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  1. 12 minutes ago, Gradishar said:

    @thomasblair in today's LiveStream, you requested to see screenshots of what armor we are crafting. This thread is a great archive of what we're making in 5.4. 

    Have you broken 15% on any type of resists for leather yet? I thought i saw the intermediate armour in today's stream.... i think it had 12.5% resists... that made me sad.

    EDIT: Looks like you got close on that one chest.. it was white... so maybe there is hope that my 20% armour pen from training won't make leather just like being naked.

  2. February 15, 2018 - The Invulnerable Patch

    • Swapping trays grants 30s of immunity to damage, but not CC
    • Invulnerability granted prevents all types of damage including "True Type" damage, such as camp fire damage near the temple, fall damage and Beach Head spikes.  The fall damage is a nice touch.  I have seen a few people log in above ground and take massive fall damage when they hit the ground prior to this patch.
    • As discussed my JTC the 30 seconds will be too long and it will be shortened to be more precise. Hope this is done sooner rather than later seeing as how the log out timer is only 20s and you could potentially still get around the BH dmg timer and cause some havoc.
    • Unable to use alternate faction's bank chests in the beach head (Working as intended).
    • Unable to use alternate faction's world bank chests in their beach head (Working as intended).


    I must apologize for any feelings that were hurt in the testing of the Invulnerability. @TheBriarKing@Anthrage@Anhrez

    Total players killed inside BH = 4.

    Total loot = 3 Basic tools.

  3. I do believe that a Keep should have more guards than a fort. I also believe that if you are in a Keep solo with a fat stack of mats you are asking to be ganked and dry looted.  I also believe that getting through walls without breaking them down on multple race/classes is quite stupid.

  4. 3 hours ago, Xpade said:

    Oh....... any tips to get legendaries more often?  I've gotten them to proc 1 time and was in a duo group... and was trying to recreate that.  

    Harvest Crit Chance, Harvest Crit Amount, Beneficial Harvest Chance, Beneficial Harvest Power, Beneficial Harvest Lifetime.  

    Hit the Rank7+ nodes.

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