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  1. Guys we are focusing on the wrong things here. #maxpassivetraining.
  2. Hey buddy I messaged you!


  3. and? I wasn't asking you, why would I ask a lying, cheating, person like you anything!?
  4. I am sure they where staff I am sure they where I heard 90% of balance's skulls where imported from EK world do you have proof other wise? Balance loves to exploit until they fix the issue!
  5. Theres only one crafting pot in the game not and it takes 6 bones to make is it out of the test?
  6. @AngelikMayhem I don't think that is the direction they are heading in, I think they want you on the floor so that fights happen! Who knows I could be wrong
  7. @ACE_JackalBark Your allowed to kill people in EK's chop the heads off and import them in to campaign is this supposed to work like that?
  8. You guys should stop messing around and come to chaos.
  9. What badge will be given for this? and the Win Conditions?!
  10. If crowfall would just #MaxPassiveTrainingForAll it would make this game a lot easier for new people.
  11. Also if you are using Illusionist when using the slow from saltpeter rounds you do not get the bonus 20% dmg.
  12. I never said that, I said you did this to your selves!
  13. My idea for better pvp would be to have Veteran guild number one and veteran guild number two to go opposite factions! That would bring some nice pvp! Stop crying about gods reach you literally did this to your selves.
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