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  1. 13 minutes ago, Spawl said:

    I would recommend bumping up the output from cats by about 20%. I was really thinking 30% but some people may have an issue if we get closer to a 1/3 increase. I know a lot of this changes when you get adventure zones and you have more mobs but this is something to consider as you get to that point. 

    Instead of bumping the output, let's just reduce the requirements on the crafting bits.

  2. 2 minutes ago, dolmar said:

    Good to see you fellas still active @Destrin @KrakkenSmacken Miss the friends and foe testers . 

    The team is playing Life is Feudal but .. I'm a caster type player not much into this nothing but melee archery thing. 

    You will be glad to know that fessor felt really good in the previous patch of 5.4.. With these new crafting changes I haven't had new gear made for me... but i have a feeling they gunna hurt.

  3. 3 minutes ago, dolmar said:

    Hey guys Long time tester here. I have not tested since before christmas vacation but , I have been keeping up with the forums and updates.

    My question is if i was to start testing again and playing would I have fun doing so? 

    5.4 has more "game" to it than any of the other BW patches before it.  But if you are looking for a game play loop just to have "fun", then no. Still a lot of testing things going on, and the map is rather small.  5.5 should be pretty gamey if they add the bigger maps.  So if you are still on the fence i would wait... but... worth poking your head in to 5.4 IMO.

  4. 9 hours ago, Durenthal said:

    Bugs:  Ghost Army utterly destroys Trees of Life and walls.  Hits Tree of Life about 50 times per cast.  3-4 casts takes a tree down.

    Things like Druid Lightning Combo on each cast also hit the tree like 5 times per combo portion.  I wonder if the tree of life / bane trees have multiple hit boxes.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Jah said:

    The passive training system is not the part that is supposed to entertain you in the early game.

    It's not even really entertaining mid to late game either. 

    The entertainment is supposed to be actually playing the game.  The early game does need some work on the "entertaining" portion.. especially for those people coming in solo with out friends and without a guild.  Something needs to hook them early into wanting to find friends to play with. What that hook should be? I have no idea.

  6. 2 minutes ago, ACE_FancyHats said:

    @Destrin For your confessor issues, where the third LMB attack will not exectute, can you tell me everything you had equipped including your disciplines? 

    Thank you!

    Male Nethari Vid:

    • Legacy Leather Armour (converted from 5.3)
    • Legacy advanced book (converted from 5.3)
    • Disciplines: Reality Warper, Illusionist, MoArcane, Uniform Leather, Demon Pact, Weapon Finesse

    Female Nethari and Elken Videos:

    • Legacy Advanced book (converted from 5.3)
    • No Armour
    • No Disciplines

  7. 5 hours ago, Gorwald said:

    Same with ranger, i think it's a "Dummies" bug, with ranger and knife grinder with the passive bleed on last attack it doesn't even proc.

    For me, on the fessor, it didn't matter if i was on the dummy platform,  on the ground, aiming at rocks or boars... it just kept happening (my LMB combo had a hard time completing) ... Check out the Male Nethari video i did... it's like 8 minutes of me running around trying to find a pattern to it.

  8. Passives:

    • I have "Spotting" Equipped in my Survival Tray showing up in my buffs on the Ranged Tray.
    • Crazy Pills from Reality Warper is bouncing around my AP.



    • LMB will most of the time not complete all portions of the combo on all races that can be fessor.  The animation won't play the 3rd attack, you don't get the "Big hit" numbers from the actual 3rd attack, and you get stuck in a loop of the first two portions of the combo. (Using Advanced Book)

  9. 6 minutes ago, Tinnis said:

    anyone looked into dex and intel growth per point? [already been there done that for spirit to sp...]

    Yes i have... but only on like 1 class each.. so i am not sure if it affects them differently.

    Crit is either 0.05 or 0.055 per point of Dex

    Crit Dmg is either 0.05 or 0.055 per point if Int

    Support Power is 1.7 per point of Spirit.

    Healing Mod is either 0.05 or 0.055 per point of Int.

    Final Damage Modifier is either 0.05 or 0.055 per point of Str.

    Armour is either 0.05 or 0.055 per point of Dex.

    Not sure if all classes have two sources that feed AP, but the ones i checked did... AND:

    AP from your Primary source is 1.1 per point
    AP from your Secondary source is 0.6 per point

  10. 12 minutes ago, Tinnis said:

    which would be +186 from halfgiant's 60 and a +279 from sacrifice's +90 attribute?

    that like maybe an auto attack. ;p

    Yeah... it's a pretty weak conversion when compared to disc powers and HP from gear.  I went through my data and I didn't seem to write this one down anywhere... so... i may be out to lunch.

    Though I will say... i think that this is okay... i would rather have the bigger differences come from things like player crafted gear and discs... instead of passive training... it means the gap between a 3 month old toon, and a 3 year old toon isn't as big.

  11. 15 minutes ago, thomasblair said:


    Roughly the same number of combinations as there were before exist that produce a sub-component with a useful stat and not Unexpected Results. Some stats were removed and some shifted. (the Resource stat was just never going to work the way we wanted it to so it was cut and replaced with something more useful.)

    Lifesteal/thorns was shifted to armor sub-comps and removed from weapon sub-comps.

    Metal Bars gained some options for defensive stats. The values are set to 0.015 baseline which is why you see .02 and it pretty much stays there since we don't show that 3rd significant digit for resist (will look at exposing it)

    The resource combinations are different than before! I am sure you will figure out the new combinations pretty quick.

    The names were all over the place (especially for crafting/harvesting sub-components varieties) and getting out of hand so they were simplified.

    The stat values are on the conservative side I agree. We are just being super cautious with them until we see the results of the next phases of crafting and factories.

    Why take away a lot of the neat things with the metal bars/weapons though? why not add cool new stats, that we have in our stat window already, we just don't have the ability to add to weapons? (i.e. + Lifesteal, HP on hit, Range Bonus, Mana Regen, Fury Regen, Stam Regen, Rage Regen, Any of the bonus damages, Heal mod, etc)

    As for the resource combinations for bars... The main ingredient in most of the weapons.... I posted those in this thread, and it's rather lack luster compared to what we had before. See below for old Bar Combos:


    As for the resists... weapons take like 9 to 12 bars to make? This means probably, at best, we are looking at getting about +1% MAYBE +2% resists from weapons... Why? Why is this necessary?

    Give us fun stats on weapons, plz. And make them worth while.....

  12. 21 minutes ago, Xpade said:

    Anybody else have ray issues sometimes on recon/expose?  I can have my crosshair on them, it misses, I can lead them... it misses... then sometimes works fine... 

    my understanding is it’s a ray, vice a cone... like other projectiles.  Believe it’s similar mechanic to Druid bear... which has same issues I hear...any infos are appreciated!

    Recon has a little bit more narrow ray cast than others.. with the offset reticule, and the ray casts shooting straight out from your character and not towards the actual centre of the reticule, it is actually not a very good indicator for the exact direction it's being cast. Aim a bit to the right of your target.

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