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  1. The cap on PH is 5, you can not go above that.
  2. Don't you have to buy the DLC or expansions to get access to the stuff that drops better gear in ESO? You might as well argue that DLC and expansions are p2w as well.
  3. Cheers, much appreciated. I know that they have talked about earning it via in-game methods. I always took that to mean farm for goods (or trade in game currency) in game and trade it to someone who has purchased the VIP token. This is how it works in every other game I have played that allows you to sell game time.
  4. Can you provide a link for this information? I don't remember that ever being mentioned.
  5. The only disconnect I see here is the CW lengths and that they have come out and said that no store purchased items will be able to make it in to the CWs. This means that VIP can not be brought in to the CWs and traded for. So people have to export their goods to the EK (Still unclear on those rules for actual CWs) so that they can trade for VIP. Meaning, if we can only export at the end of the CW you better have a ton of stuff to sell to cover that 3-6 months of VIP. Will it be enough? Who knows.
  6. Piercing Damage Bonus on Leather Armour! Gimme more Durable Soft and Strong... need to find the Fire dmg one!
  7. Cool stuff... Though I will say... I am not a fan of what 5.4 has done to TTK. Damage is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY up. Healing is struggling to keep up.
  8. Destrin

    Support power

    Support Power is a stat the only affects the power of your healing abilities. You could potentially build a healing assassin if you wanted by taking healing disciplines and building all your gear with support power. It would still be extremely sup par to a cleric or druid as they get a base support power of 750 and have healing powers in their base kit.
  9. TBH with the introduction of gating crafting behind the skills training it gave us a good look at the launch conditions if the current skills system went unchanged... and boy.. was it an eye opener. Not even a single upgrade... for anyone.. in about 2 days.... In early game dust is precious, but without PH 2 from the pre-alpha harvesting test discipline recipes everyone would be in a tickle fight with basics until we can get enough dust to make our first upgraded weapons. This was an excellent test IMO.
  10. This piece is dope.... where can i get a copy for my nerd cave?
  11. Can't anymore..... gotta wait a few weeks now till we can unlock the training again.... While not a bad problem to have.... You gave us too many toys.. and not enough time!
  12. Instead of bumping the output, let's just reduce the requirements on the crafting bits.
  13. It's not even really entertaining mid to late game either. The entertainment is supposed to be actually playing the game. The early game does need some work on the "entertaining" portion.. especially for those people coming in solo with out friends and without a guild. Something needs to hook them early into wanting to find friends to play with. What that hook should be? I have no idea.
  14. Just aim at their feet, if you can't see their feet or the ground target reticule, don't cast.
  15. Go right ahead! Though most of my bomb clips are like HD and SP.
  16. I believe I was saying "I'm a big strong cleric and nothing can stop me".... Very convenient that you didn't record the Audio!
  17. Why take away a lot of the neat things with the metal bars/weapons though? why not add cool new stats, that we have in our stat window already, we just don't have the ability to add to weapons? (i.e. + Lifesteal, HP on hit, Range Bonus, Mana Regen, Fury Regen, Stam Regen, Rage Regen, Any of the bonus damages, Heal mod, etc) As for the resource combinations for bars... The main ingredient in most of the weapons.... I posted those in this thread, and it's rather lack luster compared to what we had before. See below for old Bar Combos: As for the resists... weapons take like 9 to 12 bars to make? This means probably, at best, we are looking at getting about +1% MAYBE +2% resists from weapons... Why? Why is this necessary? Give us fun stats on weapons, plz. And make them worth while.....
  18. Destrin

    Recon ray

    Recon has a little bit more narrow ray cast than others.. with the offset reticule, and the ray casts shooting straight out from your character and not towards the actual centre of the reticule, it is actually not a very good indicator for the exact direction it's being cast. Aim a bit to the right of your target.
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