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  1. You can get some... but leather workers need quantities in the thousands.... I will buy your Durable, Soft, and Strong in bulk if you have it.
  2. 2586 HP on this leather set And 15.5 Thorns Bonus Damage! ...
  3. I got good news for you! Female druid is available right now for wood-elf and half-elf!
  4. The chain Gloves, Helm, and Boots give +dmg modifier and +healing modifier and +Health. The leather Gloves, Helm, and Boots twice as much healing and dmg mod as the chain but no health. The plate Gloves Helm and Boots only give +health. You can add a multitude of the other stats to any of these pieces with the right material combinations.
  5. Well... As a leather wearer the resists are pretty crap so it's either wear something defensive or get blown up super fast. Right now, if i could sport a chain chest.. i would.. the defenses are way better and they are much much cheaper to make. As a leather wearer.. you can not just slot the plate minor.. you need to have the chain minor equipped first. So you can sacrifice TWO minor slots for plate, or one for mail.
  6. Have you broken 15% on any type of resists for leather yet? I thought i saw the intermediate armour in today's stream.... i think it had 12.5% resists... that made me sad. EDIT: Looks like you got close on that one chest.. it was white... so maybe there is hope that my 20% armour pen from training won't make leather just like being naked.
  7. With the horrendous amounts of leather required for leather gear and potentially killing the same NPCs for leather and minors... i foresee a surplus of minor disciplines and we will be swimming in extras we do not need.
  8. This guy hates on everything over there.. LOL... i don't think i have seen one single post from him that has a positive outlook.
  9. @Frykka I was expecting you to beat out Grad in posting yours... you lose!
  10. I do believe that a Keep should have more guards than a fort. I also believe that if you are in a Keep solo with a fat stack of mats you are asking to be ganked and dry looted. I also believe that getting through walls without breaking them down on multple race/classes is quite stupid.
  11. You forgot Confessors can do this too
  12. Run Scarecrow and you can solo cap forts pretty easily
  13. Dat Knight Armour Stronk Compliments of @Brightdance
  14. This should have a "Style Guide" that should have everything you want to know https://crowfall.com/en/press-kit/
  15. Harvest Crit Chance, Harvest Crit Amount, Beneficial Harvest Chance, Beneficial Harvest Power, Beneficial Harvest Lifetime. Hit the Rank7+ nodes.
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