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  1. Feedback:

    • Love you made the adventure zones out of modular pieces.  Really opens things up!  Was expecting pre-built parcels like the canyon! Jolly good show!
    • What ever you did to physics applied on players and NPC in terms of power usage really cleaning things up! Looks much smoother.  Needs some work on the speed things rise and fall i think.
    • Framerates felt alot smoother at slower frame rates than on 5.4  Not sure what changed, but it's feels a lot nicer.

    • Running down a steep hill will lock you in to a vector and unable to steer.
    • After running back to your corpse and rezzing you are unable to move. Group mate says i'm still dead on his UI. After relog i am alive.
    • No armourin the BH on the test vendors.
    • Skill training wipe and no dust makes Destrin a sad camper for crafting disciplines.  The dust drop rate is still awful with no training and with the potion.

  2. 2 hours ago, Scorn said:

    Did not know ArPen capped at 40%, nothing on the sheet indicates such so good to know. Still a bit too high with how it interacts with Armor IMO.


    11 minutes ago, Durenthal said:

    I actually thought it capped at 100% penetration (ie, no cap), but a guildmate is sure it's 40% so I'm going with that for now, because it's the lesser argument.


    Being able to get to 100% is probably impossible... but i would like to see how high it can get on Physical dmg with Reveal Weakness from Shiled breaker and phys pen stats on gear.

  3. 15 hours ago, Arkade said:

    Do you mean from animals? Because I get durable and soft from chests all the time.


    9 hours ago, Shikra said:

    Me too

    You can get some... but leather workers need quantities in the thousands.... I will buy your Durable, Soft, and Strong in bulk if you have it.

  4. 6 minutes ago, NorseLegend said:

    Hello fellow Crowfallers,

    I cant wait until Druid is playable on Alpha! What are your guy's thoughts on this class? Will you be able to shapeshift like in WoW?

    I got good news for you! Female druid is available right now for wood-elf and half-elf!

  5. 4 minutes ago, RNG said:

    Doesn't Universal Mail minor give +Support power though? I thought that was a benefit of wearing Mail armor say for Clerics?

    The chain Gloves, Helm, and Boots give +dmg modifier and +healing modifier and +Health.  The leather Gloves, Helm, and Boots twice as much healing and dmg mod as the chain but no health.  The plate Gloves Helm and Boots only give +health.

    You can add a multitude of the other stats to any of these pieces with the right material combinations.

  6. Well... As a leather wearer the resists are pretty crap so it's either wear something defensive or get blown up super fast.  Right now, if i could sport a chain chest.. i would.. the defenses are way better and they are much much cheaper to make.

    As a leather wearer.. you can not just slot the plate minor.. you need to have the chain minor equipped first.  So you can sacrifice TWO minor slots for plate, or one for mail. 

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