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  1. I made a similar suggestion in another thread! Great minds think alike! I didn't really plan it, my brain kinda came up with it in response to something that JTC said in response to my OP. I think you're right. I'll go further and say that this'll fix a fair few of the problems, including the initial 'tilt' in favour of one faction.
  2. Oh man first post and I get a reply from j todd coleman. I must be doing something right. Reading this explanation felt strange to me because it completely clashes with my experience of playing strategy games. Normally in a strategy game, the early game is all about 1) consolidating your base and 2) exploring/understanding the map for mid-game. The obvious example is most RTS games - the early game involves sending out a scout to clear fog of war while you build up a basic base. But even in a strategy board game like Chess, Settlers of Catan or Diplomacy I still feel like this same dyna
  3. Really interesting stuff. I wonder what’s going on. Guess we’ll learn next Q&A.
  4. Hey everyone, this is my first post! Yay for me. I've spent a little over a year following this game. Although I love the concept for the game as a whole, cartography was a big personal draw for me and I decided to get into pre-alpha to see what the state of cartography was myself, as there was very little information to be found on the forums and it's rarely mentioned in the Q&A's. I've been playing for about a month now and I...it's not there? Has it been removed? What's going on? I get that the team have bigger priorities on their plate (I'm in Australia and boy is
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