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    NSCx reacted to Durenthal in What would it take to get you playing again?   
    It would take a pretty dramatic turnabout on some design decisions to bring most of my guild back.  The vast majority of us have written Crowfall off and moved on completely.
    However, here's a list off the top of my head of what I think it'd take to get us back:
    Reduce the grinds to a level where a guild can focus primarily on PvP. Replace the godawful RNG-gated discipline-finding system (it's terrible in 5.92 still) with a proper crafting system for them Improve performance in large fights Remove the target cap on area-effect damage to let us bust stacks of players.  The blob vs blob fights are custard terrible. Reduce out-of-party area-effect healing and shift the healing focus to self-sustain and party-only / targeted heals (more stack busting). Give better telegraphs so that we can get some player-skill based combat going with counterplays. Improve the combat UI or give us hooks so we can write our own (WoW was so good at this)  
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