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  1. March 5, at 11 5, at 11 5,11 5.11 CONFIRMED
  2. Spend $0, register an account and wait for Beta Invites
  3. This past weekend's Twitch Take-Over @Rektluse @thomasblair @Pann
  4. I get more annoyed by having to hold down the F or G key for so long to release / return to temple
  5. Ran into this guy today on God's Reach. Seems like a bug. 🤷‍♂️
  6. This tool tip would indicate that I have a 12% extra chance to be critically hit. Assuming that the tool tip is backwards and I actually have a 12% reduced chance to be critically hit.
  7. This makes sense. Using the system we have on live ATM, even if you just granted 8 rune slots (2x major 3x minor 2x exploration) for free and gave us 8 less talent points to spend in the tree it would be better.
  8. Centaur and Elken both get the trailmaster passive due to those sturdy legs! I know that you are on a much different version of the game than we are but Trail master has not been anything I have considered that useful and from your quoted response above does not seem like it has changed in the new build. Trail master/blazer was never anything that I would take into account when making a character and weighing the pros vs cons of one race vs another. IN our version of the game you just use a mount for the same effect and there is no opportunity cost to using a mount. In a lot of situations a mount was better than trail master/blazer anyway. Also, I want to see Centaur's run faster while in combat. Something like 10-15% faster in combat would really open the race up to being considered for classes other than Champion and the occasional Knight.
  9. I hope you gave Centaurs a passive that makes them run faster (in or out of combat) than 2 legged losers.
  10. Where is this weeks Dev Diary?
  11. Yoink

    DPS Templar build?

    What happens if you report @Pann for Necroing a thread?
  12. Maybe just do 100x or full passive training on Test and keep 1x on Live. Test end game and early game.
  13. No Idea. I have not been participating very much.
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