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  1. Confessor:

    • Strength is no longer giving AP to confessor. I am not sure when this was changed as it is not working in 5.6.3 on LIVE either. I know at one point it was as i had some data collected and STR was giving confessor some AP. @thomasblairIs this an intended design change and the UI is just lagging behind the change? Or is this a bug?

  2. Logged out in fort my faction owned.  Came back an hour or so later and we had lost the fort.  When i spawned in to the world i spawned outside the fort like 50m away from the walls and not in the beach head as were the previous rules. I attempted to recall back to the BH.  When the cast finished it booted me to the lobby and not the BH.

    Logs sent.

  3. Confessor:

    • Some abilities in the 2 combo (Fire shield, Hellfire Wave, and Hellfire Blast) are all activated on button release not on button press. While the E line (Hellfire Aura, and Fire Tornadoes) are all activated on button press.  On release activation for the KD combo chain makes it feel sluggish and unresponsive. This is happening on all confessor playable races.
    • Please make the Fire Shield, Hellfire Wave, and Hellfire Blast activate on button press.
    • Most of the other combos I tested (Forced confession combo, and both the Myrmidon's combos) all seem to activate on press.
    • Please give us the ability to hold down our combo keys to progress the chain.

  4. Elken Charge:

    • Elken Charge does not stop when you hit enemies as per the patch notes today. The full length of the animation will play out and the knock up/down will be at the end of the animation rather than when contact with the player is made.
    • If the knock up happened on contact then maybe i could get behind the new mechanic of being locked in to a vector.  For now, i would still prefer to be able to steer.  If you could make it so you could steer at AND the CC portion to trigger on contact with an enemy then i think you would have a winner!

  5. 2 hours ago, Hunt said:

    Any hope that there will be some improvements made to this class in the near future or should we just roll something else?

    While combos are firing more frequently they are still not 100%. Mana shield works so they should be able to take a bigger punch at the cost of mana. Still the same mobility but we have less defense now (40% mit cap), but the other classes are capped lower on defense too.  Hard to make a judgement call atm with out extensive testing, but overall i think they will feel better in 5.7.

    The biggest issues remain.  Food, low range. Fire wall is still weak and will basically kill you if a knight is paying attention. The base kit still has some issues: The flame thrower is still weak and not worth the risk and the heal absorb on the meteor is not worth the CD and cast time. Single, non changeable dmg type. Redemption takes too long to charge.

    The elken charge which now locks you in to a vector. That is a race issue, not a class issue.



  6. Feedback:

    • Very pretty, good job.
    • Fog could be a little less blue IMO
    • Night time is too bright.
    • at first FPS felt lower to me in the BH.  Once i got out in the world it felt much better.  Just running around was hovering around 80-90 fps with no major dips just running through the world.
    • Resource distribution needs to be more dense IMO.  It feels much less dense than Mourning was.
    • Not sure if the necro additives being mostly cap increases is a good thing.  They won't really give much to newer or less trained players. Only will really help race/class combos that have an easier time hitting cap IMO.
    • I like the durability changes.. THANK YOU!

    Racial changes (bugs?):

    • Elken charge is no longer able to be steered. You are locked in to the direction upon activation and travel the full distance.  If we could cancel this early or steer it would be appreciated.  This ability is now quite a bit less useful and harder to use.


    • Fog is very thick when you log in, when you change zones it thins out a bit.
    • Fog of war on map is non functional.
    • Map takes a very long time to load.
    • Able to see the edges of the world edge parcels pretty clearly:
    • Had a weird shader change at some threshold:
    • One side of the mountain range is.... interesting... 50m or so drop before the mountain parcel starts.
    • Confessor model and FX do not rotate, but dmg is still done in the direction you are facing with the flame thrower ability:
    • Able to collide with a visible spirit crow. Not sure which faction @woolly is on. maybe he can confirm?

  7. 10 minutes ago, dolmar said:

    While this is good .. its not really news that they will have the same chat capability as every other game..

    I would consider it a win!  The current chat implementation is.. to keep it as nice as possible.... not good.  We finally get do thing many of us expect from a chat system. Which IS news worthy of a Thursday update!  Also.. Vivox seems like a good choice as games like Fortnite and LoL use it.  It also probably means we will get in-game VOIP in the future so i can ask how my balls taste when i Tbag someone after killing them :P  Definitely a win!

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