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  1. who cares about rewards that you cant take with you into a campaign. Get to choose your killers gear or your crafters crap.not both nor those stupid rewards.#embargosRlame
  2. the new siege times are dumb. Oh look got this game I really like to play but there is nothing to do every other day .this change is poorly made socks
  3. crafted some runetools last night put them in the vault .woke up this morning logged in and the tools are gone?!? also the chicken bar is out of control, im always hungry no matter how much I eat
  4. ya wtb vendors on test like how are they not there always?/baffled
  5. that siege change to keeps is going to kill this game. ppl already only log in for siege. making it every 2 days is bad bad bad
  6. 1: cap timers have changed? u can solo cap forts/camps in a minute and a half? 2:fort siege windows are 10+hrs? 3: no vendors ? 4: myrm still cant cancel ww 5: keeps are now can only b sieged every 48hours? intended?
  7. what is the point of the test server? we are playing an alpha, the whole point is to test.test test...Imo get rid of the test server and force patch's on live.80% of the current player base does not touch test cuz its a waste. you want ur stuff tested and so much feedback you cant stand it put it on "live". However I know ya wont but maybe you could just not leave the ever dwindling player base with nothing to do, how bout when a campaign ends and your not ready to launch the next one u leave campaign up without the abilty to siege and cap since no point aka over .but least ppl could still play the game and farm
  8. u die 1x 1.30rez timer .2x its greater.if u haven't taken that by then .gg tissue?
  9. so no longer need to farm anything but gold and make uncommon stuff then with that little of a difference, its not worth wasteing my time to farm better stuff.
  10. In the mornings news …………Hax uXa and FoE played to crush last night took all three keep's.all the forts and all the out posts!!!!! as for the real news I think ace forgot they have a testing base itching to test the stuff they need tested. with no actual way of knowing what needs to be done. aka a freaking list of ability's .specs mobs w/e … lets get this thing rolling along .And 2weeks of silence on their behalf is disheartening
  11. The problem is the servers themselves. looks like its hosted on aws atm. and with better servers should be fine
  12. and half of the hax members in that were not even 30.We were just showing the new guys sieges and yet still almost had ya. You're times running out ! /wink
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