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  1. Who knows, ArcheAge went to crap cause of the cash shop. Been playing ESO since it's a pretty solid game, but I was looking for something more PvP focused. Crowfall fit the bill perfectly as did the Devs behind it. Top quality team and I'm sure Crowfall will do fine. I just don't have time for the type of nonsense that occurred today. I was labeled by the community as toxic because I was against toxic community. I think it's quite obvious the type of community circling around this game is. I love smack talk in-game, but what happened here today was beyond acceptable. If me saying I would wreck anyone in-game for being toxic on the forums was reason for me to be targeted, than I don't see why I would want to stay. I take my gaming seriously, but I leave it in the game.
  2. No worries Protonix, I'm sure this was simply unavoidable. I'm sure Darkfall and Mortal Online fans said the same thing.
  3. There is a difference between someone simply speaking their mind and someone openly engaging in toxic communication. That term didn't give birth to itself. It evolved from a class of forum posters who have nothing better to do than toss insults around, belittle people on a personal level or what have you. I think it's an absolute joke that anyone thinks that kind of behavior is acceptable, let alone positive, even to a PvP game. It's quite alright, I've already submitted for my refund as I want nothing to do with a game who can't moderate their forums but instead actively promote toxic behavior.
  4. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am a bully for standing up against forum trolls. It's kind of what I do, or who I am. While I'd expect this sort of trash in-game, I wasn't sure if ArtCraft would let their forums fall prey to additional nonsense. Crowfall is a PvP game, but the forums are a place of discussion, which apparently this company doesn't understand. I don't condone or support any company that thinks that sort of behavior is acceptable. I'm sure the rest of you would never understand because you enjoy being part of the problem. I definitely have a better place to invest my money.
  5. Perhaps you can tell ArtCraft to refund my $1000 for the inability to moderate their forums properly. Seeing as you USED to be a mod, you should know better than to defend the other half.
  6. Am I supposed to excuse poor behavior that insists on not picking up on subtle hints? If you go back and read my posts and every other forum trolls reply, you might comprehend the matter. Instead you join the bandwagon claiming I'm presenting an unfair history on the matter.
  7. As a matter of fact I am used to people like him hiding behind alternate names. It's ok though, I'm sure he'll assume that he's got a chance at killing me, but unfortunately, that task might prove harmful to his twitch / youtube rating.
  8. As I said, I definitely welcome the challenge and can't wait. However, just so you understand, your insulting towards me is kind of wasted, because I'm not overly concerned about someone who does so over the internet. It's a specific sign of weakness in my opinion.
  9. I don't know what kind of upbringing you had, but I was taught to be respectful of others. I was also taught to help those in need. Probably why I served my dear sweet time in the military for as long as I did. Anyone how knows me in real life will tell you I'm the genuine article of kindness and generosity. However, due to unforseen circumstances, I lost a very important individual in my life because a few people thought doing what you and these other undeserving folk seem to think is funny. I've seen people die right in front of me, but nothing pisses me off more than pretentious a holes who think doing stupid stuff is in any way entertaining. So forgive me if I have zero tolerance for that style of manners on the forums. In the game, no problem, act however you want, but just tone it down a bit on the forums. Forum toxicity is not a positive game feature.
  10. I welcome the challenge Cannibal Man, I certainly do. I'm sure your character name won't be cannibal man, but unlike most people like yourself, I use the same name in-game as I do on the forums.
  11. Unless it cost someone their life, so now, for your own sake, I seriously think you should end your direction of conversation.
  12. Look, I'm not going to explain myself because I really shouldn't need to. If you and your friends here think acting like you do on forums is in any way entertaining, it isn't. However, since a Moderator has finally taken notice on the matter, I'm sure no more debating will be necessary. Have a wonderful day everyone and can't wait to see you in-game.
  13. As I said, people argue over topics because we all have our own opinions. It seems you like to twist things around by saying I am a bully because I'm assertive in my view against people who are obvious forum trolls. Instead of understand my view like any adult probably would. Your first and second response was to instigate your own beliefs as well as labeling me as self righteous. Bullying bullies is not a problem in my book. I consider it me taking out the trash. Your view on the matter is like a criminal who should go unpunished because he thinks he's above the law.
  14. For those of you who think this is a joke. If you think what I'm saying is a joke. Guess again. I take bullying on the internet very personal. If you don't like me because of that, I really don't care. No amount of useless insults or banter will make me change who I am. If you can't act like an adult, don't expect me to give you any respect as one.
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