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  1. I play fessor! The only issue IMO is that you need at minimum 2 passives for mana to be viable and not go OOM in 20 seconds. They have some really good build options and are some of the best utility a group can have IMO. If you don't know how to play them they go squish really fast though.
  2. CF Community months ago: "Hey the ranger is a little strong and they have too many tools in their kit. Please remove some." ACE: "Let's give them a second Expose Punish on their most spammed ability"
  3. Crows needed for special test!

    24 hour advanced warning for a stress test? Thank you! More like this plz!
  4. These values gathered in an EK and checked multiples times against a character with 0 stealth assassin. Out in the world i seem to have a much more difficult time spotting duelists as they seem to be buried. The assassin sticks out like a sore thumb. I do think that perception needs to be toned down a little bit. I am completely biased here as I legitimately hate stealth classes in all games, but i think if a person is fully kitted in perception vs a person fully kitted in stealth stat 20m-30m view distance sounds about right to me.
  5. This is actually just a display bug. It actually cancelled by LW training when i picked Crafting Basics as my secondary. There was no message saying it was cancelled. RIP my leatherworking
  6. Skills: Still able to double dip in crafting. I hear some people are not able to do this, but i just clicked on basics and it worked. Might be a leatherworking thing.
  7. This started to happen to me when Order started attacking Chaos' Bane Tree. I got the pop up and it started to shoot out from me again this time i was at brookhurst and not fighting anything. Same thing happened to multiple people when the toast message happened.
  8. Removing the "Toggle Walk" input does not save between log ins.
  9. Bugs: 99% of the time in the CW my combos will not complete. They seem to work fine in EKs with no combat around or people around. Somehow a bunch of random fireball thingies decided to just shoot out from me for no apparent reason.
  10. Best news drop in a while guys! 5.7 is going to be dope AF.
  11. Seems to be there now! Thanks Pann and @vkromas
  12. @Pann Patch notes plz! and thank you. I will give you a more expensive an delicious cake than @mandalore
  13. Patch is up now i think. I updated TEST earlier this morning and am now getting another patch.
  14. Murder of Crows AMA

  15. It's closer to a Fish Hook or a Chakram than it is a Sickle.