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  1. Very excited that cross training has been fixed. Skill wipe?
  2. With auto crit abilities affected by Crit defense skills, will crit chance skills increase the chance of auto crit abilities now? If I use an auto crit ability and have 15% crit chance and my enemy has 20% crit defense, Will I have a 95% chance to crit or an 80% chance to crit with that ability?
  3. Mithril Warhammers

    So how are you guys digging the Stonebo... Dwarves?
  4. Treasure chest affected by hunger can still be opened/looted without destroying the hunger shard.
  5. I've also experienced this but it was the first time logging into the N/A campaign.
  6. Guard towers are increasingly more and more anti fun. They get you dizzy downed and to 1/3 HP before you can even see the tower on the map. Makes not running around in a full group very punishing. Their range needs to be 25-35. ATM it feels like its a good 70.
  7. Using consumables while holding down Left Mouse button to harvest results in the item being used but you do not gain the effect. In this video I consume some apples while harvesting and do not gain any chicken ticker. This also happened while consuming a Basic Potion of Harvest: Dust. I consumed the potions but did not get the buff.
  8. They work a lot better in 5.7
  9. I know it has been said a million times but if there was just some sort of ticking point counter for each faction for controlling outposts, forts, and keeps these small objectives might give a constant stream of small scale PvP. Something you would actually set out to do solo or with less than a group.
  10. Here is a spreadsheet that shows all possible race/class training combinations in 5.7 with the current VIP rules. Use this to get the most utility out of your account(s) in the upcoming 5.7 Live patch! 5.7 Class Combos See you guys out on the field! Edit: If you notice any incorrect or missing info please let me know.
  11. Anytime someone new comes to the forums to complain.
  12. I would love to see Field Surgeon go away. It's not a choice it's a requirement. It completely removes the need pay attention to or manage your mana as a resource. Inhibits build diversity and makes fights take very long. It is a cool disc but it needs to be fighter/rogue only or change the passive. Id love to see healers get to choose different styles of heals. Hot, aoe, single target but for mana to be an issue.
  13. Just quoting more visibility. Really hope it ends up this way. This not only drives the game economy but also the game politics/PvP.