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  1. THE SKY HUNTER Book of Shadows, Chapter 19: 15 through 22 15 Yet in that time and place the Sky Hunter laid in wait, angry over the death of his mother. 16 The Hunter fell upon his uncle, thinking to take him unawares. 17 Prince Kane lashed out in surprise, felling the Sky Hunter with a single blow. 18 when Arkon arrived and saw what had transpired he said to his brother, 19 “My son has taken my stead, challenging you in the time and place of my choosing. 20 You have proven your innocence in trial by combat. Justice will never be mine.” 21 and Arkon gathered up the body o
  2. I love the VIP stuff I would like to see dura add'd!
  3. You can run pigs to refinery's
  4. Guys we are focusing on the wrong things here. #maxpassivetraining.
  5. Hey buddy I messaged you!


  6. @AngelikMayhem I don't think that is the direction they are heading in, I think they want you on the floor so that fights happen! Who knows I could be wrong
  7. You guys should stop messing around and come to chaos.
  8. What badge will be given for this? and the Win Conditions?!
  9. If crowfall would just #MaxPassiveTrainingForAll it would make this game a lot easier for new people.
  10. I never said that, I said you did this to your selves!
  11. My idea for better pvp would be to have Veteran guild number one and veteran guild number two to go opposite factions! That would bring some nice pvp! Stop crying about gods reach you literally did this to your selves.
  12. January 9 was my join date I was mistaken.
  13. Only reason why I hit the caps is because of my training thus far, here is a photo of my passives https://imgur.com/XFjLcpN I am in a purple body with purple everything, Yes things like AP are easy to cap but other things like armor pen or -crit that only comes from some pieces of gear are harder to reach the caps with out the training. My personal armor pen for crushing is 65% in battle.
  14. It does matter for crafting and harvesting just as much as combat.
  15. heres a list of things @Crushedvelvet Wrote, But yah no big deal. ***MELEE*** 3% crit chance 25 atk pow 3% crit dmg 3% anti crit 5% hard control intensity *** Weapons *** 25 atk pow 3% crit dmg 3% crit chance 3% armor pen physical 10% weapon decay reduction armor pen organic 5% armor pen elemental 5% 15 support power 25 atk pow 3% crit dmg 5% atk control intensity 100 hp 25 atk pow 15 supp pow *** Combat Basics *** 25 atk pow 100 hp 3 %anti crit 3% crit dmg 3% crit chance 3% anti crit 25 atk pow 5% movement control inte
  16. I have been playing the game for about a year now and no the passives have never been wiped from my start of the game. Make a new account and tell me harvesting ANYTHING or crafting ANYTHING will work out for you 18% Anti Crit - No Big Deal 9% Armor Penatration - No Big Deal 9% Crit Chance - How many points of dex is that you could have in another stat? 12% Crit Damage - How many points of Int is that you could have in another stat? 12% Slashing resist/9% Piercing resist/9% Crushing resist/9% poison resist
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