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  1. Class Armor Tiers, yay or nay?

    This right here.
  2. Make Guinea Great Again

    You didn't get the memo.... It's nerf Ranger now
  3. Even if i try to change one of the settings in Edit Kingdom (Name, Description, Public/Private, or PvP) i get this error. Even without trying to add a Parcel.
  4. Pretty sure this is a graphical thing. If you check the skill for the stats i believe they do not change.
  5. Absolutely. I am not saying you or any other guild leader i know that is in CF would do this... But you can bet your ass that this feature will ruin some friendships and explode guilds... and we will all watch, point, and laugh.
  6. Mounts, Cottages, Villas, and wall pieces......... maybe some other cosmetic stuff.... None of which can be brought in to CWs.... but.... that won't stop the drama queens.
  7. Yeah.. it's crazy... But at the same time it's for EK stuffs.... and by the time this goes live there will be nothing over $200 on the store. So cottages, villas, and wall pieces.... No VIP, no copies of the game or merchandise can be purchased with crowns... Though, who owns this wallet? The ONE person who formed the guild? That is seriously asking for trouble. Who's to stop Mr. Guild Leader from using that Wallet on stuff for him/her self? "That new nightmare mount looks nice"... CHA CHING! This little feature could be disastrously explosive to some guilds. The drama llamas will flow....
  8. Jebus Cripes... Missed that... thanks.... I choose to remain oblivious.... thank you...
  9. So, how will guilds be formed AFTER soft launch?
  10. Why even have a coefficient on these. No basic crafting uses pips anyways so what is the point of having 4 basic experimentation pips?
  11. Armour Changes: I like the changes you made to the armour, what i don't like is gating these things behind passives or minors (please clarify if we need to burn a minor disc AND passive, or just a minor disc). What happened to armour for all? Putting on the plate or chain armour as a leather wearer we are already going to be giving up damage to change our mitigations. Do we now also have to give up even MORE dmg or healing with giving up minors and or passives? Are you doing away with the baked in mitigations we are currently getting? Is making armour going to become tedious?
  12. On the plus side, the patch notes for the last few weeks have been like 4 lines each with the same known issues... so maybe it will be 95% Q&A.
  13. Cause it's the worst race ever...... Wow.. i didn't think i was that racist... /ducks
  14. Feedback wanted: Tutorial videos

    The link points to this thread.