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  1. As the title says, this game can't be played solo. Meaning that if all of your friends get off (Saying you want to play casually). You'll get punished because you can die everyone. Which I am fine with. What I am not fine with is, a level 30 player walking around Balances side of the map, killing low level players because they are gathering to try to get decent gear, while the level 30 has been playing from the start. Two solutions to this is. 1: A level difference = how many items that you can take. So a level 30 can't take a level 10's full inventory. Make it like 2 things, for the 20 level difference, and then like 10 things for the 10 level difference. Only going downward. Meaning that if a level 10 somehow kills a level 30. They can still take the full inventory. Rewards for taking risk, not rewards for being safe and making the game unfun for others. Legit, only reason I continue to play is because my Friends are like "we need you to make stuff for us." its gotten to the point where. I log on, make the stuff, and log off. Because Its just a pain in the ass to try to gather, and then die because someone stuns you and kills you. 2: Make it so that level ranges matter. Within a 5 level range, that gets turned off when taking over forts and what not. Now for all of you that are like. "Go level up and just fight back." Some people don't play this game to PvP. I have league and siege for that. I am playing this game to play around with Economics and Vendors. Making potions and selling potions, that is what I aim for. Its a waste of time to try to level up and fight things myself, when i can supply people with potions and poorly made socks to fight for me. The game is too tailored to PvP, with very little incentives for Crafting Focused Players. Recommend fixing this issue. Combat, I don't know about or care about too much. But Crafting needs to be worked on quiet a bit. I know its still Alpha, but this is the best time to drop my thoughts on these matters.
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