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  1. OH THIS THAT KILL WARDEN SPEC YALL AT ace B Talkin Boot? ermerguurd.
  2. anything IN particular you need tested? or just general again?
  3. it is a PVP game. the only pve is to facilitate pvp....................................................................................................
  4. ya lawl split camp's is a terrible idea with the way u literally killed most of the active game pop with your wipe (with no clarification on what) announcement yesterday, i know its all about game progression towards release but actively killing ur player base is bad business imo but w/e see those left in the field!
  5. For the population of the game to grow. I think you should run the old faction style campaigns to allow for the new players to get involved with the game with a much more accessible player base. We have tested dregs pretty well (even though the DF system is not forth coming of information of whos/whats) and infected with loot aka factions is probably one of the best ways to bring in a growing player base at this point..... or u know SHADOWS.
  6. AGREED grivyn, whoever made the talent trees domain choices and the disk's their in Do not Play the game enough to make those systems .and the stupid time gated training will be the downfall of this game it should be a You crafted x u get x xp .u harvested x crap u get x Xp u fought in pvp u get x Combat training and so on cause ppl to play the game instead of w8 months for it to be rewarding when ppl currently cant watch an ad during a video w/o going to the next video
  7. ya i have crafted a awful lot of armor and have gotten 0 knowledge's , i have crafted enough that i no longer want to do/try for knowledge plz fix this!
  8. ya definitely is not good look thats for sure.
  9. where oh where have our dergs gone oh how i miss thee, why oh why wont you return to me WTB DERGS
  10. Are you ready for WAR!?!? Welcome and good luck 😜
  11. its a throne war mmo, not a single player game >>>>.And the crafting system is what alot of ppl love about this game.to each their own but sounds like u should play fornite and have ur insta play that ur looking for.
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