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  1. I never said the travel part was bad. I want travel, exploration, and logistics to move vast quantities of materials to be extremely risky and take time. I think you took my comment to @Unfolded out of context. He made a comment about running from Reapers to the Chaos BH. When Black Mire to balance BH is a longer trek. I think you are trying to argue with me when we actually want the same thing... The recall is bad in it's current state.. and needs to change.
  2. THIS THIS THIS THIS...... @thomasblair @mhalashace @jtoddcoleman Why oh why did some of the more interesting stats on the metal bars get removed? I would have really liked to make some really interesting builds with different stats. The values on the old bars were always so super duper small that many of them were basically a giant waste to try to build that way. The values needed to go up on some of them, drastically. This is a chart made by one of the community members in the most recent 5.4 snap test for Metal bars... which are ONLY USED IN WEAPONS: As you can see.... no more damage bonuses of any kind.... No Resource Regen, no HP regen, no retribution damage, no HP on hit, no lifesteal, no thorns bonus, no healing bonus, no +stealth, no +perception, no Range Bonus, NO INTERESTING STATS OF VALUE.. None of the stats above will allow us to build the characters the way we want to build them. Is this a partial chart? What is going on here?
  3. What if no Bard disc spawns in that CW, which is a possibility that devs have said may happen... What if some massive guild has all the spawns on lock down and no one but them have access to it? We can't bank on the fact that "this disc solves that" because it may not be available. What i am saying is that we really needed a /stuck feature for some time... but it should NOT be used for transporting resources. Recall is going to be an issue with it's current state.
  4. There is already a thread going on about this same topic. Please post here:
  5. Long Hard CC with giant area effects needs to go away... it's been a major issue for a while... we keep bringing it up but nothing has been done about it... yet. No one wants to be hard CC'd to death... it's literally one of the worst mechanics in PvP games. 2 or 3 second Hard CC should be the cap
  6. Tyranny is 160 of the old cells... right? not the new ones.. i may have blundered a bit in muh maths.
  7. I really, really hope it doesn't separate groups/raids if they want to port over... this would be bad and a giant pain in the ass for moving an army and resources.
  8. @jtoddcoleman @mhalashace @thomasblair - What say you?
  9. This is what i thought to... But listening to the clip on the OP it sounds like that may be done away with.... they didn't really talk about it too much and they didn't really answer any follow up questions... so.. I would hope that it is a combination of the two.. One thing that moongates will add is choke points where all goods and armies must flow through. Hold these down, and prevent the baddies from expanding or getting the good stuff on the other side.
  10. Should have just added a /suicide IMO.
  11. Try running from black mire to balance BH..... As a /stuck this is a sorely needed feature... as a means of transportation something needs to be done.... maybe not now, but later i would think that this item can not be used if you have any items inside your inventory.. or... if the cast goes off you drop all your inventory on the ground when you leave. This should NOT be used as a means to transport mats to safety.
  12. While funny and exciting.... will you not think of the frame rates? the poor precious frame rates?
  13. This image is several years old at this point. We have been told that it is still relevant from the developers somewhat recently (a few months ago). I believe that some of the ray casts are spherical, and some are column shaped, some are cones, and some are boxes.
  14. The hit boxes in CF are not that big. Here is an image of the hit box on a knight.. All the hit boxes are currently the same size on all the classes. Ignore the box in front of the character, that was used for some tech that no longer exists in game. The ability ray casts are about 3 times the width of the hit box.
  15. What do you need baby doll?... i got you.
  16. That might be tough if i'm healing but i'll just not heal one of my team mates.... does that count as killing them?
  17. I think they planned on doing this a while ago, i guess they never got around to it.
  18. I would like to see the toxin applied only Via LMB. Is this the case?
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