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  1. Winning in Crowfall isn't fun but losing sucks as well. Tough place to be in.
  2. It's Sunday. Hopefully someone comes to work Monday morning and is able to understand what is about to happen.
  3. Please no. Please don't alienate the rest of the world for an entire month. One map is fine but it needs zones with siege timers for NA East, NA West, EU, and AUS. You've done it before, please do it again. Delay dregs by a week if you have to.
  4. This is not happening. There is no 'high end gear' in dregs that is not more easily available in the other parts of the game. Its actually harder to get good gear in Dregs. I run around in garbage war tribe armor 100% of the time.
  5. So when you 1 button 6k open from stealth you are out playing them and when they 1 button counter that opener its annoying?
  6. This is an easy fix. Move more of the damage to the base part of the damage equation and reduce it from the weapon damage part of the equation. This would bring up the damage at lower gear levels and make it so that it doesn't scale as hard with gear.
  7. there are no motherlode for graves or trees
  8. It is really expensive for what it is. I will prob get them but I won't spend money, I will use the crowns I get each month from VIP.
  9. At level 30 you unlock the ability to apply a white quality vessel. This will allow you hit level 31. At 31 you unlock the ability to hit level 32 with a green vessel. This goes all the way to level 35. Each race starts with a gray quality vessel with +0 to each of the attributes, strength, spirit, con, dex, int. Necromancers (a crafting profession) can make vessels with better stats. They can even put on other stats like damage cap or physical resistance. Any stats granted by a vessel also increases that stats cap. Stats are capped at 200 but if you had a vessel with +8 strength, it would make your strength cap 208 When you apply a vessel, it 100% overrides the current one. So if you have a white vessel with +4 Con and then apply a green vessel with +10 Con you will net a +6 increase.
  10. Respecs should at least be free until you hit level 30
  11. Aerynth Traders now stocked with high quality harvesting tools. First two vendors to the north. 15+ Damage ~275 Durabliity Intermediates 30+ Damage ~800 Durability Advanced 5% Blood Chance Knives
  12. I think fury templar might be more what you are looking for. Its still supporty but is more of a bruiser than a paladin. Paladin is mainly heals. It is very tanky heals that wants to be in teh middle of the fight, but I wouldn't call it a bruiser.
  13. 1. Duplicate passives past the first do nothing. 2. Stat caps are base 200. They can be raised by crafted vessels and rings, up to a hard cap of 250.
  14. I've always wanted the classes and promotions to just be a backbone and for your major disc choices to be character and playstyle defining.
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