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  1. What's going on everyone, ShadeHunter here from Midnight Nation! Where leading the chapter for our gaming community to partake in Crowfall! The throne war is shaping up nicely with a tangible gameplay loop we will be participating in with daily sieges at 6pm pst. In the spirit of Midnight Nation, we will be playing Chaos in order to share all the wealth and have fun. If you get disgruntled off when you lose, no need to apply, we're out here to have a good time first and win second. We have experienced shotcallers and raid leaders from Albion Online, Darkfall, DAoC and Lineage. Public Sieges(Advanced forum/reddit posts) will be announced to increase the likelihood of bang(Huge pvp fights) as well as hosted tournaments with cash prizes. Bounties & Achievements are also awarded for in game or cash prizes. I look forward to your apps and growing together. Discord: https://discord.gg/xR5mESm Crowfall Direct Guild Link: https://crowfall.com/en/guild/view/2b94e046-dbe8-413b-89cb-ab09d3d2d3b7
  2. Region: NA East or EU Atmosphere: Looking for active 18+ guild Casual/Hardcore? 30-40 hours a week usually Size: Prefer an active guild, size not that important Play-Style: Healer or dps Faction: open to offers Game experience: MMOs: WoW, GW2, ESO and ALBION ONLINE
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