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  1. Ok, so putting gear in as drops is just outrageously stupid. Part of the game is dealing with crap armor and slowly gaining the ability to make great armor. This concept helps with the idea of leaning on other players and making connections in the world. The large underlying issue I see is that you as dev's do not play the game in the same capacity as us normal players. You do not have to work on your crafting, gather the hard to get resources to help out the whole guild, craft and level multiple vessels to get to the all mighty legendary everything. You don't have to share the farming spots and fight with the opposite faction to get the good farming spots for majors, minors and other resources. I'm not being rude but i'm being blunt, get off your game master accounts, slow development for one campaign and just play with us. You guys will see the state of the game, learn a lot and hopefully see the bad choices you guys have made over the last few months. (there is a reason why your population is declining)
  2. So I heard that the developers said that quivers are working and its based off an average of the quiver and bow. I think its ridiculous but was wondering if anyone has heard if they are going to increase the damage of our ranged abilities then because everyone who plays or has played a ranger knows they hit like a wet noodle.
  3. So I have noticed that the quivers and arrows are still not being equated into the damage of the Ranger which is causing my Ranger to be severely gimped and just straight up unviable. I truly love playing the class and was wondering if any other Rangers have found a way to make it work in the mean time.
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