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  1. The state of the game

    The only real option now is to ban unfolded before he insights another riot.
  2. Yeah... dots ticking for like 400+ when our HP pools are pretty small is dumb that can be applied relatively easy in an action game... that has like 1 cleanse in the whole game... is pretty dumb IMO. Dots in general do not belong in an action style game at all IMO.
  3. Fps issues with 5.7

    Have you tried setting your graphics card to performance? While not the best solution, some times this helps. What resolution are you running at? if you are running at 4k, then maybe that is your issue? Have you monitored CPU and GPU usage? Do the frames seem low on other games?
  4. Fps issues with 5.7

    Do you have anything else running in the back ground?
  5. Fps issues with 5.7

    Huh... my set up is pretty close... but i have an i7-6700k, 16GB ram, and a 750 watt PSU and get over 100 fps in the BH... running around in the world and in combat it dips to about 30-50.. but i mean.. not 30 constant... on high settings, v-sync count = 0, clouds and shadows off.
  6. I think Blair said on stream it was intended.
  7. It's a lot better than it ever has been in 5.7.. but the bear will still go right through a target sometimes.....Gaea's Fail will one day be the cause of many cries for nerfs when they get around to fixing it
  8. Champion Heal

    Nerf Champ, Buff Fessor... that is all.
  9. i want to give you a hug

    Can i have a hug too? I promise i won't get too handsy.
  10. Hunger-What positive thing does this add?

    Food needs to become more scarce, and we should only have to eat like once every 3 hours IMO.
  11. Stealth OP. Toxins OP

    note the "/s" yes... sarcasm was out in full force ^^
  12. Stealth OP. Toxins OP

    You could always play elken ranger. Free shadow site, free flare, free expose remove. Plus all the other goodies. /s
  13. @thomasblair@vkromas@mhalashace Are the changes to leather and mail Helms, Gloves, and Boots regarding the lower bonus damage intentional? Or is this a bug? Damage bonus was halved on both mail and leather side pieces, while base HP was increased on these pieces for mail and plate and there was no mention in the patch notes? I want to make sure my feedback on the matter is accurate. Thanks.
  14. Crowfall 5.7 PvP - Battle at the Gates

    That's promising. I'm sure the Order guys counted... maybe they can tell us.