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  1. Wow! Thank you all so much for your answers! Well, I'm really glad that the XP and skills (and some gear) stay with your character - it truly is a relief, because I thought that this game decided to make MOBAs into MMORPG with you having to level up and gear up anew each time you enter the server. The lore here is quite a disappointment to me, to be blunt. I created my character, this is my alter-ego, I'm not a blasted thieving magpie bent on settling down in a cadaver's carcass to chop trees, gather apples and further my own goals. It's a big no-no to me personally, since I usually dig games for their lore. But... since it's pre-alpha and a lot of things are bound to change, I hope the lore also develops a bit from this point. Full loot except for the equipped items is quite fine. Make one play carefully and value one's life. I like that. The absence of PVE trinity is, while troubling, is nothing to be afraid of - the game IS PVP-based after all, and it would be too naive of me to expect a need for such mechanics. As it stands now, in PVP it is logical to expect knights and champions to be in the front, while casters and archers taking the last lines. It does remind me somewhat of Warhammer Online, albeit slightly. Thanks for the information regarding the SEA server - I've been hoping for it. Playing as an assassin atm, and I'm staying as far from PVP as possible due to constant lags. Oh boy, so everything IS about crafting, isn't it?? Can't say I'm too happy to hear it, but then again, what other ways are there to bring people together? After all, in EVE online there's a similar system, and the game thrives. Let's hope Crowfall gets equal amount (and perhaps a bigger one) of players. Overall, after playing this game for a bit (lvl 9), I must admit that it's pretty cool! I understand that a lot of features are bound to change and even though it's been in development for a very long time, it's better to release a solid and polished game later than predicted, rather than to push an unfinished project on the market, hoping to gain some quick cash from it. Once again, thank you all for your answers, I truly appreciate your help!
  2. Hello people! Thanks for taking time to check this topic - I appreciate your help. I'm a new player in Crowfall and, although I have been playing MMOs for well over a dozen of years, I find that a lot of features in this game are somewhat foreign to me. Thus, I have prepared a list of questions regarding certain mechanics of the game to better understand what it is that I've gotten myself into =) So, here's the list: 1) After watching some youtube videos and reading some materials on wiki, I got a feeling that when you create a character and enter a server, the timer by the server states how long the campaign is going persist. What happens after? I heard some horrible things like you lose the levels you've been grinding on your character (apart from the skills you level over-time in the login screen) alongside with the gear and all talents. Is this true? Do you lose everything you've been leveling for days upon the completition of a campaign? 2) Lore-wise I'm not quite sure I understand what are the Crows and the Vessels. So, someone explained to me that each time you create your character, you don't actually make YOUR character, you merely produce a vessel that, if you die, can be stolen from you and sold or used by another player. What does this pertain? Does it mean that my character and all his stuff (xp, items) can be merely taken away by someone else? Sure does detach one from one's alter-ego. 3) Dying. I've seen that there's full-loot PVP and it's okay imo as long as gear does not play a central role in the game (and as long as it's not sold via cash-shops). But what happens next? I read somewhere that you literally have to start anew, from a scratch. Does this mean you become a lvl 1 character? 4) While I know that this game is primarily PVP focused, is there going to be any major PVE part with the Trinity of Tanking-Healing-DPS? I mean, there are Knights, Clerics, Rogues and Wizards, so I thought that maybe there's a possibility... 5) Any plans on opening SEA servers? I recently moved to China for work, and I gotta admit that playing with 200 ms with a VPN enabled sure can make certain parts of the game less-than-enjoyable. 6) Is crafting in this game absolutely unavoidable? I mean, yeah, you need to cook yourself some food, but I prefer either being in the thick of battle with a shield, or stalking a target in the shadows. Can I still be competitive even if I completely forsake crafting? On top of that I saw that you actually have to craft some of the skills for yourself. Does it mean that there's no other way of getting them? I might come up with more question later, but for now it'll be everything. Thank you a lot for your answers!
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