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  1. 6 minutes ago, 20oz said:

    I'm brand new, but coming from another system I played a lot, is there no CC break? In ESO the tactic was to use CC to drain an opponents resources. Basically they would need to dodge roll to break a root and hard CC break a stun which cost resources. If you got someone down far enough in resources they could not break a stun, they basically were dead.

    I've only had 2 fights but it seemed to me that a stun was basically unbreakable but an opponent was not able to damage me enough to really kill me in that several seconds I was stunned. So maybe it's just a slower pace of combat style?

    I have read that the combat flow isn't supposed to be completely twitchy and will be slow enough that you can react to opponent animations. However, I just feel that being rendered helpless for 5+ seconds (really anything over 3) is kind of not fun. 

    Everyone gets a retaliate (E key when HARD CC'd).  There are several disciplines as well that provide an CC break, but some are only specific to movement CC (root/snare) and Attack CC (suppress) BUT they are group wide. The retaliate breaks the CC, but grants no immunity... you can be CC'd again immediately. The CC remove from Juggernaut is better because it provides CC immunity for 8s after activation.

    AoE CC proliferation has been a huge issue for a while now.  We keep bringing it up, but i am sure ACE has bigger fish to fry right now. 

  2. 6 hours ago, Tinnis said:

    @Destrin or another 5.4er..

    due to the fixed intervals of dodge pip regen - is it true that if a wood-elf blows both there pips at once now - it will actually take them 40 seconds to get back up to 2 pips  [not simply 20  seconds]

    as you just get 1 pip every 20 second tick - so after 20 second you would only get one, then you would get second 20 seconds later again = 40 seconds after double use

    [same for nethari dash]

    Yes, this how it works.. IF there is no dodge pip regen custardery with the global timer.

    EDIT: 1 dash takes 1 pip. So if you blow both it takes about 40s to get the 2 pip charge.

  3. 8 hours ago, Minced said:

    .... sounds like a wood elf player (still luv ya... say it back or it’s weird)

    not against having 2, but the balance/tradeoff must be comparable. E.g. if you can move 40-60m within a second, your mitigation or hit points will be utter poorly made sockse and if you get caught it’s game over.  You shouldn’t get the best movement, offense and defense, there has to be balance.  

    I play just about all the classes and races. luv ya, artist formally known as Xpade... still weird.

    The changes to RMB regen rates in 5.4 on the longer dashes i feel might just do the trick.  20s regen for 1 pip for WE and Neth dashes, while all the other classes have a 10s regen for 1 pip. Over time the movement distance is basically equal. Its much better than the current version where everyone has 10s pip regen timer, and where Neth and WE rmb is basically double the distance over time.  The change in 5.4 i feel is a better solution than giving everyone a 10m dash.

  4. Just now, Tinnis said:

    its a tech implentation issue

    essentially the power does not have a 'cooldown' in any traditional sense

    instead it uses the same system used for say health, stamina or passively regenerating resources:

    you gain Y every X seconds [e.g. like the 'ticks' every 3 seconds or so for say health regen or stamina regen etc]

    Right, and that is bad.

  5. 1 hour ago, Tinnis said:

    @Destrin+ @blazzenits not something I have the energy to explain over text, see previous thread / video for replication


    17 minutes ago, soulein said:


    Speaking as a Knight player, the idea that you can hit someone with shield bash and be assured that they won't be able to blink is really comforting. Nothing frustrates a knight more than shield bashing someone only to watch them blink away in the next moment.

    @srathor and i tested it with timers.  Srathor was able to blink 3 times in a row by blinking twice just before the timer came off.  The knight pip steal does not reset this cooldown or server side timer. So if you pip steal, your target has a chance to be able to blink away 1 second later.

    I assume this is not working as intended.  I would prefer the knight pip steal to reset the CD of the pips you stole.  I would also prefer if there was no way to game the system so you can RMB 3 times in a row.

  6. 40 minutes ago, Tinnis said:



    dodge pips - and more specifcally dodge pip removal effects - are still flawed if they continue to refresh against a set server interval clock, rather than against the time you actually consumed a dodge pip.

    can a 5.4 whale test that?

    When i tested it i did not have any dodge pips come back up too early. Still on a global timer.


    Did not test the dodge pip removal refresh though... just spamming dodge.

  7. 17 minutes ago, blazzen said:

    Kudos on the dodge pip change. 

    Changing the rate at which the longer range dodge abilities refresh pips was a LOT better than normalizing all dodges to 10m range. Now there's flavor without it being too OP. 

    Great job! 


    Wanted to comment on this earlier.  I see it as both small enough and big enough that it will change things quite significantly on the battlefield.  Really need to see it in action though.

  8. 13 minutes ago, Deathleecher said:

    1. If i buy the lowest pack, can i upgrate it at a later point ?

    2. What are in the game atm, is it both PVP elements, and pve? 

    3. What stage is the game on right now? I can see its alpha, but how alpha is it, is there alot missing :) ?

    1. You used to be able to directly upgrade your pack.  I am unsure if this is possible with the store changes. Maybe @Tyrant can clarify for us.  However, there are certain thresholds you can pass in dollars spent on the store to access higher levels of testing.

    2. Currently it is a test environment. Small map that you can PvP on, harvest, craft, take forts and keeps.  There are a few mobs around but they are mostly for skinning for leather.  There is nothing challenging about the PvE at the moment.

    3.  Game is currently in Pre-Alpha.  There is A LOT missing in terms of game loop.

    Overall, if you are looking for a complete game experience that you can sit down and play for hours and hours and hours and have a ton of fun.. Crowfall just isn't there yet.

  9. I am hoping for #1.

    Any other iteration of tracking i feel will not work.  Having a list of names, guilds, faction... etc is too much.  not to mention having to enter mouse mode and select a target to track sounds...... clunky as all hell...

  10. 4 minutes ago, Pipaninio said:


    Hello Goodnight, I would be interested in knowing if when the game comes out we will be able to have a broader key mapping than what currently exists. We need to be able to configure our keys to the fullest. A greeting, I'm waiting for an answer. THX

    Full key mapping is available in the next big patch (5.4).  Which we may get in the next few weeks.

  11. Skill Training:

    • I am unable to get the "Personal Critical Hit Modifier" node in the Fighter Tree to train.  I am getting a "locked 412" error every time i am trying to train.  The skill is unlocked and able to be trained, the node will just not take.  I am able to train any other skill in the tree with "relative" ease (after about two or three tries).
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