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  1. Seems like barrier from secutor oath of will and charge don't always display on the health bar but I still have the buff. Thinking its just a visual bug but not sure
  2. Hey its beta to be expected thanks for the update. Ill keep fighting and testing because that's what its about .
  3. Can we get this right click renamed to dash or leap or something other than dodge because it doesnt dodge, and would clear up a lot of confusion that its just a gap closer/creator.
  4. To clarify abominable snowman major has a passive terrifying features that gives chance for enemies to get stunned when they damage me. After more testing it is having a reverse affect and stunning me while taking fall damage . I get stunned while taking fall damage because im damaging myself i guess? this is a bug .
  5. All rings and necklaces should have a baseline floor stat of 1 and start from there. Take this ring for an example this white triangle sapphire ring currently is 1.98 int damage bonus 0.23% and physical resist 21.27. with a base line of 1 it would be a 2.98 int damage bonus 1.23% and physical resist of 22.27. No one likes making junk.
  6. Think I figured out why im getting stunned randomly on my centar when taking fall damage mounted. I have abominable snow man major on and I think its having adverse affects while mounted. I also randomly get stunned by outpost archers from 60m away mounted but dont unmounted on centar .
  7. Knight chain pull still doesnt work right . I dont think it has ever worked right. If there is an elevation difference , bump in terrain , enemy using a skill usually movement its not going to work. You pretty much need to be on a flat surface for it to work and still if they are using a movement skill it still will probably fail. This skill needs to be fixed, or removed and replaced. I really like knight and the chain pull is part of its identity but its getting closer to launch . It needs to be fixed were if it hits the target I yank you or removed and replaced with something new.
  8. Getting dismounted by taking fall damage on my centar. It says will not dismount while taking damage on the racial. This is a bug or needs to be corrected in the racial wording.
  9. Oath of Will is still not reducing the cost of maintain block by 75% for secutor its just not working at all.
  10. Blight for Earthkeeper does not do what it says . It states it heals any friendlys in the radius and spawns orbs when they are healed. The Blight only gives a super small initial heal and thats only if its cast on top of you . If you run into the blight after its cast it does nothing . Either blight for earthkeeper is bugged or its just very badly worded.
  11. Also feel like sturdy target from waylayer needs to be swaped with shadows linger from shadowmaster. Waylayer gets a stun from stealth but sturdy target give bonus dmg while stealthed. Waylayer needs shadows linger not sturdy target.
  12. ambush is doing no damage even with a guaranteed crit. Backstab tool tip 334 dmg ambush 344 lol really whats the point in picking up shadowmaster. Really sad to see one of the hardest hitting abilities nerfed to being useless.
  13. Some archer feedback: Archer damage seems low compared to other classes. Especially with how many gap closers everyone has the distance really isnt that big of an issue. I really hate that not only if i weave in a rapid shot or a root i lose the triple shot buff, but also i start over in the rotation to get the 3rd shot proc. Also feel that physical dmg is far superior to ice and fire with the ease of application of faerie fire on every attack. The elemental break from Arcane archer is a 24 second cooldown with only a 17 second up time. Faerie fire I can keep up 100% on a group with
  14. Also a pass / overhaul on utlis needs to be done. I would like the option of an offensive, defensive, and utility to choose from for each class. An example for Ranger would be keep the defensive life steal, add in a double shot offensive ulti when you lmb you shoot 2 arrows a shot for a duration and makes your lmb melee swings double hit would give on demand burst, utility could be increase in combat run speed by 50% or something a ken to sprint for a duration . I feel like all classes need these types of options. It would provide flavor and customization.
  15. Triple shots buff needs to last longer than it does . You can not weave in another other skills besides lmb .
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