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  1. I notice that after you retaliate, if you deselect your target so the reticule is no longer red for even just a fraction of a second, you can resume attacking.
  2. You need to master 3 crafting profession's passive training to unlock the goggle drop. Holocrons available in the real money store.
  3. Map does not open. Stuck on loading. Had to hard kill the program.
  4. Can't wait to test this. This should be awesome when spirit banks are gone and having forts actually matters.
  5. This was fun to read. I think @Jah would agree.
  6. I can agree with most of that. Not having access to full builds does make some specs/classes worse or non viable. And people on those builds are mostly useless in combat without them. The option to play something else is there until the full build for what you want becomes available. Should it be this way? I don't know, probably not. I think watered down versions of all the disc should be available and make better versions the drops. What I was trying to get at is that these changes will only make the gap wider between those ahead and those behind.
  7. I am not saying that the way things work now are good or that things do not need to be adjusted. But I would argue that the quoted statement is relative. Right now you do not need any major or minor disc drops to take outposts, take forts or keeps. You do not need them to harvest or craft. Right now everyone is in the same place, things are equal. Where I do see it becoming an issue, and its the same issue its always been, is that advantages in this game are not linear, they are multiplicitive and they snowball out of control. The first wave or hardcores that get leveled up, make advanced vessels, gear/armor etc will eventually and quickly outpace the competition and this advantage will make it harder to catch up, but that has always been an issue with this game. It's actually one of the core visions for the game, resetting the Uncle BoB issue with resets. Slowing everyone down at the start isn't the fix for this issue. The hardcores are always going to be better off. What we need is a way to shrink the difference in effectiveness between the hardcores and non-hardcores. That is going to be hard to do in a game where there are thousands of small % multipliers on every facet of the game that stack.
  8. Lets do both. Craftable white quality Disciplines. Creates a market for runecrafters from everyone making alts or trying new builds. World drop disciplines of higher quality that you use for crafted vessels. The flat stats on the rune can scale with quality and just make the abilities scale with quality too.
  9. You can do both a large and small re-roll. Not sure if this is intended or not. You are able to do a large re-roll, then a small re-roll. If you do small re-roll first you can not then do a large re-roll after. Spirit is giving 0.2 stamina per point not 2. Crit Hit Chance is based on Dex regardless of class. Crit Healing Chance is based on SPR regardless of class. Crit Hit Damage is based on INT regardless of class. Crit Healing Amount is based on INT regardless of class.
  10. How can the new roll be lower if the new results are floored at the current result? I could see the new result possibly being the same but not worse with how that was explained.
  11. I'd agree with everything above. I literally farmed/crafted a set of advanced blue gear with out going into combat stance once. If I wanted I could have done the same for purple.
  12. I know I listed it but it was mostly meant as sarcasm. I do not expect the passive skill trees to go away. Like you said, I want there to be a progression through each campaign. Fresh campaign starts. Everyone goes out and rushes to get geared up, but you can really only get white material with some green here and there. Everyone is in white for the most part. Summer rolls around and either node rank increases or skill unlocks and people can now set the standard at green with some blue. And so on and so on.
  13. So I'm going to complain about passive training again. Last night was the first "fresh" start I've played in a while. I understand that we came in with crafted vessels. I have been training my accounts this whole time. We are at 3x so I have maybe a years worth of training? I logged in at server up on a combat/mining trained character with a guildie trained in combat/rune-making. We made a few knotwood tools and ran out to the PvP zones hitting R3-6 nodes to make 3 green harvesting picks. They ranged from +40-50 mining. Also made a few white advanced picks. We spent maybe 15 minutes doing this? We then started to just blast away on R10 nodes and motherlodes. After about an 1.5 hours of farming we had hundreds blue/purple/legendary ore/mats. We had enough to make 4x full blue component weapons. Also had enough to make a purple weapon or two and probably half way to making a leg 1H I think. Also had a good bit of blue, purple, orange gems. This can't be how the game is intended to be is it? Are white and green quality materials meant to be 100% obsolete a year into the game? Are we meant to be geared up in Blue/Purple gear day 1 of every campaign after enough passive training? How do you expect someone who starts a year after launch to compete? Does no one else want to run around with everybody in crap gear for the start of every fresh campaign? For me this is the whole draw of restarting campaigns. Not just everyone starting fresh, but everyone starting new. I want there to be gear progression over the life of each campaign. Possible solutions- Do something better than passive training. Reset passive training each campaign. Don't do passive training. Only allow access to a certain % of passive training that increases over the life of the campaign. Lets say you divided up all the skill trees into 4 parts. Lets call the columns Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Train the trees passively as normal, but the benefit from the skills in each column only apply based on the season of the current campaign. In Spring you would only get the benefit from what you have trained in the fist column. Summer, the first 2 columns. Autumn, the first 3 columns and Winter, All of them. I think this might add a bit more progression to each campaign. It would also help to alleviate the gap between new players and veterans in the earlier stages of each campaign.
  14. Stopped reading 2 pages in. Hoping that once the game is farther along all materials will be excluded from import. No reason for gold or dust to move between worlds. Ideally you would never be able to import more than a set of gear at the most generous import limit.
  15. Need to take a look at Settlers of Catan set up procedure....
  16. I believe I had an advanced stave on a druid and am 100% sure I had a basic axe on a champ.
  17. I have also noticed that I was not getting increases to AP, Crit damage, Crit Chance from training them in the Weapons Tree.
  18. The seasonal victory point adjustment is fine but it will not fix the main issue with forts/outposts. They are not fun. 95% of fort/outpost game play is unopposed standing in a circle. I know a lot of info was released recently. Was this addressed at all?
  19. The seasonal victory point adjustment is fine but it will not fix the main issue with forts/outposts. They are not fun. 95% of fort/outpost game play is unopposed standing in a circle. I know a lot of info was released recently. Was this addressed at all?
  20. So you can change discs between each round?
  21. Because champions don't have stealth. Easier to see.
  22. I just wish I didn't lose the first 10 minutes!
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