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  1. 2 hours ago, Xomox said:

    Personally I feel ESO did it right just more inventory space and other quality of life improvements.

    Don't you have to buy the DLC or expansions to get access to the stuff that drops better gear in ESO? You might as well argue that DLC and expansions are p2w as well.

  2. 1 minute ago, Vectious said:

    I gave a effort in trying to find it. Its in the Dev forums under one of the DOZENS of skill training/VIP threads. 

    Essentially it was a comment that VIP wont ever be P2W because it can be earned in-game and the rewards cannot be stacked on a single account.


    Obviously you can take the earned part in alot of different directions. It might of been purposely vague because they hadent visited that in terms of brainstorming. 

    Cheers, much appreciated.

    I know that they have talked about earning it via in-game methods.  I always took that to mean farm for goods (or trade in game currency) in game and trade it to someone who has purchased the VIP token.  This is how it works in every other game I have played that allows you to sell game time.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Vectious said:

    Tennis did a decent job but he missed one of the most important things that makes VIP not P2W.

    They plan to have it earned or created in game. So a person can still have VIP with out actually buying it. 

    So any advantage that can be gained by VIP, a normal person playing the game should be able to get the same benefits.


    3 minutes ago, Tinnis said:

    indeed, as vectious says, this too. like Eve online PLEX.



    The only disconnect I see here is the CW lengths and that they have come out and said that no store purchased items will be able to make it in to the CWs.  This means that VIP can not be brought in to the CWs and traded for.  So people have to export their goods to the EK (Still unclear on those rules for actual CWs) so that they can trade for VIP.  Meaning, if we can only export at the end of the CW you better have a ton of stuff to sell to cover that 3-6 months of VIP. Will it be enough? Who knows.

  4. 35 minutes ago, Silverback said:

    The minor disc. "matching leather" gives +350 support power. Since assassins are on a 'pip' system, how would that help anything?

    Support Power is a stat the only affects the power of your healing abilities.  You could potentially build a healing assassin if you wanted by taking healing disciplines and building all your gear with support power.  It would still be extremely sup par to a cleric or druid as they get a base support power of 750 and have healing powers in their base kit.

  5. TBH with the introduction of gating crafting behind the skills training it gave us a good look at the launch conditions if the current skills system went unchanged... and boy.. was it an eye opener.  Not even a single upgrade... for anyone.. in about 2 days.... In early game dust is precious, but without PH 2 from the pre-alpha harvesting test discipline recipes everyone would be in a tickle fight with basics until we can get enough dust to make our first upgraded weapons.  This was an excellent test IMO.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Durenthal said:

    This means that there's a decided advantage to using fast attack weapons vs slow attack weapons when one has high AP.  A straight weapon damage buff disproportionately benefits fast weapons vs slow weapons.  Is this intended?

    Has nothing to do with fast/slow just %weapon damage on the abilities.  If attacks have higher +%Weapon modifier AP is worth more to those abilities.

  7. 9 minutes ago, mhalashace said:

    10 AP = 1 weapon damage, which is what I meant to say but my mouth said DPS. If you have a weapon that does 60-70 damage and you add 10AP it's exactly the same as having a weapon that is now 61-71 damage.

    We used to have a Weapon Min and Weapon Max damage stats but I removed most of those since they're basically just another way of granting Attack Power and I didn't think we needed them. So again, 10 Attack Power = +1 Weapon Damage Min and Max. If you're using a 60-70 damage weapon and you add 300 Attack power it's like using a 90-100 damage weapon. And obviously this carries over to abilities such that if an ability adds 100% weapon damage, that +300 AP will result in 30 more raw damage (before armor and buffs and debuffs and defenses and everything else).

    Thank you for clarifying sir.  You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  8. 1 hour ago, srathor said:

    The Tyranny of Dust has also begun. 25 dust for an intermediate tool. Once we get everyone geared it will be no big deal, but good lord it sucks at the start. Like 10 per weapon would be more reasonable. Especially with 3 pump chump basic tools. 

    Just wait till we no longer get cheap disciplines.  Without PH 2 from miner/logger/quarryman no one is getting any dust till a day or two in.  At least I got zero to drop for me until i equipped these and probably spent about 20-30 minutes testing it without the discs on. The new player experience is extremely poor right now, even with the freely available disciplines.  I am sure ACE is aware of the issue. Even with PH2 it took me over an hour to harvest enough dust to make my first upgrade, and I wasn't just holed up in the BH either.  I was out and about farming R1 and R5 nodes where I found the dust drop was better.  I feel bad for the guys I killed and took all their dust, but probably shouldn't.

    Without the cheap and easy disciplines I don't know how I would feel coming in to this game and being told that I need a few days before I can get my first upgrade by myself, without any help.


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