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  1. On day one when the game launches and all crow stats are equal, everyone who has been playing before will have the knowledge of where points need to go. Noobs will misallocate points as they learn. I don't think a catch up system is fair to long term players. I think loot drop passive skill manuals might be an idea, find a skinning book worth 1000 points, you could use it or sell if your tree is maxed.
  2. I got the fire working by jumping in the center of it.
  3. I would rather see supply caravans that must be guarded, from forts and your keep to the temple (world plunder). You receive a portion as a guard for the part of the caravan that makes the trip. Attackers get resources if they kill all player guards.
  4. So if I chop down a tree I get use able wood, mine stone and ore get usable resource, dig up a grave get a usable resource. Then why don't I get leather when I kill creatures, why is skinning required. I don't have to melt ore, process wood or clean the bones. Drop rates would still be based off of passive skill, just like all other exploration skill.
  5. I agree VaMei, I 'd start at level 1 again if I could keep vessel and gear.
  6. I don't think thornshield or bark-skin are applying any damage, not showing up in combat log. Thornshield is causing barrier explosion damage when it ends , because of forcemage passive, but bark-skin is not. Bark-skin is a barrier correct?
  7. Damage did not display when attacking bane trees. Enemy guards at balance keep damage dealt does not display in combat log. where are stomachs used? Graphics looking good, trap looks cool.
  8. 1. a legendary vessel and white vessel should get the same exp for each item, just require more from a Legendary( like you already do). Stats matter later in game not early leveling, so just make us kill more r1 ones than a white vessel to level. So we can move to harder zones with abilities. 2. another guildmate does the necro stuff. 3. I feel once your an experienced player, you never want to start a common vessel, because you know the greens, blue etc... are so much better. Only after a wipe is a white fun to play for a few days. 4. off topic, but timed forts is a bad idea. You just eliminated any spontaneous PVP. Basically you gave the zerg a schedule. Everything drops chaos embers, but animals, isn't the chaos of hunger in them as well? I don't need a plethora of meat. Positive: thanks for making Archer range better.
  9. Placing a guard in the outpost prior to capture, prevented me from capturing the outpost. 10 minutes later it appeared capturd on the map. No indication of capture status during circle standing. Pack pigs do random runs when guards attack nearby elk(nyssa). Spirit bank still not centered.
  10. I agree we need tracking. No timer on forts. Spread the spring bonus through all seasons, with different mats.spring ore/stone, summer animals/leather, fall wood, winter Graves and mix in better drop rates from mobs for different seasons and for God's sake give us random drops on everything. The same one dust per cat is boring. ACE your game is heading fast to boring.
  11. I have to agree with mandalore, looKS pretty similiar.
  12. I believe ACE needs to address the pvp and pve issue asap. One idea I had was to make reoucre caravans from temples to forts/keeps. Npc caravan with ore, stone, leather etc. Various colors. Each player who groups with caravan as a guard gets a portion of the haul when it reaches destination. Other factions can attack the caravans for loot. Add xp in the mix too. No timers just random, maybe 10 minute notification before departing.
  13. Been getting this for 2 weeks now, test had to be up somewhere in that timeframe.
  14. GD is Grave Dominion, Thromdeir enjoyed leveling with you and Haldeir, understand why you left, will meet you on the field and you might crush me, but you'll get an arrow or two or ten. I actually don't know which guild you even joined.
  15. See I play crowfall for fun, I like to win, but sometimes lose. I have plenty of deaths to show I have room for improvement. GD is a tight guild, we'll fight what ever the numbers, win or lose, we figure out how to get better. Thromb or mechanical what ever you go by now, you knew we called neck beards before you left and joined them.
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