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  1. Continue owning what? Have fun.. we will keep her warm for you.
  2. Vivox seems like a good choice. For those of you unaware who else uses Vivox: https://www.vivox.com/partners May also mean we get in-game voice some time. So we can call each other nubs when we slay each other!
  3. WAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of you on this
  4. If you take a look at the Bestiary there are some big monsters planned. I'm hoping some of them are pretty hard. As Dolmar said, there is currently a Spider Queen mob. She has a mechanic where she cocoons and does a TON of reflect dmg. if you hit her 2 to 3 times when she is in this state you die. I'd like to see more mechanics where if you screw up you die on these big bad monsters we will get in the future
  5. I just hope FW gets an Elemental Armour Break and Elemental Armour Pen group wide buff, or they add some more discs and give elemental dmg some love.
  6. We don't get that kind of information over on the P2W forums Any hints about upcoming news is usually on the public section of the forums. We used to get hints on the community discord but all the degenerates over there may have scared ACE away Don't get me wrong, though. I would LOVE to see FW info this week. I just have a feeling with all the other stuff going on at ACE that the FW is near the bottom of the "to do" list.
  7. I'll take that bet.... I bet you 1000 gold coins we won't see frostweaver info this week.
  8. In some campaigns, yes. The GvG CWs will let us build and design our own castles/Keeps/Strongholds. The faction CWs will not allow us to design our own strongholds. This is to prevent faction members from griefing you.
  9. Destrin


    I am also really looking forward to when discs are not able to be hot swapped.
  10. I'm sorry, but i can not make an addition to this gif. Take this gift basket as a token of our appreciation. It has a fine selection of maple syrups and poutine.
  11. These posts are off topic. Please refrain from not posting memes or you will be reported.
  12. Today we celebrate not being American! HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!
  13. To me the fessor has a very fun kit, unfortunately half of it is broken or undertuned IMO. The fessor has too many hard counters built in to the base kits of other classes. - Sin is cleansed group wide by a templar's divine light. If the group is turtled and they have 1 templar, you are useless in terms of any of your burst abilities (absolution and redemption). This issue is compounded by the fact we can't remove them from the divine light with our combo abilities (knock down and tornado). - If the group has a knight you shouldn't be placing fire wall or nova. One cast of this near a knight that knows their basic kit can take you to 25% HP. not 25% OF your HP... down to almost dead. - No one runs this anymore because confessors are a joke.. is the sin immunity from Friar. - There is also a full on counter disc in Fire Walker. - 2500 elemental dmg absorb from Arcane Archer, which almost everyone can use. IMO There are too many counters for this class with a single damage type. We can't change it nor can we avoid people removing our sin, or blocking in our ground effects. I don't think there is any other class in the game that has as many things working against it as Confessor. Most other classes have the ability to change their dmg type, excluding Cleric, Druid, and Templar. All other classes are not bound by a mechanic that can get cleansed and ruin their dmg vs an entire group, and they have to worry about base kit abilities and classes that just ruin what mages are supposed to do. Most other classes have to worry about two things IMO... if you are melee... don't hit the templar.... or if they are running a hard counter disc. Oh also... Buff Meteor and Buff the flame thrower... these abilities are garbage and no one uses them for a reason. @thomasblair @mhalashace Can the confessor get some love when you guys get some time? I would love to not be asked to play Ranger anymore cause their kit and their versatility is just plain better.
  14. I think people were just getting bored of 5.6 as well.. also with the cryptic tweet from todd that they are unsure about a wipe with 5.7 coming that has also put a dent in the pop IMO. Also the lag issues when the server gets full didn't help IMO. a few weeks a go we getting 70-90 people in a server every night... but the lag was so bad no one wanted to do anything... can't blame them... i hope they get that fixed soon.
  15. IMO Armour material requirements should be about halved. Weapons are pretty good... and why does jewelry have a 75 difficulty rating?
  16. This is probably true. I would like to see how they accomplish the in-CW economy as well with out the need for exports/imports. I think there is a major disconnect between limited import/export and the EK economy that many people envision and I am not really sure how ACE is going to accomplish this. I would be fine if EKs were just trophy rooms and player housing and had little to no economic value.
  17. TBH a quick fix to make forts and keeps more valuable is to set imports on the CWs to 0. If you want to craft you need a fort/keep. Easy to do and no extra systems required. It will drive more PvP and give a reason to fight.
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