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  1. Taking the seasonal harvesting buffs away is fine, but it does leave things a bit lacking thematically now.
  2. The icon for distracting shout should be changed.
  3. Call darkness from black mask is not granted to Knights. (or any non assassin class as far as I know.)
  4. LoL. Didn't win with 11 items. Wants a recount.
  5. Were you only able to see the bolded text? I have a reason why next to each item. Looks like you at least agree with the most important ones đŸ˜€
  6. This is going to be a bit of a stream of consciousness. I am just going to write things as I think of them. Crafted vessels start at lvl 30. Leveling is not content in Crowfall. It is not challenging or enjoyable. In fact, it is actually really bad. The NPE is at about 5% of the polish it needs, it is barely functional. God’s Reach only for new players / leveling basic vessels. Finish the NPE, Increase mob density. God’s Reach should only exist for the NPE and leveling a basic vessel. Limit resource quality by world band. God’s Reach - Basic resources only. Infected - White/Gree
  7. all basics attacks damage is normalized around its animation time. They all do the same damage.
  8. I was pumped when this hit live. Hit it pretty hard. Only to realize that getting crafting online in no way enhances the fun you can have in CF. We have hundreds of combined man hours into harvesting and crafting since Monday. I doubt we are 1% of the way closer to actually having crafting online in the way we did before the belt items and crafting souls change. You didn't add active progression. You made things much much worse and then put in a terrible grind just to get back to where we were before you made things worse. Grinding mats to make crap items (that have no use outside of
  9. My druid will not 'load'. This prevents me from being able to browse or enter an EK. I created a new character and it works just fine for the new character.
  10. Discs that do more than give some filler stats, filler ability/passive. Something that changes up the way you play a class or build it
  11. Just make better, more interesting discs.
  12. Stats can not be made interesting without a re-haul. There are too few points available to spend (60) and they have too little impact when spent. 60 Points spent in INT gets you 3% crit amount 60 in STR gets you 3% damage 60 in DEX gets you 3% crit chance and 0.6% resist all You also get 60 AP (30 after todays patch) if it was your class main stat. 60 in CON gets you 480 HP SPI is only used if you are a healer. CON is never worth taking at its current 8 HP per value. At end game gear levels, when you can easily hit your AP or SP cap, you can then throw s
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