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  1. im thinking that maybe the tallent spec is what unlocks the discs for use.. so you need to unlock talent A to use disc X... if im understand that correctly gunna have to look at it again. Looks like you don't get them back... and it's a sacrifice.. if you want them back you need a new vessel... sounds like.
  2. The only real option now is to ban unfolded before he insights another riot.
  3. Have you tried setting your graphics card to performance? While not the best solution, some times this helps. What resolution are you running at? if you are running at 4k, then maybe that is your issue? Have you monitored CPU and GPU usage? Do the frames seem low on other games?
  4. Do you have anything else running in the back ground?
  5. Huh... my set up is pretty close... but i have an i7-6700k, 16GB ram, and a 750 watt PSU and get over 100 fps in the BH... running around in the world and in combat it dips to about 30-50.. but i mean.. not 30 constant... on high settings, v-sync count = 0, clouds and shadows off.
  6. Destrin

    Champion Heal

    Nerf Champ, Buff Fessor... that is all.
  7. Can i have a hug too? I promise i won't get too handsy.
  8. Food needs to become more scarce, and we should only have to eat like once every 3 hours IMO.
  9. note the "/s" yes... sarcasm was out in full force ^^
  10. You could always play elken ranger. Free shadow site, free flare, free expose remove. Plus all the other goodies. /s
  11. That's promising. I'm sure the Order guys counted... maybe they can tell us.
  12. The range being an experiment line on bows. Getting up to +55 BONUS range (more than double fessor range as a bonus on their main weapon). Suppressing shot being instant activate. Then the older buffs of (november last year) expose KD on Rapid fire.
  13. The most recent unneeded/unwanted buff to rangers was the final straw for me. Playing ranger till they make fessor viable.
  14. @Xhavier Here is the more recent announcement that will not soft launch this year. https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders-update-mid-year-check-point-2018/
  15. 5.7 on live this week? Long weekend coming up... would love to get ganked all weekend ^^
  16. How would we still _________ without an accelerated rate? Fill in the blank.
  17. Let's not forget this little tidbit too:
  18. Elemental is missing some pretty big things that physical dmg gets. Group wide armour pen buff, and multiple sources of armour breaks. Elemental dmg needs these too.
  19. While combos are firing more frequently they are still not 100%. Mana shield works so they should be able to take a bigger punch at the cost of mana. Still the same mobility but we have less defense now (40% mit cap), but the other classes are capped lower on defense too. Hard to make a judgement call atm with out extensive testing, but overall i think they will feel better in 5.7. The biggest issues remain. Food, low range. Fire wall is still weak and will basically kill you if a knight is paying attention. The base kit still has some issues: The flame thrower is still weak and not wor
  20. With the armour cap changes is damage some how being compensated so that final dmg mod or armour pen caps are increased on innately squishier classes? @thomasblair@mhalashace
  21. I would consider it a win! The current chat implementation is.. to keep it as nice as possible.... not good. We finally get do thing many of us expect from a chat system. Which IS news worthy of a Thursday update! Also.. Vivox seems like a good choice as games like Fortnite and LoL use it. It also probably means we will get in-game VOIP in the future so i can ask how my balls taste when i Tbag someone after killing them Definitely a win!
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