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  1. 20 hours ago, blazzen said:

    Restokin's refuge was full capped by chaos faction, yet chaos faction could not use the gates while Balance faction was able to use the gates. I think Balance faction probably capped the fort first and now that Choas faction took it there's a bug with the gates where the ownership isn't transfering. The guards, banks, etc. all work, just the gates do not. 

    Nah, it's a bug with capping.  Same thing happens at all the forts. The first faction to claim the fort when the server comes up always has access to gates and ladders. Looks like this bug happens for who ever BUILT the gate, not who took the fort.

    We recently just took City of Infiltration, someone came behind us and fixed the wall section, and along comes order to take it back, and we can't even get back in to the fort cause no hole, and no gates.

  2. 1 hour ago, Blu42 said:

    What is the purpose of lowering the skill point rate?

    To bring the skills training closer to what is expected for launch.  They told us many moons ago that the current training speed was about 10x the intended rate, now we are at about 3x the intended rate... If i have to be honest, the 3x rate feels pretty good.  If it goes to 1x that is going to be seriously slow.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Xarrayne said:

    @Destrin I was having trouble getting the window and fence pieces to slot into the 2nd floor of the walls - they wouldn't allow themselves to be raised quite high enough without lowering the walls significantly... Was it the same for you?

    Yeah, you have to lower them as low as they go and they JUST reach.

  4. Bugs:

    • Mega Deeds:  Socketed Castle Wall Panels Fence - Once placed the the panels do not show the same for two people looking at the same piece:
      • Player that place the panel view:unknown.png
      • Player that didn't place the panel view:unknown.png


    The Fence pieces, and some of the Tower Corner Piece sills that need to be stood on to shoot people below are too high.  They are either Head height or above.  These barriers need to be lowered so that people can stand there and shoot with out having to jump up on to the sill.



    The Castle Wall Panel Window Pieces are almost there.. almost good enough... Also there is no solid surface to stand on, so even if i wanted to jump on here to stand on it, i couldn't.


  5. 11 minutes ago, Anhrez said:

    Maybe I am mis-reading this patch note - Basic Attack Damage Statistic - should mean I can go into the Details page and see a value of some sort Under Powers / Basic Attack Damage and this value should change as I rotate through weapons of different PCM right? 

    I was confused at this too for a bit. But just go in to combat stance and the values should update when you swap weapons.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Zatch said:

    Game breaking Impale bug.

    If you Impale someone below 50% health with a 5 pip Impale the bleed stays on until they die.   All Impale hits are subject to the 50% health rule as well.

     I think Destrin has a video.

    When impaled with any amount of pips when the Target is below 50% HP they will receive the "Impaled" debuff for 11 minutes.  If you are above 50% HP all of the regular thresholds apply to the skill as intended.

    Impaled Debuff continues to tick after you are dead.

    Please watch chat.

    Video is not quite done uploading:


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