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  1. 3 minutes ago, Kirchhoff said:

    Some would argue that is pay to win.

    I know I would consider this too P2W for my tastes.  VIP should only grant training to trees in parallel, so that the gains can not be compounded in one activity. Any trees that are in series with each other should not be able to be trained at the same time.  Racial Basics and Sylvan (or any other race tree) should not be able to be trained at the same time, while Sylvan and Man could be trained at the same time.

  2. 10 minutes ago, makkon said:

    i think Saskatchewan has almost the same meridianus  as in St. Petersburg (I live near) and close to Arctic ocean so the weather should be the same. usually we have ice, snow and -15~-20 jan-feb. if we have thaw - there are alot of mud called "russian drizzle" ( drizzle ~ diarrhea) which are around for most of the year, especially in spring.

    Yeah, it gets real dirty here as well when all the snow starts to melt.  Though we are very land locked about 1500 km to the nearest large body of water, so it's very dry air.

  3. 7 minutes ago, makkon said:

    I more laugh at the fact what in texas snow storm while I have 2-th or 3-th winter in a row with +3 C in january

    what next? the deserts will be covered by glaciers and siberia will be resort with sandy beaches

    I know right? Supposed to have a high of 3°C tomorrow, and a high of 5°C on Thursday. Really looking forward to it :D

  4. 10 minutes ago, Kirchhoff said:

    It is funny what a little ice and "snow accumulations of under 1/2 inch" do to people and places not used to it.  However, you are right, it is dangerous.  People with no experience driving in winter conditions AND without winter tires....I would not want to be on those roads.

    27°F in Austin.  Yesterday when I left for work it was -17°F.  Different worlds.

    Stay safe.

    Yeah... can be scary for those inexperienced.  Even experienced drivers can just be stupid and completely forget how to deal with it after the first snow fall of the year.

    It's been hovering around -30°C for a couple a weeks now where i live... but it warmed up for a few days... then it rained more than we got all of July in like 2 hours and then dropped to -25°C in like 8 hours..... Been driving on sheet ice for over a week... I could be ice skating to work if I wanted... and i still see people riding their bikes.....

  5. UI

    • After pumping a bunch of the gear from the basic racks in to the sacrifice brazer (up to level 10, so this was a lot of running back and forth) the sacrifice window wasn't opening.  I noticed none of my other UI would pop when i hit them either (inventory, spell book, spirit bank, escape menu).  I had to spam escape several times and the and the UI started to work again.



    • What ever you did to druid heals makes me wet. In 5.3 they felt rather weak and i didn't want to play it.  Now... boy oh boy.... get ready for some more Destrin Druid action. 


    • I like the sacrifice leveling. Placing attributes where i want them is going to be really nice.   Though I do think that the attributes, and how they the affect stats is that it's going to be pretty obvious where to put them.  It's not going to really... let's say... build a healing templar, or pump something in to an attribute that increases the potency of our group buffs.  It's not really going to help build a character the way we want, its just another vertical power climb.  Personally, i want more horizontal options on how to build a character, and not necessarily more power.

    Sound FX

    • All of the sound effects are extremely loud.  Can't hear voice comms over them.  I have to turn them down to about 20-30% to make them tolerable.
    • Poor druid.... Sounds like it belongs in Tron. Maybe it's how loud they are, or maybe it's just the change, but i preferred the old SFX to the new extremely zappy sounds.

  6. 5 minutes ago, touchmybow said:

    Can you fix this so players are encouraged to leave the safe zone in the beginning of the game? I'd much prefer gathering if it was in a place with risks associated with it, where I have to learn to survive and think.

    Soon, with 5.4... slag and knotwood will only get you so far with gear.  You will need to go out in to the world and harvest non-basic mats AND have to craft inside forts and keeps to get the good stuff.  No longer will you be able to stay inside the beach head and farm "good enough" gear.

  7. 19 minutes ago, Crazylouie87 said:

     Hey guys I am new to Crowfall. I was going to buy the game today and also buy the woodland creek parcel. Do I need to buy that extra parcel? Will that be useable only in my EK. Sorry for all the questions just trying to understand.

    You do not need to purchase the parcel.  Any purchased or player crafted parcels are only usable in the Eternal Kingdoms (player housing).  If you want to play the the game today you only need the patron pack.

    Disclaimer: The game is in pre-alpha.  There is not a whole lot of game yet.  It's not optimized and there is zero in game tutorials or handholding. If you are looking for a full game experience i would wait till later in development.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Sonoros said:

    ok, so it re-downloads the game each time you want to play - thats a lot of download bandwidth

    No, it shouldn't re download every time you want to play...

    Something is wrong.

    EDIT: I was thinking that you may be clicking the wrong thing.

    Which folder did you extract the zip to?

  9. 4 minutes ago, Sonoros said:

    I am new to the game, and have downloaded the installer, and it patched up to be able to launch the game.  No issues there.  Now when i go to play the game, there's no game folder or launcher file - just the one in the downloaded folder to install the game - it downloads the game each time Iwant to play from the launcher.


    What am I doing wrong?

    The game does not install like a typical game yet.  You will need to find the folder where you extracted the zip folder and run the launcher from there.

  10. On 1/13/2018 at 5:18 PM, Xpade said:

    and how many overshot their censure.  Had a couple even bounce off my body and they slid past.... felt bad for em for not knowing it’s broken.

    Censure is the one and only thing I would like to see changed on the Templar.  Give it a ground target reticule so the templar can pick the distance they want to leap, give it an area snare where they land.  The fixed distance is a pain in the ass.

  11. My suggestion to add:

    • Change the giant fly text for "KNOCKED DOWN", "SUPPRESSED"... and give them symbols above their heads for each of the CC types.. or nothing.  This text is an eyesore in combat.
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