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  1. On 5/28/2018 at 4:54 PM, Destrin said:


    Still able to double dip in crafting.  I hear some people are not able to do this, but i just clicked on basics and it worked.  Might be a leatherworking thing.


    This is actually just a display bug.  It actually cancelled by LW training when i picked Crafting Basics as my secondary.  There was no message saying it was cancelled. RIP my leatherworking :P

  2. 21 hours ago, Destrin said:

    Somehow a bunch of random fireball thingies decided to just shoot out from me for no apparent reason.



    This started to happen to me when Order started attacking Chaos' Bane Tree.  I got the pop up and it started to shoot out from me again this time i was at brookhurst and not fighting anything.  Same thing happened to multiple people when the toast message happened.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Diz said:


    I have to Necro Reply this just to ask how the (random censor message) you pulled that many HP?

    Great+ Rolls on the HP components AND the final combine.  The treated leather component is also huge in giving HP, and it was a great+ roll on those as well.  All with 50%+ risk so the bonus from that as well.

  4. 36 minutes ago, Vicid said:

    Crafted Vessel Leveling bug:
    Flawed Assembly doesn't cause the leveling bug.

    When you switch from a level 30 vessel to a crafted vessel you can't level it

    BUT if you create a new non crafted vessel then switch to your crafted vessel you can level it.

    Just did it with Soulein's vessel :P

    This does not work with previously consumed vessels... It also may have to do with the fact that i am playing with a vessel that was a flawed assembly... Waiting for a necro to make me a non-flawed vessel.... currently up to three flawed elken vessels.... lol.

  5. 2 minutes ago, moneda said:

    @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman

    I liked the Spider Queen fight! We got us a discipline rune! One thing though, the "cocoon" mechanic may be overtuned. I heard that one mechanic wiped the group before mine. With more tuning of the AI I think the fight can still be tough and not be so dependent on that one thing. Also, the trek through the gorge to get to her, filled with spiders, was an oddly satisfying PvE experience, which I did not expect in Crowfall. ??  I can't wait to see what that experience is like with other players trying to kill me. :lol:

    Personally, I hope they keep it tough if you don't know the mechanics.  If you custard up, you die...  I want the big bad monsters to be just that.. big bads... Hard to kill and can wipe the group if you don't know what you are doing.

  6. Vessels:

    • Unable to level a crafted vessel.  Sacrifice gives me no XP. Played around with swapping to different vessels then swapping back, got the XP ui to change from one swap to the next, but will not let me sacrifice. Killing NPC's does not give me xp either. I believe the flawed assembly on the vessel or swapping from a lvl 30 vessel to the new vessel caused the issue.
    • Crafted vessel was a flawed assembly, so turned out white.  Shows up as a green vessel at the crypt.
    • zvOAIt4.jpg

  7. 5 minutes ago, Jah said:

    It makes it so having armor above the cap is still useful for countering penetration, but not for making you immune to damage from people with no penetration. They used the same system in Shadowbane and it worked well.

    But when armour pen is so high and you are hitting a leather target, you are hitting a naked target... you don't see an issue there?  IMO the issue is that armour pen can get too high, so much that well crafted leather armour means absolutely nothing.. which means at end game there is no point in wearing a leather chest what so ever.

    There are plenty of other ways to counter the armour pen at high armour values... not so much for leather.  Armour pen values need to come down not armour values on plate need to go up.

  8. @thomasblair@mhalashace what is the point of having an armour cap if you can over stack the cap and have armour pen subtract from the value above the cap?  Armour pen values are too high as is.. if you are wearing a GOOD set of leather, with someone buffed with armour pen you are hitting a naked target.  Armour pen should be capped at about 15-20% not 100%....  Hell.. even if you cap armour pen at 20% combined with an armour break on the target in leather you are hitting a target with zero mitigations...  There is no need to be able to get physical armour pen near 50%, which is possible right now.

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