these items so the are not a waste. If im grinding out items, it wouldnt feel so bad if people could actually use them and not be vendor trash. The crafted items need to feel useful from the start not just after you have grinded out the discs and belts. Not to mention I hate the double resources.
  8. With the new head room for stats with the removal of Passive Training. Why not give some love to the crafted off pieces gloves, boots, helm and have a way to make up the stat loss there instead. As is the crafted off pieces kinda suck for combat. Would also give a reason to use the crafted off pieces over wartribe drops. For example gloves you can add ranged bonus dmg or melee bonus dmg . We also need a way to gain hp on armor since we lost a good bit with the transition.
  9. I would like to build on that and say you only get a mat payout after a successful cap, as in past the timer as a reward for the cap and thats it . Want another payout have a successful defense and get that one time payout again. not sure the increased window would work for the one time payout though but you could have it go live 3 times or however many a day with a shorter window.
  10. Here is the a problem I have with equipment drops for outposts. Lets say they drop greens with a chance at blues or whatever heck even purples wont matter. There comes a time in Crowfall as it is in live currently where crafters surpass equipment found in the world. No one needs to farm gear at mob camps so why would they farm these outposts for equipment. The only driving factor at this point is the cards for sac mob items. I just hate the idea of them being useful early game but not touched mid to late game. They would need some tweaking with this in mind.
  11. Fox and lynx look cool . They need a hide helm feature for all their races . I love the Mino head with the markings but its covered up by that ugly bone mask for leather. Same for deer please let me hide these helms
  12. sounds to me like an elemental break it just depends on how long it lasts? maybe only while they are rooted? or for a duration after they are rooted? dunno
  13. So basically archer is forcing you to choose a physical dmg type arrow . With not only the capstone but the trap that is basically an armor break . Rip ice arrows or fire arrows not that fire was ever worth it to begin with unless it gets a major buff. I really like the idea of arcane archer. Can I choose to take ice arrows and do sub optimal dps I guess but why whould I. That choice has always been a crappy choice. I thought the idea was to open the builds up . I want it to be a hard choice what weapons I use not just the talents or class or subclass I choose. There is just a plain better ch
  14. Hopefully one of the healers will have purge baked in. Feels like a must have.
  15. Ah for some reason I thought they did . That leads me to my next question what’s the point in the cosmetic tankards now?
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