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  1. They went almost 50 patches (wardens) with out a nerf lol
  2. I think black guards are fine i have yet to die to one.
  3. Member when I used tree and it was super effective? GodisbadatcrowfallXD
  4. What about a master looter setting?
  5. 90,610 is higher then 64,332 just saying alliance scoring is not a thing buddy I think your playing a different game. Its top conquest I know you are newer to the game but one day you will learn! Best of luck next dregs!
  6. TowB

    Sustain nerf

    you try using trees for this LOS is a great way to keep them silly fessors on the edge!
  7. They should just use trees
  8. THE SKY HUNTER Book of Shadows, Chapter 19: 15 through 22 15 Yet in that time and place the Sky Hunter laid in wait, angry over the death of his mother. 16 The Hunter fell upon his uncle, thinking to take him unawares. 17 Prince Kane lashed out in surprise, felling the Sky Hunter with a single blow. 18 when Arkon arrived and saw what had transpired he said to his brother, 19 “My son has taken my stead, challenging you in the time and place of my choosing. 20 You have proven your innocence in trial by combat. Justice will never be mine.” 21 and Arkon gathered up the body of his son and left that place. 22 His yearning for vengeance was not sated.
  9. I love the VIP stuff I would like to see dura add'd!
  10. Guys we are focusing on the wrong things here. #maxpassivetraining.
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