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  1. 7 minutes ago, Unfolded said:

    What really sickened me was the answer to Soulreaver's question in today's QA. "It may be too easy for you, but it's not for other people." I know this won't be an "official" statement or anything.. but that really just tells me that the devs don't play their own game (or at least Ranger/Confessor). The selling point of his game (to me at least) is that it's a Hardcore game. When you start catering to "casuals", that makes the game less fun and your hardcore (most of your players) playerbase will disappear.

    It doesn't even need to be "hardcore" vs "casual".  We just need to be able to miss targets if our aim is off.

    Personally, i'm awful at FPS games... I just suck... But not worrying about leading a target... at all... and how it's practically impossible to miss... something needs to be looked at.

    Tighten the raycats... and remove the red reticle indicator if that is what they are worried about....  I would like to have to worry about perfecting my aim and not missing, than herp derp always hitting.

  2. 7 minutes ago, mclavin said:

    So to be 100% sure, If I buy any package that says Early Access, I have access to play the game now, whenever I want without waiting for test stages or w/e?

    Also, what can you do on the live server right now? Are the campaigns up, or is it just beating each other up?

    Yes, even the base $50 pack will get you in to the LIVE client.  You will most likely always have access to this client without having to wait for testing stages.  The testing stages will be done on the TEST client.

    The live server is up right now and should always have a CW up.

    Keeping mind that the LIVE client is still a game in pre-alpha.  There is no real game yet, no game loop, no win conditions.  You can harvest, craft, kill, take forts, and siege keeps on a relatively small map.  The game still has some bugs and performance can be rather poor some times. If you are unsure about purchasing, or are looking for a full game experience i would wait till the game is closer to or in beta.

  3. 11 hours ago, Scree said:


    Yea, basically what Jah said is accurate. 

    The promise of reserved guild names WAS fulfilled in the order of purchase. 

    Claiming this is living up to your promise of the Kickstarter campaign is nonsense because you've already abandoned the name reservation system and didn't blink twice. The problem to me is that character names, originally a Kickstarter reward, are still being given away for free to everyone and yet you cited living up to Kickstarter promises as your reason for selling Guild Name Reservations.

    Guild Names are locked behind a $40 paywall for the foreseeable future (until launch). I'm bothered by this. Why are character names being treated differently from guild names? It feels like a questionable decision, a money grab, to me. None of what Gordon explained previously really makes me understand why this is still considered a premium item. The original backers who got Guild Name Reservation privileges should have already claimed them by this point. Kickstarter promise lived up to. Why the need to charge $40 at this point and going forward?

    I try to defend the company from pay to win haters (or those who simply see this as a cash-grab) anywhere I encounter them. This feels undefendable.

    I get where you are coming from.  I was bothered by this as well.  Although, after thinking about it for some time I believe they don't want every person and their alt accounts forming a guild right now.  Seeing as how it's just a list of names and a crest on the website now It doesn't count for much.  When the time comes that guilds are in game and people want to form them, if there is a pay wall, then the cries will be real. You can expect some bad press when guilds go live and people are forced to pay to form them. I hope the ACE team gets in front of the bus, rather than going under it.

  4. 10 hours ago, Diz said:

    Unable to place anything in EKs.  Every time I hit submit, no matter if it's a single 1x1 parcel or a bunch of stuff, I get the error:

    Submission Failure - Navmesh is still being updated.  Please wait.



    Even if i try to change one of the settings in Edit Kingdom (Name, Description, Public/Private, or PvP) i get this error.  Even without trying to add a Parcel.

  5. Just now, Caenth said:

    Well, you need to earn your trust as a (guild) leader. My members trust me in regard of finances. I've proven to the members they can trust me more than a few times by now. Transparency is key to gain trust. Especially where money is involved.

    Absolutely.  I am not saying you or any other guild leader i know that is in CF would do this... But you can bet your ass that this feature will ruin some friendships and explode guilds... and we will all watch, point, and laugh.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Caenth said:

    Sorry, but this is silly and awful. If any guild recruits mindlessly and accepts anyone they gain an insane amount of Crowns and a monetary advantage. Hooray for zerg guilds.

    We are talking about a free 10 EUR for each member! Nuts!

    Yeah.. it's crazy... But at the same time it's for EK stuffs.... and by the time this goes live there will be nothing over $200 on the store.  So cottages, villas, and wall pieces.... No VIP, no copies of the game or merchandise can be purchased with crowns...

    Though, who owns this wallet? The ONE person who formed the guild? That is seriously asking for trouble.  Who's to stop Mr. Guild Leader from using that Wallet on stuff for him/her self?  "That new nightmare mount looks nice"... CHA CHING! This little feature could be disastrously explosive to some guilds.  The drama llamas will flow....

  7. Armour Changes:

    I like the changes you made to the armour, what i don't like is gating these things behind passives or minors (please clarify if we need to burn a minor disc AND passive, or just a minor disc).  What happened to armour for all?

    Putting on the plate or chain armour as a leather wearer we are already going to be giving up damage to change our mitigations.  Do we now also have to give up even MORE dmg or healing with giving up minors and or passives?

    Are you doing away with the baked in mitigations we are currently getting?

    Is making armour going to become tedious?


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