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  1. Yes, they do. The in game trade chests we have right now are operable by anyone near by. So you put it in and anyone else can take it. So you put your fat haul in to a trade chest anyone can walk by and pick it, even if it is a fort or stronghold your faction owns. We don't have any information on other storage other than these banks, and what we have in game. We need other forms of storage me thinks, that isn't as safe Local, World, or Spirit Banks but more safe than trade chests.
  2. Concern #2: With little storage space, how are we to hoard for winter when resources are supposed to become more scarce? Having the resources spread across multiple people or multiple alt accounts isn't very appealing.
  3. I don't think people want to be forced to have alt accounts to use for storage. I sure don't. I hope to all hell we get some form of high volume unsafe storage, but with some kind of lock or permissions that can be set when you own the stronghold. Once the strong hold is lost so would the items in those chests once they were destroyed or had their lock picked.. or something...
  4. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair Concern #1: With the size of the local banks shown in the screen shot, and that we are lead to believe in the article that World Banks won't be available on every CW, how do you expect us to collect enough material as a guild and house it for gearing people out? You have SO MANY crafting components and we need DISGUSTING volumes to craft armour with all the additives for a single set. Don't you see a severe storage issue for guilds? Fun Fact: The local bank size shown has enough storage to make two full plate sets will all the bells and whistles.... two... that's it. This does not include failures or attempts to make the perfect sub-component for a factory run. We need more storage... preferably unsafe storage.
  5. Easy... as an example 20% of your stack could be the cost to get it back.
  6. I thought the future version of spirit banks would only be able to be accessed at a geographical location in the world that was not safe. Has this goal been shifted to allow this from any location for the "final" design?
  7. I showed up after the giant robot fight and the groups scattered and logged.... Didn't even need to fight, my presence was enough to scare them off. GG.
  8. Might be late.... That giant robot battle starts at the same time.....
  9. New Here With Questions!

    G13 for life!
  10. New Here With Questions!

    The Live client is where the active Campaigns are right now. Like @XpCjU said above, the pop is quite low right now. There is a big patch and wipe coming and it is driving down the population. But it's worth getting your feet wet with the available game mechanics. Try waiting 5-10 minutes before trying again. If this issue persists then email They are usually VERY quick to respond.
  11. Community Skirmishes 21st of October

  12. ofc It's Tinnis that has these poorly made socks catalogued. I may need to play with it just to understand it
  13. Not sure if i have ever seen it work this way... but.... Isn't the Myrm Berzerk supposed to only do 50% of the dmg on crash if you hit a bleeding target with-in 3s of the crash? I remember something about that, but don't think i have ever seen it happen.
  14. I don't think there is a way to mitigate the DOT that comes after the mino bloodthirst. So you will always take the 50% dmg. It also probably has a longer CD. So i would hardly call that better. If you can cleanse the Dot.... Then maybe... but i doubt they would want you cleansing it.