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  1. assassin diffusion animation is broken . I just throw my hands up.
  2. Comments on archer. Why cant archer trays just swap and be the same as melee. The point of attack could be the same instead of switching to over the right shoulder . The zoom is a big gripe . No other ranged weapon has to deal with a zoom besides bows. There are people dropping the class just because of the zoom
  3. Switching between ranged tray and melee tray is laggy and impossible to switch reliably back and forth in combat.
  4. The real question is what happened to the zombie invasion ??
  5. Not sure why they just dont copy paste the confessor ult it seems to work .
  6. Noticed when looting my frames are halfed. Im at 60 before looting then open loot window halfed frames when window pops up. close it frames are back to normal. I can sit at 60 frames and spam I for inventory and i go from 60 to 24.
  7. Games is still a slide show in big fights. We are about to go into beta with below 10 frames in large fights . The memory leak is so bad you have to restart after because you are below 15 until you do so.
  8. The buff Cool Aid from healing frost weaver is overriding matching mail buff 100support power if you have cool aid buff up before slotting matching mail. You have to empty ice stores to get rid of cool aid then the support power is applied from matching mail. Then fill up ice stores to get both cool aid and matching mail. They should both apply regardless of which is first.
  9. The last armor skill trees Leather , Mail, and Plate are unlocking at 74% when they can only be used at 75% and is throwing a 424 locked error.
  10. Something ive been wanting for a while is more weapons on more classes. Make humans have a trait that they can use all weapons. Open up the builds
  11. I will agree that they are not critty but suppose to be a crit class with damage spikes. When they nerfed stats so that all classes could not crit cap Blair said it was because he wanted crit classes to feel critty. Assassin does not feel critty and has about the same crit as everyone else. I think they forgot to go back and do some stuff. Assassin is in a real bad spot and it feels like they dont know what they want the class to do . It does nothing atm. Dodge does nothing but gap close / create and could be your iframe with Assassin talent for all 3 specs.
  12. I could of swore at one point they said the points you put into your character mattered . It really doesnt. There is no reason not to slam one stat and no other stat. I remember in an interview ACE saying that slamming all one stat wasnt what they wanted or am I high? All slamming stats does is add barely any hp or dmg. I feel like the stats on the characters dont really matter that much its all talents that make the character.
  13. Now that humans lost the racial bonus of having a extra slot for spells, I think ACE should bring back the cloak slot for its racial replacement .
  14. delete saw there was another thread same topic. I dont wanna be a hamster
  15. You all dont think it feels kinda meh? I guess im just a fan of different weapon speeds . I know they all wash out in the end to be the same, its the feel of the weapons themselves though. Adds variety and feels better functionally .
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