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  1. @yianniI was unaware that I was in stealth. I did pop Q but I didn't see me transition from my end. I apologize, I thought it was an even fight in the infected.
  2. I'm tired of making every other crafter more effective than me ;). It seems ridiculous that jewellers don't get an experimentation points necklace like most other professions. Does anyone know if we'll eventually get some love?
  3. I mean have you seen the price of video cards these days? I'm pretty sure the videocard companies took the bottom fork of ranger. Actually I've found the most bang for your buck these days comes from more RAM and a good SSD. And fortunately neither of those are real budget busters right now.
  4. I'm pretty sure the bulk of the problems may not be with your rig. A great rig never hurts, but I think a lot of it is server side optimization, which will come. All we can do is give them the data and have a little fun in the process. I do turn off all my bells and whistles when going into something like that. It helps. If we don't push it to breaking, they can't fix it.
  5. I believe the guard changes definitely have contributed to the lack of keep taking. But I think it was a great show by all of chaos, not just my guild. There were some nail biting moments in all of it. I can't wait to see what those giant bonus pools inspire later on.
  6. There were some slide show moments, I laughed out loud when they said ignore the reset messages.
  7. Just saying, (technical issues aside)pretty heroic. Go Corvus Citadel!
  8. Ty, I've found a really good one at Corvus.
  9. Long time gamer, looking forward to learning this game. I'm old school. First played EQ, EQ2, Shadowbane, DAOC, Vanguard, Linneage 2, GW2, Warhammer...it's a list. Love pvp and crafting. Hoping to find a guild with people of similiar experiences.
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