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  1. ya i have crafted a awful lot of armor and have gotten 0 knowledge's , i have crafted enough that i no longer want to do/try for knowledge plz fix this!
  2. vid came out good .was fun fight!
  3. ya definitely is not good look thats for sure.
  4. where oh where have our dergs gone oh how i miss thee, why oh why wont you return to me WTB DERGS
  5. Are you ready for WAR!?!? Welcome and good luck 😜
  6. Game randomly crashes to desk top .no unity error messages and its not creating a log of the crash has happend 5x so far
  7. its a throne war mmo, not a single player game >>>>.And the crafting system is what alot of ppl love about this game.to each their own but sounds like u should play fornite and have ur insta play that ur looking for.
  8. ppl are hot ,should throw some shade we can indulge in
  9. no one should be banned for a bug in a beta .(most of the time) however this bug has been known for months ace drop'd the ball and didnt fix it and now ppl suffering from it.
  10. frostweaver ice still goes invis after 3rd of any ice type and all go away after 10sec while still gaining the effects of said ice.
  11. it is a server to client issue with the spaghetti code in the basement.which all the rest is built on . I'm surprised its been this long and they have not changed it.
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