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  1. So does this mean the Castle things I have now won't be castles and I have to redeem them or is it just a choice to keep mine or change it to one from the new system.
  2. If you know how to play the Legionnaire it is the most powerful class in the game. With no real effort you can do 50% or more of the enemies hp in 1 attack.
  3. In the email it says All times shown are Central Standard Time So it should be around 1:30 am for Aussies. Unless it changes or was wrong.
  4. So for the Aus server that is 1.30am to 3am which isn't the best time for AEST time on a Thursday morning. Or did I get it wrong?
  5. Dam was hoping to play on the Sydney server the US ones are too laggy.
  6. Can someone convert the US sizes to Australian?
  7. Kinda like AA so it shows who crafted the gear. Mostly for rep so people can see who supplies the gear...
  8. So farm bees then put a Bee Hive in the catapult and make the enemies castle guards get a real surprise.
  9. I can say with almost a 100% chance of being correct. If you can run Star Citizen on max at 4k you could run this.
  10. So get Star Citizen and install it to your ram.
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