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  1. Super Cheap advanced level weapons and armor for leveling now available. Starting an alt? Swing by and kit yourself out for less than 2000g
  2. From what we can tell it never spins down. We tried to get the EK we actually wanted to use to shut down to see if that would let us save changes and make it public but after hours of not logging into it, it would not shut down.
  3. 18 vendors set up and and stocked. Still have room for anyone that wants to set up their own vendor.
  4. I would love that as well, but the character/build creation is my #1 thing.
  5. If we had SB level character creation and build depth I could look the other way on everything else I don't like and would pay a $50 a month subscription if required
  6. That's definitely part of it but everything is still very much on rails. Stats and talents are boring. No way to really change the way a class plays. Not a ton of room for innovation. There is no rock paper scissors. No way to punch up. Group size makes support roles a liability.
  7. Yes 100% Can go into extreme detail if you like.
  8. Don't you know? LoD has never had an alliance with anyone ever.
  9. Weapons are just skins in this game. Outside of some disc requiring a mace it doesn't matter. It's odd that all weapons do the same damage. A dagger is the same as a battle axe is the same as book. The only exception are bows that get dmg from ammo. They should adjust the base damage of weapons by type, not change every ranged power in the game. Bring the ranged weapons down 20% and then address Melee issues like survivability and up time.
  10. The world is dieing and we missed the boat.
  11. Every 10 weight adds 1 second. I think this rounds up. So 15 weight adds 2 seconds. Every 10 PE reduces by 1 second but you cap at -2 seconds
  12. What is your cool down modifier stat? That is probably why you see a 17s CD when 15 is listed.
  13. You need to talk to @Jah. He needs to grant you the permission to place the vendor. I'd go there and take a look at what is already there and get and idea of what you want to sell.
  14. Can we make this mandatory race locked groups? See what CF race reigns supreme.
  15. Archmage is the DPS promotion, not the healing promotion. Icecaller is the healing promotion. You can convert 250 mana into an ice store. I forget the name of the spell.
  16. If you would like to set up your own vendor here you can. Post here or contact Jah
  17. Hope things turn around and guys come back. Combat - it's been solved, and there is only one question and answer. Right now we are playing a game of rock, rock, rock. We need more viable answers. CF combat (once you get into battles of 15+) is less complex than rock, paper, scissors.
  18. Can we get new recipes that require 10x the mats for 10x the base durability? I'd gladly spend 30 stone 40 ore 10 paper and 40 dust to make one rune tool with 10x durability vs making 10 tools. Make the reroll cost 10x as well. End result is the same, but I clicked 10x less. This would get rid of so much tedium.
  19. Take out the good farming but put in better leveling. Litter the place with mobs so we can blow through it. There is no pvp there so we dont need scarcity to drive pvp to one location. Or take out the level restrictions on infected and dregs. And get rid of mobs 1 shotting you if they are over 5 levels.
  20. You divide your sp by 10 first, then do the multiplication. But yeah, works out to the same as the second formula.
  21. This location on God's Reach is a hole in the ground with motherlodes. You can jump into it but can not get out.
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