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  1. Ground sulfur cannot be added to recipe when making the Haste sigil at rune table in temple. tried right click and dragging over box, all other compents could be added. Haste Sigil The ground sulphur from box/chest would not work, if you grin sulphur yourself it works.
  2. I think your right, but this guy's guild didn't see it that way.
  3. Yes I understand that, plentiful harvest should be different for different materials in the seasons. Why is ore and stone tied to spring? They should be the same in all seasons, maybe not 5 pips. The goal is to keep everyone gathering in all four seasons, not just those with the right gear and passives.
  4. I too think the seasons are flawed. Each season should have a mat that is more harvestable. More stone and rock in spring, why? Apples should be fall. No spiders in winter, but more elk and wolves. So much they could do. ACE could mix it up and keep players around in all seasons.
  5. Arcane archer discipline is the only thing that allows spellbound bows or elemental quivers to be used. It shoud provide 3% elemental damage bonus or penetration, not piercing damage.
  6. How does armor value play into the equation?
  7. Please remove the dizzy affect and make inventory close on movement.
  8. Let's be serious Chaos and Order know Winterblades and HOA are good and organized, not sure why you would even use spies. Kinda puts a taint on your record. With that being said I hope we do not use spies. Now a scout/spy class would be a different story.
  9. Everytime you loot you have to close inventory, Typing and running is good, don't think I said anything about that.
  10. Female Nethari run animation is different, seems stiff or clunky. WHY did this change? seems to run similar to male wood elf, which is terrible, please fix both. INVENTORY MUST CLOSE ON MOVEMENT, NO WAY ANYONE THINKS THIS IS A GOOD IDEA. fire pit interaction good too many tutorials holding F for rune gate could be interesting I thought was good before, wasn't a crazy pace and had meaning. Can we keep the reticle the way it was, please, as a ranger and skinner I beg you, DIZZY DIZZY DIZZY NO NO NO
  11. Was a fun campaign, best pvp in quite awhile. Winter blades returning dramatically changed the score, would have been interesting if they would have jumped on order and really tried to pull off a win. GF all.
  12. Are the test dummy defense stats available somewhere.
  13. Bow shoots before charged up and doesn't display when releasing. Also reticle is terrible.
  14. What ever was done to the reticle is terrible. I can't target anything as a ranger. It is hard to hit weak spot when farming. Please return to the way it was!
  15. I agree with number one, if upkeep isn't paid the fort, outpost, keep goes back to neutral. Upkeep could be wood, stone, and ore, higher quality last longer.
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