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  1. They will ask for your client logs and your dxdiag. It may be worth mentioning when your client stops responding. When launching the patcher? When the game loads up? in the lobby? when you load in to the world? when you press a button? etc.
  2. Send an email to support@crowfall.com. They are usually quick to respond and will work with you through your issue. They will appreciate it if you give them more information than just an image.
  3. This question is about the ability to be able to hit 5 plent pips in winter and if it's possible. With the current mechanics i think in winter the highest you can get is 4 plent pips with 100% training, leadership and/or potion (they don't stack i believe), and the appropriate major disc.
  4. This opens up some nice game play IMO. Really like the bit about opening and closing off areas as seasons change. Not sure how i feel about more RNG layers with weather when we already have such wild RNG swings in everything. i.e. a low end crit is can hit for less than a high end non-crit.
  5. 24 hour advanced warning for a stress test? Thank you! More like this plz!
  6. These values gathered in an EK and checked multiples times against a character with 0 stealth assassin. Out in the world i seem to have a much more difficult time spotting duelists as they seem to be buried. The assassin sticks out like a sore thumb. I do think that perception needs to be toned down a little bit. I am completely biased here as I legitimately hate stealth classes in all games, but i think if a person is fully kitted in perception vs a person fully kitted in stealth stat 20m-30m view distance sounds about right to me.
  7. Best news drop in a while guys! 5.7 is going to be dope AF.
  8. It's closer to a Fish Hook or a Chakram than it is a Sickle.
  9. No, you can only put 1 treated per item because they do not stack. But you can get a single treated leather up to 75-83 Max HP.
  10. Great+ Rolls on the HP components AND the final combine. The treated leather component is also huge in giving HP, and it was a great+ roll on those as well. All with 50%+ risk so the bonus from that as well.
  11. But when armour pen is so high and you are hitting a leather target, you are hitting a naked target... you don't see an issue there? IMO the issue is that armour pen can get too high, so much that well crafted leather armour means absolutely nothing.. which means at end game there is no point in wearing a leather chest what so ever. There are plenty of other ways to counter the armour pen at high armour values... not so much for leather. Armour pen values need to come down not armour values on plate need to go up.
  12. @thomasblair@mhalashace what is the point of having an armour cap if you can over stack the cap and have armour pen subtract from the value above the cap? Armour pen values are too high as is.. if you are wearing a GOOD set of leather, with someone buffed with armour pen you are hitting a naked target. Armour pen should be capped at about 15-20% not 100%.... Hell.. even if you cap armour pen at 20% combined with an armour break on the target in leather you are hitting a target with zero mitigations... There is no need to be able to get physical armour pen near 50%, which is possible right now.
  13. @thomasblair@mhalashace You can pre-charge your Ults on the training dummies and NPCs in the beachhead. It takes very little time and is required for any real combat engagement.
  14. Being able to get to 100% is probably impossible... but i would like to see how high it can get on Physical dmg with Reveal Weakness from Shiled breaker and phys pen stats on gear.
  15. Well said @Scorn. ridiculous AP values from weapons + Armour Pen + buffed Jewellery and buffed shield stat values coming on the way it's going to get worse before it gets better IMO. Newer players won't stand a chance, even in equal gear IMO. Training is far too much vertical power.
  16. This will be my last derail post... promise... I was fessor long before druid! Druid will be my main healer... or Healing Templar in 5.5... havn't decided
  17. Is this a jab at my 2500 HP leather sets? jerk!
  18. My best friend and guildmate @Tark showed me this. Who I have to thank again for letting me borrow 225 epic iron for my epic book gambling spree i am going on this weekend.
  19. While i hear it's not working properly now, with holy warrior up, that is unmitigated execute damage... RIP target
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