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  1. Toxins and gem take a duro hit on proc feels really bad . Feels like im constantly having to make more toxins and carry extra around . Why are they not like the rest of the gear duro on death. Toxins take duro on proc is like your sword taking duro on swing it feels bad. If they were lasting too long then just lower the duro, but please change this.
  2. I would much rather view my character without a helmet . I look way better not wearing one maybe outside of being a half elf or nethari for males. Please add a hide helm feature. The mino is in desperate need of a hide helm. The helm clips his face on leather and the armor on mino overall not a fan of the chicken bone kfc left overs for leather. Also forts cost for walls and buildings seem crazy when you can just melee your way in at siege time. Need siege engines for forts please .
  3. Not sure if this was suggested yet. We have plague trees for seiges in game already 3 at keep seiges. Why not make people buy them to lay seige to a keep . Buy up to 3 for a keep. Place the trees where ever you want within a certain distance from the keep and cant be placed within certain meters of the last tree to prevent stacking. Once one is panted defending guild can set up the time. Would add to people having to farm gold which puts people in the world, but dont let gold be imported to dregs to prevent infected or GR farming. Put an import embargo on the gold collected in GR and Infected, and make that embargo cant be used to purchase things in Dregs. Forts also need some kind of seige mechanic where you just cant smack a wall and bring it down with left mouse button. Dont think it would be too much to ask for a ram or to require catapults .The current timers on forts and keeps for seige is zero investment to attack a fort or keep that was invested in by a guild.
  4. Not only that everyone just logs when the pve is down ex. chiefs , and when pack pigs are put on a spawn timer I expect the same. The world is dead during the mean time. Seiges are on a timer as well . The dregs which is a major game pay loop is out atm. With the dregs up I dont think it would be as dead. But when people have their discs and gear in the dregs all there is to do is gather and wait on timers. The outposts guards are too easy to down and really don't add to a zones defense in flipping. A lot of people just log in, get there training and log out.
  5. Locking the energetic harvesting behind 95% completion of the first tier training is terrible. Why not move it to both survival and gathering proficiency so when we go to the next tier it will improve the gameplay of gathering. Its not worth staying in the first tier that long, unless you intent for no one to go for it until after they finish the third tier (last) of loggin or skinning or w/e. Which again from a gameplay feel aspect is terrible and boring.
  6. I understand but if they did lock you out it would be an easy fix to the problem.
  7. If thats the case then why does it matter if green and blue gear drop in GR (not resources). If they decide to lock you out at 30, and you cant stop xp, are you going to take the time to lvl a char to 25 over and over for 5 lvls worth of "farm". Sounds like a waste of time . Instead of nerfing the drops into the ground.
  8. Its going to be dead in beta if they don't have more to offer for sure. I really hope its a success. Really wish they had weekly updates or a roadmap of whats to be expected in beta . A lot of what everyone listed is really needed for it to be successful.
  9. Jtodd said he wanted GR to give you gear to make you minimally viable, but at what state of the game. Early game whites could be minimally viable, but mid to late game when crafting is in full swing only decently rolled blues will make the cut. Given that's what his thinking is, Im not sure if it will change if they dont plan on chaning the drops to match the state of crafting. Its just easier to set it to late game and give people blues and gold in safety. If I join the game and everyone is already in decent crafting gear and all I get is whites in GR and go over to infected or dregs its going to be a bad experience for a new player. I agree I don't think you should be able to farm in safety, but they should just make it so you cant farm there.
  10. I really feel like the EKs got curbed . Maybe if they did lock people out of gods reach it would give people a reason to put vendors in them again . Otherwise I really feel like the ek thing is done if they plan on launching in the next year. All this work makes me feel like its still 2 years out.
  11. Things that come to mind before launching beta. 1) Performance with large numbers 2) Guild creation and management in game not website. 3) Alliances functioning 4)Balance pass 5)Major and Minor pass some useless ass majors and minors in there . 6) Crafting pass with QOL changes #nomorecarpeltunnel #makecraftinggreatagain 7) Passive training (not a fan i prefer active) 8 ) Gods Reach - Characters locked out once max lvl anything else come to mind?
  12. I know the ship has sailed on the procedural generated maps but not sure how this solves the uncle bob , hes still playing every restart. Its like me crushing my kid playing board games, I'm still playing every time. Maybe if or when Alliances are in that could spice it up a bit. The cards seem like a good idea but seems like a lot of empty land and less strategic forts and keep placement with no free placement or customization. No map diversity in the biome department makes it kinda bland. All the maps feel pretty much the same. There is less attachment with generated maps as well. I personally think the timers on keeps and forts are not fun. I would prefer some form of bane mechanic. I'm thinking the performance is going to be a huge hurdle to overcome if it happens. I think the vessel system is ok. Really hope they step up the customization before launch so my characters don't look inbred or methed out looking.. at you fae and half elf . The crafting is just painful atm. Why do I have acquire carpel tunnel to make bandages, and why do I have to wait 3 months for a crafter to become relevant. Also why does it feel like I'm running in mud when in combat. As it stands with performance , then balancing , and a decent portion of the majors and minors not worth taking. I really dont see launch coming this year.
  13. Or when you reach max lvl you cant go back to gods reach. It kicks you out like shadow bane kicked you off noob island.
  14. im able to equip the spirit knife with only 2 pips trained in sknning basics , tool tip says requires 5 on node.
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