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  1. I tested that. My instant poison did the exact same damage before and after taking the vandal promotion.
  2. This poison damage is not being granted. It does not show up on the stat sheet under damage multiplier: poison and it does not increase the damage that poisons do.
  3. @Tiggs Can you please find out if crafting major discs can still be found on thralls in 6.2 in addition to proccing from crafting?
  4. Its not only over-capping on armor. I'm not sure it is possible to hit 10,000 armor. Armor has a hard cap of 10,000 and resists have a hard cap of 3500 like you pointed out. You can not over cap those stats. But you add them together to get your final mitigation stat. This is the one that is used when applying armor breaks and armor pen. Each class has a different final mitigation stat. I think knight has 75% final mitigation soft cap if they take a plate wearing promotion. So if you had 5,000 armor and 3,500 resist all, your final mitigation would 8,500 or 85% reduction but you would be
  5. Is this the only way to get exploration discs now or can you still get crafting discs from thralls and harvesting from harvesting?
  6. Pretty sure that armor has a hard cap of 10000 and resists have a hard cap of 2500. These 2 values feed into your final mitigations and this is the only value that really matters. it looks like you have 50 armor and 600 piercing resist. Hitting your resist all ability will grant you 2000 resist all, putting your piercing resist to 2600, but it hard caps at 2500. Any resist all from juggernaut is wasted in this example once you reach the 2500 hard cap. You now have 2500 piercing resist and 50 armor, added together equals 25.5% piercing resist on your final mitigations. 25.5% is not over your fi
  7. This would be a welcome change for sure. Let the 'hard' part of 'hard choices' be choosing between 2 things that are equally awesome. ATM we are often faced with this scenario or 'hard choice' Spend 2 talent points. One talent point on something we want and one talent point on something we really don't want because it is required to take the thing we do want. or Spend 2 talent points. Spend two points on two different things that are better than the thing we did not want and worse than the thing we did want in the example above. You can call the 2nd scenari
  8. You can. one of the coolest builds I've been able to come up with so far is a sharpshooter Vandal with a crushing quiver. I can drain your stamina every 4 seconds with a stun from range or I can apply black mantle to you every second for 12 seconds from range. And if I want I can swap to melee and just play like a regular vandal. it might not be good or meta but it was interesting and it was fun and that's the kind of stuff I want to find
  9. We have 110 major discs now which is awesome but I find so many of them boring, basically just stat sticks or middle of the road abilities for bar filler. I am not making any judgments on the usefulness or power level of any of the unlisted dics here. A lot of them are very strong. But strong doesn't equal interesting. This is my list of the the discs that I find interesting. Ones that I look at and think, "I could build around this." or "This will change the way that <insert class here> plays." 12 out of 110. I do not think nor expect that all 110 should be on the same le
  10. Was told this should be its own post, so cross posting here for discussion. Here is an idea of how I would change the current system by just shuffling around a few things. Should not need to create anything new. Here is the current Assassin Tree. ------------------------------------------------------ Here is how I would change it. 1. Currently everything in the red circles are mandatory. Combine all of these abilities and stats together and just grant it baseline to every Assassin at level 1. ALSO, grant the class base line domain here.
  11. This was a huge buff for crafters. You know that right?
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