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  1. Think they mentioned in the last QnA that imports would be limited to items you can equip only.
  2. Not a bug I guess but Hungerdome has turned into a game of avoid fights at all costs and try to live the longest in the 5 seconds leading up to and after the hunger fully collapsing. There are many screen shots out there of 20+ people in the final circle. My last match of 60 players had 40 people alive in the last 2 minutes. I suggest two things. 1. Find a way to make the winner determined by fighting each other with out hunger fully collapsing. 2. Change some mechanics. At the end of Spring, if your team does not control a fort, you are eliminated. At the end of Summer, if your
  3. Not sure if this is a bug, but I was taking damage from the Hunger as if I was in it, when I was not. You can clearly see where the hunger is closing in on me on my right, and that it has not yet passed over me, I am only close to it. I don't know if this has something to do with being at a higher elevation and the hunger being a dome shape? Maybe my head was in it? My feet clearly were not in the hunger yet? If this is intended the boarder does not serve much purpose.
  4. Large keep - The part I am standing on is lower than the connecting areas and does not line up.
  5. I think infected is rank 1 - 6 and dregs is rank 6 - 10
  6. Clicking on Archetypes prevents you from seeing your own characters until you relog.
  7. Wartribe Satyr Ranger Spell Effects do not disappear. You can even see some in the background where mobs have already spawned after being killed.
  8. The largest issues is that they have increased difficulty to craft, on top of our already nerfed crafting stats, AND they add 2 additional lines to experiment on, the %DMG buff and the Attribute Line. So our final combine would have 10 pips for each of all stats, damage, FDM, Attribute, Durability. That is 50 pips when we have at most 20 or so. You never want to put points into anything other than damage and all stats. Remove experimentation from the attribute and FDM at all stages, including the runecrafting stages. grant the stats they would give at max based on durability, like se
  9. Items collected animation plays over your inventory, making it really inconvenient to see what is in the right side of your inventory
  10. I like the new way CC and Retaliate works. I also would suggest to not change it but to prune most CC from the non 'CC' promotions.
  11. Ultimates aside, this one of the more interesting ideas I've read on here.
  12. Just get rid of soul power, it serves no functional purpose. It is just a convoluted cooldown. Why are we trying to balance soul power generation? Just give each ult its own cooldown.
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