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  1. Id be happy with a map that faces North
  2. I see a lot of newer people in game asking about farming or how to get this or that. Usually trying to make trades for Vessels, Ambrosia or Chaos Embers to use as a currency. Chaos embers are the top resource for end game are about the only resource advanced players will want, that under trained, under geared players can actually farm. I find it mind numbing to farm for Chaos Embers though and to do it effectively still requires advanced training and gear. If you are looking to get into the market, or just a way to help your guild I am going to suggest that you harvest Blood and Bone. Blood and Bone are the most sought after end game material after Chaos Embers and requires almost no training to get into. The great thing about Blood and Bone is that white quality is just as valuable as legendary. The blood and bone from R2s is the same as from R10s. This means you don't need any advanced gear or training to farm it. You can even do it with basic harvesting knife. There are 3 training nodes in Exploration Basics and 2 nodes in Reaping for Blood and Bone harvest chance. These nodes can be trained relatively quickly. The only other ways to increase your chance for Blood and Bone would be to: Use the Connoisseur Harvesting Disc and keep the buff active while skinning. Use and advanced knife rune tool made with copper and silver. Chaos Embers are still better, but this would be the next best alternative if you are trying to decide how to train.
  3. I have experienced this as well. I also cant go through more than 2 loading screen with out having to ALT+F4
  4. While we're rebalancing races can we make centaurs 15-20% faster than base. Double the Sprint run speed for Minos, at double the stam cost maybe. Reduce Sprint Stam cost by 50% for elken. Make leadership passive auto apply like cap stones for human and high elf. Toss a few extra train/ability points at human/half elf Make con base 25 per, up from 8. Give some classes a bonus to that like dwarf or centaur or mino or hg Take AP off of main stat, move an extra 150-200 AP to the base trees for all classes. Increase fdm and fhm gains from str/int for dwarves by 50-100% ? Do something for these poor bastards. See posts above for half elves Make hg immune to root and knock down and pull If a race gets one or more racial ability, give them one more bar slot, that can only have a racial ability slotted.
  5. What is your crit chance and crit amount NM, saw it in the video.
  6. Regarding God's Reach and new players. Chat from this morning. P1: what items am I allowed to bring to campaign mode, it says i have too many items. P2: you can only bring 12 total for this one so you have to go back into gods reach and put stuff into your bank P1: ohh wheres the bank i havnt seen it P2: hit "B" you can right click stuff in/out of it P1: the vault?? i didnt know you can put stuff in it what da hek
  7. What if, for faction rule set only, imports for the next CW are based off performance in the previous faction CW? 1st place gets 0-5 imports for the next CW. (might actually need to be 6 so that a fresh GR new player can always bring in the basics.) 2nd place gets 10-15 imports for the next CW. 3rd place gets 25-50 imports for the next CW. Might even get people to go to the losing side next CW for more imports.
  8. I want to make a second character. It will be a blue or purple vessel. I don't want to do God's Reach to level 20 where nothing I do outside of leveling matters. My guild mates are playing but they are not on Gods's Reach. I am choosing to not play Crowfall vs playing the way I would be forced to. Take it for what it is. But I'm not playing the game at this very moment when I want to.
  9. They way Necromancy and Grave Digging currently work, any guild over 10 people will not have use for you anyway. They will have their own guild Necro/Grave digger in the guild that is concerned about winning and helping and not what % of in game personal wealth they get to keep for themselves. I'm not sure why there are not basic and intermediate shovels but, you can make your own rune shovels at the rune-crafting station. You don't even have to have the rune equipped. just need 3 non-basic stone, 4 non-basic ore, and 1 wood. They will not be good tools, about as good as intermediate, but you can make them.
  10. @thomasblair How about that AP formula now? 😀
  11. LoL forgot we were in "Pre Alpha" not Alpha.
  12. I would expect the next wipe to be at the start of Beta. I would expect a wipe at the end of Beta. I wouldn't expect any other wipes unless they make or implement something game changing but there is a good chance that might happen.
  13. Top to bottom row. Rare, Epic, Legendary. These are all 6 xp each or 2g each. Values need to be adjusted because currently its annoying to spend the time junking these. I'd rather they didn't drop with the current values. These are grave goods.
  14. I know passive training is a hot topic ATM. I know people say just wait for the catch up mechanic. I'm wondering if the catch up mechanic will work if it is not easily accessible and/or catches you all the way up. There is lot of talk about being behind in combat passive but the most important gap is in harvesting and crafting. Player skill can not make up for this. How does someone contribute in a meaningful way in harvesting/crafting against this? Its not going to happen at 50% or 75% caught up. Maybe at 90%? This is even more true of crafting. No one is going to want to use materials on a crafter that is 90% of the guilds best crafter. Also, Gravedigging might need a look at. Resources are way too abundant. This was just a few hours of farming today. WTS parts WTB storage
  15. Looks like the seam between these two parcels has an issue. You can see i can obviously fall though, but also notice that I fall off of or get stuck by invisible objects.
  16. As the stats are now, all the meaningful caps are reached with high end gear buffs, gear, vessel. The majority comes from talents. If you are talking late game as in fully trained with purple/leg gear, vessel, your race/class shouldn't matter that much, at least not as much as it does in this current testing environment of wipes and 2 week campaigns. This is probably more true for harvesting though
  17. Here are some Harvesting changes I would like to see. The 5 pip system- I'd like to see all 5 abilities and anything granted from harvesting runes to just be slotted abilities. Make them have the same pip cost but let us choose which one to use. Is is frustrating to not be able to use an ability because you have too much of a resource. If I have 5 pips and I want to use a 3 pip ability, let me simply use that ability and I know have 2 pips. Make these just like the abilities granted by discs. Make all pip consuming abilities flash cast and make it so that they do not interrupt harvesting. This would just feel smoother. It just feels wrong that often you don't use an ability because its better to just keep swinging or you skip using an ability because you want to hit that sweet spot before it is gone. The best rotation is often hold down F until the node is gone and then use an ability in between nodes because it is not worth it to stop hitting. I don't think that either of these changes wold be too OP. I don't even think they would make that big a difference in overall harvesting. But it would make the game play feel better. It would make it feel right. On Skinning and Grave Digging Due to the nature of skinning and grave digging vs the other harvesting lines you do not get full use out of potions, food, or beneficial harvest. I would suggest that potions and food for these be charged based. No duration for the the potion or food buff, but give them charges that expend when you harvest a node. Use all the charges and lose the buff. It would be great if you could do something similar for beneficial harvest. Maybe if it procs you get 1 or 2 charges that does not expire until you harvest that many nodes. These are points of frustration for me when harvesting. If you can make the harvesting outcome the same as it is now, but with these changes it would just feel that much better when playing.
  18. ❤️ @thomasblair. Just having fun.
  19. The mouse cursor, keyboard inputs do not stay in the game. I play in windowed mode. If I move my mouse to the left, the cursor will go past the edge of the game window and interact with my desktop. The inputs will still be sent to the Crowfall client. This also happens with keyboard commands. There have been times were I'm playing the game and and I end up typing a bunch of gibberish in discord because my game inputs while playing were also entered into Discord. When I dual box I often times arm able to send commands to both game clients. It seems to have something to do with Alt-Tabbing. When it happens I have to hit the windows key and re-select the game client to 'anchor' the cursor to the game, but if I Alt-Tab it happens again. I don't think this is new with this build.
  20. Here is the base white vessel vs. a crafted blue vessel from this round of GR. This vessel was made by a blue Necro with full training/buffs/consumables wearing blue crafting gear made by blue vesseled crafters. The vessel also has additives. They are the same exact race / class / runes /stat allocation / talent point allocation / passive training / equipped gear and in combat stance. 424 HP Increase 9% Increase in Crit damage 89.5 more AP 2.8% Increase in damage 4.5% Increase in Crit Chance Those are pretty nice bonuses. I won't argue here how big of a deal they are because I happen to have them, but here are the raw numbers.
  21. I'll start off with what I like about the artifact Items. I like the way they play. I'm never upset to get one. I just logged off from a leveling session and I stayed at the camp I was at, even though it didn't give me XP anymore because I was hunting for blue artifacts. It is a nice alternative to leveling and is a nice supplement to leveling. Here is what I don't like. Actually using them is annoying. Most of the alters do not work. I'm sure this is a bug and not intended. You can not use them when you make them. You have to make them and transport them back to sac them. That would be fine if they stacked. Right now if I want to use them I make them all on one character that is out in the world at the alter, put them in vault, log off and onto the character I actually want to use them on, pull them out of vault, and finally sac. This is even worse if I want to trade them because now I have 50ish binds that I can only trade 6 at a time. This process will be even worse in CW because we won't be able to use this method due to export/import. I would suggest making completed binds stack. It would be nice if you could use them at the camp but that takes the risk away of holding something valuable. There is no reason for these to be serialized atm. You can fail the combine because they have a runecraft check. This is just added annoyance. I don't think what it adds to the profession is worth the annoyance to everyone else. I'd remove this. My thoughts are this should be a more global system. The current recipe to combine artifacts requires any 3 artifacts and up to 3 more additional artifacts, so long as they are all of the same tribe. Regardless of how many you use, the item and sac value is the same. There is no reason to ever use more than 3. Not sure what you intend here, I'd just pick a required number and keep it see that. There should only be one item at each rarity. There is no difference between white Aricoix artifact #1 or #2 other than they can't stack. Save our bags. The sac value from blue to purple is too close. On a blue vessel a blue bind is 1100 and purple is 1150. I think all artifact binds should be useful to all quality of vessels. I'd suggest removing the runecraft componet from combine but give runcrafters a way to upgrade the quality of a bind. Maybe something like 3 equal quality binds and X dust makes 1 of the next quality bind. Use dust for white to green and green to blue. Use embers for blue to purple and purple to orange. (The orange can be only obtainable this way). I'd even suggest making this ability require a minor rune/passive. This will make 2 distinct types of runcrafters. Choices. I think a system like this can work if end game vessels (purple/orange) take a lot more XP than blue. A white vessel takes about an hour to hit 30. A blue vessel takes about 4 hours to hit 25. I'd make a purple take 10x a blue and even more for an orange. This is with the assumption that a purple or orange vessel is something you never discard. It's a permanent addition to your roster. One more thing I'd say here is purple/orange vessels need to start with their abilities. I think if implimented, artifacts would be a global system that all could partake in. Might not take off at launch but once we're well into the game, leveling purple/orange vessels should be the non PvP thing to do outside of material farming. New players could farm something that veterans will always want. Veterans have something to do in down time. It's another reason to be out in the world. Runecrafters get a second way to play their crafter.
  22. Adding to this is that demons pact and the extra ring/ammy minors did not require a passive, only a minor rune spot. Everyone had 4 passives with racial bonus or demons pact. Now you still have 4 effective passives because of the cap stone change and you just end up not slotting all 3 minor runes. My current character is a Nethari and I am only using 1 of my 3 minor rune slots because I have all 4 of my passive slots filled and there simply are not any other minors that do not require an open passive slot. There are mabye 3 options? 2 of them grant an extra abiltiy, neither are better than any ability I am already using. One of them lets me see name plates from farther away?
  23. Same thing when going through a rune gate. A reinstall did not fix this. The game always locks up too. the client goes grey as the windows blue load icon spins. I have to kill the game, it does not even crash properly.
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