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  1. You want assassins to be Archers?
  2. I know our guild tips in dust or embers if an outside guild crafts item. I don't know anyone paying in gold. Current use for gold is disciplines.
  3. Arcane archer gives +3%piercing damage, should be +3%elemental damage, as it is required if using spellbound bow or elemental quiver/arrows.
  4. Semi related, arcane archer should do elemental damage not piercing.
  5. I would like to add a mechanic to the passive system. Leave it basically like it is, but when I log on and go do an activity such as logging my multiplier increases, since everything gets damaged when harvesting. Some percent of your damage could go to that tree. Crafting already has a sacrifice value tracked that could be added to crafting tree point. Combat be damage dealt and recieved.
  6. If you mean guard upkeep that was done poorly, if you mean something else, then it was before my time. I think there is a bigger mix of player types than you describe and do believe done right a guild would pay upkeep on a location if services provided were worth while, they currently are not. Other guilds in the owners faction could use the services if they paid a small fee. Dregs is currently synonymous with unicorns.
  7. Although, I used the GR zones I agree dropping the levels is the only way t keep more players in campaign.
  8. EKs are a different topic, but I agree important, give me a reason to build there.
  9. Upkeep could be items sacrificed to the locations fire pit, so whole faction could help pay, the king takeover might spawn some pvp. Outpost could require guards to be bought, 1-4 guards, 1000gold per level, no guards no points. Just seems keeps/forts are empty except at seige times.
  10. I'm hoping the cloaks help the half elf, maybe stealth, protection, or blink would be cool.
  11. All keeps/forts/outpost should have an upkeep cost, but they should also add either a type of resourice and/or a significant crafting bonus. This would encourage taking certain locations for that type of resource, but would be costly to own to many locations. If upkeep not paid then control is lost. Npc king or captain takes control depending on type of location.
  12. I am fine with people running multiple accounts. I know I don't make the rules. My only issue is if they are running 2 in combat with one controller.
  13. Bazgul

    Max archer range

    57, I'd my high, do arcane archer and sharpshooter add to cap?
  14. Bazgul

    Max archer range

    What is the max archer range you have been able to obtain and what is the hard cap?
  15. Ground sulfur cannot be added to recipe when making the Haste sigil at rune table in temple. tried right click and dragging over box, all other compents could be added. Haste Sigil The ground sulphur from box/chest would not work, if you grin sulphur yourself it works.
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