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  1. Tiered strongholds could provide opportunities to learning combat methods, interact with crafting side quests, and earning loot for NPC engagements. The goal is to take out the stronghold as fast as possible while completing required objective(s) for capture points. Learning combat methods Each stronghold could have varying number of guards and ranks for training combat methods. Outposts could have 5 guards. Towers could have 3 guards + 1 captain. Forts could have 10 guards + 1 captain + 1 lieutenant. Keeps could have 25 guards + 2 captains + 1
  2. The motherload pits are greatly underdesigned and have weak boss zones (like the "Nasty Nick"). Definitely a missed opportunity... Tiered PvE loot should be non-craftable items and stand out against the norm. Gold could be found anywhere but a "Zaleena ring"...
  3. When you have 100% in one branch, you may have points left over in that section. There should be a way to "transfer" the points down the tree inside that same track. If the points were locked into the higher-level tracks, then don't have this situation of "wasted points". Let me add the points anywhere within the specific track after completing a branch. It is disappointing to see these dead points every time I check my skill tree. Combat Basics Example
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