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  1. Only your stats matter. Better level and vessel just help you get those stats.
  2. I know that these are just examples and not necessarily what will be implemented but I will give feedback nonetheless to show what types of changes are impactful, and which are not. Cool idea but not interesting enough on its own. Would depend on what passives and how many were applied. This would basically be pointless, depending on what you mean by everyone is granted ranged attacks. Archery disc is only taken right now when people want to swap trays to use dodge when they have block or parry on the other or if they need a few more ability slots for buffs. If a class can not support being ranged already (things like RDB, quivers, exotic bows) this just wont matter. Cool idea but not interesting enough on its own. Probably makes the majority of your solo gankers upset though. Cool idea but not interesting enough on its own. Glass Cannon on everyone is interesting and impactful, the other 2 discs not so much. Pound of flesh is OK on some builds. Last resort is just kind of bad but free is free I guess. Again, if this was the only change to the campaign, it would not be interesting enough. These are all more impactful than anything above. Would it be possible to apply these at a zone level, and not at a world level? It would add a bit more to the game I think. You would have to think about the buffs/debuffs in each zone when deciding where you want to set up home or farm or roam. This is pointless for 2 reasons. The first is that crafting just isn't done in dregs. The 2nd is that extra Assembly and Experimentation are redundant stats. These stats are already capped on any progressed crafter, and by a lot. This is neat I guess. I'm not sure it adds anything. Sieges are typically an uphill battle for the attackers already. I wouldn't touch this until after you have hand shake sieges in, and re-balance wall health, siege equipment health and siege equipment damage. Now this is something really cool. This is the first thing on the list that made me pause for a second to think about how I would want to build around this or how anything at all would play out differently. Now this is something really cool. This is the second thing on the list that made me pause for a second to think about how I would want to build around this or how anything at all would play out differently. Seems cute. Would add a little mini game to the solo roaming stuff. I don't think it would have any impact at anything like forts or keeps. Sounds cool I guess. Can't really give feedback without know having more info though. You would need to change how beheading works. Having to wait to fall out of combat to chop a head is too restrictive for this. It takes too long to chop a head once you start. If you don't drop combat the moment you kill someone you typically can't chop their head before they channel the crow release. Also, people typically 'fake logout' to force release and you can't chop their heads anyway. Seems neat. I would make it so that its hard to abuse for activities outside of harvesting. Make the duration of the buffs short, just a few minutes or so, but make them refresh on a successful harvest. I don't want to be encouraged to go harvest for an hour and then log out to save my buffs for siege. Also, don't grant these buffs to harvesting slag, knotwood, or cobblestone. Sure, why not. Hard to give feedback without more information. Looks like a lot of people don't like this. I do. I think it could be a lot of fun depending on how you do it. I think a few things need to be done first though. This would have to be for a campaign that was run in tandem to the normal campaign. This would need to be a shorter campaign. Maybe Limit this campaign to no characters over level 25 so that everyone has to start a fresh character for it, or use your template character tech from Hunger Dome. Have a 2nd row of available characters only useable in this campaign. If you are doing an elf only campaign, then let us choose from a lvl 30 of each elf/class combo. These should be lvl 30 with no talent points spent or discs applied. This should get around people being upset that they didn't already have an elf ready to go, or that they didn't have a lvl 35 elf and someone else did, or that they were already maxed on character slots and don't want to delete a character to make a new one. This would be cool if it was just how hot zones worked. This would be terrible if it was applied to an entire world. Every camping spawning regular raid bosses would not be good. I don't see the point. Seems fine. I don't think anyone could complain about this. What? No. Just no.
  3. Wouldn't even matter because you cant get over 98% success chance anyhow.
  4. I think a better solution might be to change racial bonuses. What if Nethari had a bonus to crafting books. A stoneborn had a bonus to crafting maces. Then you could be a weaponsmith that specialized in maces. Your maces would be better than a weaponsmith that focused on axes or went for an extra ring slot.
  5. What exactly is the issue you have with how it is now? That all crafters are either rat or high elf? I understand that there is no meaningful choice as there is no benefit to not being a rat or high elf. Your proposed change would still result in no meaningful choice, the correct choice would just simply be the race with the bonus. It would be swapping out one non-choice for another non-choice. Is it simply an issue of aesthetics?
  6. Sounds fun. I think 4+ week long campaigns would make these lose their novelty. I at least feel like there is not really any reason to log in during spring/summer. This should not be at the guild level, it should be at the Alliance level. Will still have an issue where the most competitive alliance is the one that can have people on in all time zones (assuming global dregs). If you can field the max number of players in NA / EU / Aus time zones, you are basically 3x the cap. This does not make sense as written. A single account can not have different characters in multiple guilds. Accounts are tied to guilds, not individual characters. Why are you going to have tech to limit concurrent guild members logged in but not for concurrent alliance members? It would make much more sense if you limited concurrency at the alliance level, assuming alliance scoring. Why are you capping guild size at max guild concurrency? There is then no reason to have a max guild concurrency if the max guild size is less than max guild concurrency. Sounds interesting but what would the number look like compared to the limits to the caps you are putting on concurrent guild / alliance numbers? The rest of this sounds neat but I hope this isn't an attempt at providing more things to do or small scale content. I wouldn't feel compelled to log in any more than normal for any of these things. They would be interesting twists on an already engaging game though. I think I want to double down on the campaign length. A month plus feels too long, its too much of a slog. But, if we had 'mini campaigns' running in tandem with these crazy rules or restrictions, that might be really cool. Keep the 5 week long standard Dregs but then drop a new surprise 1 week long dregs with these crazy rules like, only elves or 35% crit or whatever else you come up with. Give them reduced costs to build keeps to balance with the shorter campaign time. Don't let us know the rules ahead of time. Don't give us time to prepare or work out a meta. We have multiple characters, give us a reason to hop into multiple campaigns. You might also need these other campaigns running to alleviate some stress on the main campaign if you are putting in rules that literally stop people from logging into the only running campaign.
  7. 110% final roll for 10 pips on lego at 'are you insane' is decent.
  8. And that friend's name was, Bobert Einstein
  9. You don't have the necklace equipped that you are claiming is not working. The one you do have equipped, the ruby necklace, appears to be working.
  10. This is only considering NA Dregs. I can not speak towards Shadows or the other time zones. I am not offering any solutions here. Only trying to explain why I think we have some of the issues we do. An artificial requirement for 'Concurrent Alliance Members' has been set to be competitive in Dregs. This number is roughly 100+ due to the zone cap of 250. You have to be able to fill close to half the zone cap to have any chance of successfully defending or sieging a keep to not be overwhelmingly outnumbered. In order to get 100+ for a siege rally, you need about 500 players in your alliance. This creates problems for all other objectives in the game. Forts- When an alliance does a 'call to arms' for a siege they need to be on before the siege starts to make sure they can actually get their force into the siege zone before the zone caps. Fort windows are right before and after siege windows. These large siege forces are now large fort forces, effectively inflating the number of players brought to fort fights. Outposts / Hotzones / Roaming- A 500 person alliance is just going to have more people on for small scale stuff because they have more people. If someone shouts in alliance chat, "Hey who wants to go roam some outposts or hit the hotzone", they are going to have more people available that want to go. So if Outposts are meant for 1-3 players, the larger alliances can often have more than a group doing them. They are not going to tell fellow alliance members, "Sorry, you can't come. We already have 3 people." Population issues in general- There are simply not enough players playing Crowfall to support multiple 500 person alliances. There are 2 alliances near the 500 member cap. I can not speak for guilds/players outside of large alliances but I assume that their options are to try and join one of the two alliances that are near the alliance cap, or don't participate in sieges, forts, trying to win, and having to give up an area anytime a larger alliance shows up.
  11. Well that had no functionality, def did not have what the wow ui you showed has. If it worked like that one, it would be better ya. But that first one you shared, we actually had in game and it was basically just what storage chests are now.
  12. Not that what we have now is any good but this is way worse than what we have now.
  13. I was Spi>Int here. Not much of a rotation, Throw your hammers at the bad guys and heal yourself.
  14. Why does this drop in Dregs? Can't be used for cooking/professions. Can't be sacrificed. None of these items can be sacrificed either. The wilted scraps literally are used for nothing. Fibrous roots blended cloth I think are used for making bandages but no one ever does that because wartribe drops max lvl bandages in bulk. Also, bandages can not be sacrificed.
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