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  1. Full loot + hackers is probably one of the only things that makes me rage now'a days.


    Most mmos have horrible launch days, stability issues, etc. I am fully expecting to see login server issues and stability problems because most AAA studios can't even get launches smooth. If it is smooth, then I will be surprized.

  2. My email I got when I signed up on the play2crush site says group #4, but account page says #5. Any chance can fix that so it reflects #4 on account page as well. Thanks

    I am experiencing the same issue. Have an email in to support as well. Have heard nothing back. I realize it's a small team team and my guess is they don't have a full time support person/team yet either. So im not too worried, and wont be till they annouce beta :) at that point i might scramble if its not fixed yet :)

  3. I played landmark and every thing looked like melted clay. Even the most amazing stuff like the OP did still looked really off to me. I cringed when I saw the announcement about using Voxel Farm. I remember going to a swap in Landmark that had a mere 10 people and the game crawled to a halt. Maybe the Crowfall team can do a better job then Landmark did with the engine.


    Landmark works fine on my machine.  I get 100+ fps, like everywhere.

  4. I love how some people complain that Landmark looks like "melted clay" and others claim it looks "jagged".  Pick one dad gummit!! :D


    7 Days to Die looks like crap because its basically using Minecraft cubes, unlike Landmark.  The structural integrity system is cool though.


    To the OP, I suspect you'll be able to go nuts with building like that, but only in the Eternal Kingdoms.  On the messier world rings they are focusing on destruction, and who wants to let their masterpieces be smashed to bits at 4AM anyway?


    I am also expecting that free form building won't be a thing. Although, it could be if Artcraft wanted to put the effort into giving us the building tools.  I would much prefer premade building blocks (templates) that we could easily put together in Crowfall.  Making some of the builds that were posted above took weeks, some upwards of two months.  It's not really practical to take that long to build something in Crowfall.  I just wanted to get some screens out there of what VoxelFarm can do in an existing game space. Eventually, if the game takes off, Artcraft will have the ability to add functionality to allow us to make templates if they so choose.

  5. Love all of OP ideas.



    Do you think there should be some type of material that is heavily resistant to destruction?



    I think that if a wall is made of almost any stone we should not be able to break it with swords, fireballs, arrows, etc.  We should be required to have seige engines that in history we would see being used for this exact purpose.  We could of course spice things up a bit and throw in some heavy hitting magic, maybe from like a summoning circle of mages, and not just one (or a bunch of single mages that are all) casting a super break stone wall spell.  I would like to see some stones be harder to destroy than some other stones.  And i do beleive i would like to see these harder stones scattered throughout the "tiers" and not all just stacked at the end tier. OFC I would like to see the hardest stone only spawn in the last tier or two, though.

  6. everything looks a little sterile tbh


    but otherwise nice job :)


    I grabbed some of these from their WIP stages.  I skimmed about 450+ pages of threads to find some I liked :D If you could see some of these builds now in their finished state they look even better ;D

  7. I have spent some time in Landmark which uses the same voxel engine as Crowfall.  I decided to post some screenshots of what we can expect player build structures could look like, and the freedom of what VoxelFarm can allow.


    We don't know exactly how much freedom we will be allowed when building.  But this might give some of you guys an idea of what player built structures could possibly look like.


    Here is something I have made. 100% of EVERYTHING you see in these first few screens is made by myself. 








    Now for some stuff from some actual talented builders:











    So this is only a few examples of what VoxelFarm + Forgelight can accomplish.  This stuff is all 100% player built and fully destructable (if they turn PvP on), excluded some of the environment stuff that is "procedurally generated".


    I could sit here and post screenies all day of some of this amazing stuff people can put together.  I hope we can get a good chunk of some of this functionallity.

  8. Yes obviously. My issue is with a dev releasing little pieces of the "live" game and nickel and dimming players along the way. See Star Citizen for an example of this.


    Once Star Citizen started selling life time insurance on ships I was SOOO turned off that game.  If Crowfall does anything along those lines i will cry.

  9. March 1 : two players, player 1 and player 2, pay 50$ for the game, enter the same server at the same moment

    March 2 : player 1 starts collecting wood at an average rate of 50 per day

    March 11 : player 2 sells a VIP ticket for 5000 wood

    March 18 : player 2 sells a VIP ticket for 4500 wood

    March 27 : player 2 sells a VIP ticket for 4000 wood


    At the end of the month, player 1 has collected 1,500 wood and player 2 has obtained 13,500 wood.


    Of course wood is available in the game for both VIP and non-VIP users, but VIP users could earn it faster than non-VIP users, thus VIP-user has an advantage, an advantage that impacts the gameplay, and could lead to Pay 2 Win.

    March 28: player 2 is transporting wood to the location he/she wants to build fortifications. Player 3 kills player 2 and takes all his/her wood. Player 2 cries cause he/she has nothing to show for his/her $45.

    <3 If I had to guess, it's probably because when you received your email, the SIZE of the beta group was different than it is now (it is probably smaller per beta group) therefore anyone who didn't make the cut got pushed up 1.

    That was my guess as well. Would rather have a clear cut answer than just guessing i was pushed back. /sadface

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