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  1. Hi all, I recently started Crowfall and really like it. I also tried to find some guild, but they seem to be inactive. Therefore I will try it here. Region: EU Atmosphere: should not be too serious, helpful, allow players a learning curve Casual/Hardcore? Casual . Size: Small to Medium Play-Style: At the moment I am trying to advance in grafting, but would also like PVP (Ranged and tank, but I am not sure what I will prefer in the end in Crowfall. Confessor, Cleric, Knight and Champion are my favorites at the moment. Faction: At the moment I play Balance, but can play on all sides Game experience: WOW, Lotro, The secret world, FFXIV, Skyforge, Burning Sands, Bless etc. Languages: English/German
  2. I will send an application in a few seconds. Not sure if the badge is shown here, but I am a contributor and can play.
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