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  1. Just now, KrakkenSmacken said:

    I suspect they need crafting and EK economy points tested more than they need to have the keep value driven up at this point in time, otherwise the imports/exports would not be constantly replenished during even these short campaigns.

    This is probably true. 

    I would like to see how they accomplish the in-CW economy as well with out the need for exports/imports.  I think there is a major disconnect between limited import/export and the EK economy that many people envision and I am not really sure how ACE is going to accomplish this.  I would be fine if EKs were just trophy rooms and player housing and had little to no economic value. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Xarrayne said:

    There's no One-Handed Maces in the Basic and Intermediate crafting sections - is this intended? They don't require a Discipline to equip like the Focus Orb and Sickle do :huh:

    I think it is intended.  In one of the streams (i think) they gave a reason for not everything being available right from the get go.  I don't feel like digging through them to find it so you're going to have to trust me, or prove me wrong! ^^

  3. 7 minutes ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

    Not with the tables behind it currently. It's not a algorithm, its all hard table values that don't go higher than 5 ATM.  This should link directly to the r9 copper tables blair posted last year.

    This question is about the ability to be able to hit 5 plent pips in winter and if it's possible.

    With the current mechanics i think in winter the highest you can get is 4 plent pips with 100% training, leadership and/or potion (they don't stack i believe), and the appropriate major disc.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Adrienne said:

    A number of screwy things going on today: I continue to have the tray shifting error which does not allow trays to be changed. While crafting arrows, I was using up my raw wood, but no arrows were going into inventory. The game seems unstable-more so than at any time in the past for me. I have had it crash to the home screen while running, harvesting and crafting. It has also crashed me out of my activity and put me back in the beachhead,

    ACE likes us to report all bugs in a single thread. It helps them keep track of the bugs and feedback. This patch it is:

    Alternatively, you can send them an email support@crowfall.com

  5. 30 minutes ago, Xarrayne said:

    BTW I'm pretty sure Crit Damage does affects the critical amount of heals - testing normal Wisp vs crit Wisp seems to match my current Crit Damage statistic (number variation notwithstanding).


    It does.

    31 minutes ago, Xarrayne said:

    Unfortunately Crit Chance Defence also (incorrectly) reduces the chance to be critically hit by heals :( 

    This is still doing this?

  6. Master of Focus Discipline:

    • Power: Mana Shield
      • Mana Shield will only absorb damage the first time you cast it in your combat tray.  Every subsequent time you cast it it will not absorb any damage.  If you enter survival tray and go back to combat tray damage will be able to be absorbed again.
      1. In this first clip I noticed it not absorbing damage.
      2. In this second clip i am testing it in a controlled environment in my EK.


  7. 3 hours ago, Tinnis said:

    support players [or generally from those running in groups]: how do you feel about:

    • healer group role and survivability [and susceptibility to focus fire]
      • Healers have some of the best survivability in game right now.  Expose Punish ruins this though.  Expose punish should be removed completely from the game IMO.  While they are a prime target for focus fire, it's up to your group to peel for you or put their bodies between you and the dmg.  Healers shouldn't be able to just stand there and take all the dmg.  Protecting you healer is a group effort.
    • versus current levels of healing vs damage and armor/health inflation. [and the current game of single target whack a mole focus]
      • With the removal of more than half of the armour penetration and the reduction in overall AP we get from gear/weapons things are feeling much better.  DMG doesn't super out scale healing anymore IMO.
    • about being a solo healer in a group of 6? is at least two healers mandatory?
      • Two healers is always better than one.
    • whether this will be impacted by the "fix" of group sizes from 6 back down to 5?
      • I for one will like the smaller group sizes, it will really make you think about how to build your group.
    • cleric vs druid? templar? surging spirit on melees? DPS/tank survivability?
      • Cleric needs more aimed heals.... Illuminate and both the cleric Ult and Druid Ult are pretty dumb, no brain heals.  Cleric has a much easier time of keeping a whole group up compared to druid.  Illuminate vs Wisp or Healing Rain.... Illuminate will not miss unless you are more than 30m away from your healer.... Wisp and rain heal for about the same as illuminate, can completely miss and have a 5m radius.
    • gearing, skill and stat options?
      • Still not a fan from a while when they change the crafting components to only have a few stats we can choose from vs buffing the poorly made socks stats no one used.  There are not a whole lot of options anymore as DPS or tank either.
    • racial choices for healers?
      • Lots of good choices.  There is a reason or two to pick almost all the races for healers.
    • disicpline choice for healers?
      • [e.g. the "heal" ones versus other support or utility ones]
        • Give healers more options for minors.  You are pretty much required to wear defensive minors as a healer and nothing to really increase healing potential.
    • giant cooldowns, limited slots?
      • If the power of the ability warrants a long CD, so be it.  Rescue is a prime example.  Huge burst, Instant Cast, long CD.
    • allied heals versus group heals versus self heals? auto target vs aim
      • Need more self heals.. This is the reason why running 2 healers is almost required, so you have a second healer to help keep up your first healer.  I for one would like to see less heals that work outside of group.
    • using powers in forts/keeps and elevated areas
      • FIX PLZ. This has been an issue since we started BW 2 years ago.
    • general "non healing" choices or options on support classes.
      • [debate: sickle or damage focused dual tray druid vs a divine order cleric] state of "nature's avatar" gameplay?
        • Offensive Cleric Ult.. lul... better damage than most DPS classes can do in AoE. Sickle tickles.
    • base kits vs discipline kits
      • [bearing in mind future gated access of discs. and things like weapon disciplines requiring full advanced weapons to be crafted. and how advanced weapons like staves are gated by multiple deep skill requirements]
        • Limp wrist base kit fighting for probably 2 months after launch. lol.


  8. 23 minutes ago, mandalore said:

    People have been whining since fessors got their nerf a few months ago and nobody seems to be playing them anymore. 

    I play fessor!  The only issue IMO is that you need at minimum 2 passives for mana to be viable and not go OOM in 20 seconds.  They have some really good build options and are some of the best utility a group can have IMO.  If you don't know how to play them they go squish really fast though.

  9. 46 minutes ago, blazzen said:

    These values gathered in an EK and checked multiples times against a character with 0 stealth assassin.

    Out in the world i seem to have a much more difficult time spotting duelists as they seem to be buried. The assassin sticks out like a sore thumb.  I do think that perception needs to be toned down a little bit.  I am completely biased here as I legitimately hate stealth classes in all games, but i think if a person is fully kitted in perception vs a person fully kitted in stealth stat 20m-30m view distance sounds about right to me.

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