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  1. TLDR: Been here since kick starter. Don't like the passive skill system. Never have. Have never heard anyone say they did.


    What is the point of the passive trees? I think initially it was just to have some sort of 'permanence' to your account or a way to slowly but surely get stronger.

    What are the pros/cons of passive training taking long time (months, even years) to become a master at something?

    PRO 1: It prevents you from doing everything on one account, I can get behind that. But eventually with enough time, you will have everything.

    CON 1: It 'rewards' you for having more time in the game. This was toted as a PRO but they have always talked about creating a catch up mechanic. Acknowledging the need for a catch up mechanic would imply that having some people farther ahead is a bad thing. It also negates the 'reward' of having more skills for having been playing longer.

    CON 2: It is non-interactive, limiting and boring. The time investment is a big hindrance to those without multiple accounts. Just in the combat tree alone, If I want a 2H plate wearing melee character and a 1H ranged leather wearing character, that is 6 SIX! different passive tree paths. I am going to feel either limited or gimped in my character choices.

    CON 3: It does nothing for 'character identity'. All the bonuses are applied at an account level and even then not all of your combat choices will apply

    CON 4: If you are too far behind the pack in crafting/harvesting you are obsolete (under the current systems we have access to)

    CON 5: You only get the 'Fresh Server' game experience once. The entire appeal of CF is that the game resets and you start over. This really is not the case. With enough passive training you are farming R10 nodes and making end game gear on day 1 of a freshly wiped campaign. I don't mean to speak for everyone but the wipes/sever ups are a blast. It is really a shame that we only experience that once.

    CON 5.5: We are currently experiencing a true 'Fresh Server' game experience right now. It takes too long to do anything useful with harvesting/crafting. Crafting on day 1 should be on par with what ever you consider 'minimum viable'. This means that crafting needs a quality baseline of advanced green War Tribe gear. This is either an issue of the passive tree or the loot tables.

    CON 6: Pushes you towards needing more accounts. (Good for ArtCraft, bad for Crowfall)


    At this point of what I'm writing here I went into Discord and told the 3 guys in there I was writing about the passive skill tree. Combined we have about 15 years in testing Crowfall. 2 of us have been here since the start. I told them I wanted to be objective about what I was writing and asked them for more PROs. They laughed. The closest thing they came up with was that it was 'easy' to manage and that it keeps you on equal footing with anyone else assuming you started playing the game at the same time as everyone else.

    What I would like to see....

    You already have this in place, it is what the vision of the game was based on. Reset passive training After X amount of campaigns. Choose a base training speed that would culminate in the completion of 1 advanced skill line at around the start of Fall/Winter. This way you always complete your training to max and then get to utilize it throughout the reminder of the campaign.


    Here is how I would see this affecting each of the above PROs/CONs

    PRO 1: No change. You still keep this PRO

    CON 1: This con is all but eliminated. The only amount you can be ahead of someone is how much longer you've been in the campaign(s) cycle before the next wipe. You also eliminate the need for creating a catch up system.

    CON 2: Mostly eliminated. It is still non-interactive and boring BUT if I am focusing on 2H Melee Plate Blacksmith I know that the next campaign I can try a 1H Ranged Mail Grave Digger and not feel gimped. This would be amazing. I would feel much less that I needed to have multiple accounts just to play the game.

    CON 3: Really would not be any change here. Other than 'character identity' is no longer tied to the passive system because it is no longer a permanent thing.

    CON 4: This con is all but eliminated. The only amount you can be ahead of someone is how much longer you've been in the campaign(s) cycle before the next wipe.

    CON 5: Eliminated.

    CON 6: Somewhat diminished. You still can not do everything all at once, but you can do something different every campaign(s) cycle when you start fresh.


    Also, possibilities are endless here. Just off the top of my head you can start a campaign(s) cycle with...

    Increased / decreased training speed for different campaign(s) cycles.

    You can adjust/change/buff/nerf nodes in interesting ways each campaign(s) reset cycle. We could have a campaign(s) cycle where the melee weapon tree has double values or Iron harvesting nodes are inflated.

    You can have a campaign(s) cycle where different paths are some how connected. Things like, bonuses or negatives if you have certain trees trained. Managed to max out 2 harvesting lines? Get a huge combat buff. Things like that.

    Campaign(s) cycles where certain trees have increased/decreased cost. Or campaign(s) cycles where some trees are locked out.

    Campaign(s) cycles where you introduce new or different trees.

    Campaign(s) cycles where the training paths start at the end and you work your way backwards.


    With changing anything you would face a new set of CONS. Potential CONS for this proposed system might be...

    That you lose that sense of 'ownership' and uniqueness that your account has. I would argue that this was very weak to begin with and the source of this now is your vessel.

    Some people just wont like it.

  2. I know in the past that the version of the game we were playing was many builds behind what you were currently working on. Are we now caught up on test with 5.11? The reason I ask is that 5.11 has me worried if this is the version you are going to blast everyone to come check it out once it pushes to live.

    Don't get me wrong. I am excited for the game. I am not just bashing it. I've been here since before Kickstarter and I am not going anywhere. Everything below this is NOT in regards to game systems, content, features.

    The game is still too frustrating to play. There are too many things things that make it super annoying. I worry about releasing this to a wider audience in the state it is in. This is a list of frustrating things I encountered just this morning in the 2 hours I played.


    UI Lag

    Limited UI functionality/customization

    Limited ability to set key binds

    Storage/banking is frustrating

    Redundant amount of items, many mostly useless. Grave sac items and artifact items are 2 good examples. Why are there multiple versions of the same item at the same quality? Serves no purpose other than to bloat inventory space. Grave sac items, along with many other things are not worth the time to sac them. The sac items are too numerous and sac values are too low for the amount of effort it takes to fight the UI.

    Looting is a PITA

    Map is frustrating to use

    Selling to vendors is laggy and cumbersome. When I farm I don't even bother to pick up things to vendor because I know how long it is going to take.

    NPC AI

    Lack of any sort of new player tutorial.

    Combat souring bugs. Many surrounding retaliate.

    Inability to name/sort vessels at character screen

    Incorrect tool tips

    Hovering over tool tips on the talents page

    Holding 'F' to enter, release, what ever. Super annoying.


    So I really hope that this isn't the point where you offer the game up to a larger audience to come try. Or I hope that you are still 6 months and many builds ahead of what we are playing on Test.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Navystylz said:

    Really hoping the game would evolve past that, or at the very least discplines allow for more meaningful changes. Idk, maybe I'm remembering shadowbane wrong, or the ability to change your playstyle a lot with actual weapon runes, choosing abilities by training a number of points into them, and having disciplines like the weres, sundancer for unarmed, and few others really made it feel like you were building something more unique than the next guy.

    Right now Crowfall classes feel anemic after the split into 3 specs. And 90% of the discs are just extensions of a class or just feel very underwhelming. Doesn't help the limited bars make it so that even with disciplines you don't feel like your extending your capability without giving up other class powers.

    You are not remembering wrong

    You are not going to find an all defense, 0 attack rating, + power damage, duel wielding, quad proc Cleric or ambidex, dagger chucking, forgemaster stoneborn in Crowfall currently.


    We got a race / class split and that was an awesome step in the right direction. But then we get 33 'specs' that are basically just 1. a dps spec 2. a tanky dps spec. 3. a bad dps CC sepc (and the CC doesn't matter with how DR, immunity and retaliate work atm) 4. a healer spec.

    There are a few outliers. Paladin, arch-druid, and sanctifier all do something different and are really cool in how they play. But mostly the 3 promotion classes per class just do not do enough different from each other. They don't change how the class plays. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Toadwart said:

    That being said, the Frostweaver suffers from what basically every class in Crowfall suffers from....and that is they are basically all clones of each other. Everyone has knockdowns, stuns, snares, ect. You can make one of every class and look at their talent trees and you can barely tell what class you are looking at after awhile because they all have the same talent choices with extremely small and few variations. Crowfall may have 1500+ powers or whatever the current count is.....but all of the classes look pretty darned similar to me when viewing the talent trees.

    Can't comment on the Frostweaver stuff but this a thousand times. Our 'choices' are not choices because they don't really matter. There are not enough ways to build characters. Disciplines mostly so underwhelming that combined with the new limited talent trees, limited bar space and disciplines needing 5 points each to unlock some builds will absolutely forgo them.

  5. TL:DR - Have race choice affect discipline choice.


    Hoping to see more reason to choose one race over another. 5.11 is a step in the right direction from what we have been shown but so far it still doesn't seem like there are any tough choices when picking a race. I don't feel like I am missing out by choosing one or the other.

    Hopefully there can be factors that go into choosing a race outside of the small stat boosts or minor abilities. Do things like, all Centaur can equip pole arms or Minos can equip 2h Swords. And then actually have the weapon type matter. Have race restricted disciplines. Actually, have a lot of race restricted disciplines. Make them more powerful than generic disciplines, kept in check by only being usable to a certain race.

    When we built characters in SB we had to make these choices. There is just not enough difference between the races ATM. All races and all classes can almost take any discipline. They are different in that only certain races can be certain classes but that does not really count. No one starts with race and then picks a class. I don't say, 'I want to make a Centaur, lets see what classes a Centaur can be.' I say, 'I want to make a Cleric, what are my race options for a Cleric?' This is the point where I want to agonize over the choices. It is getting there, there really is not a default best race choice for say, a Cleric but there also isn't very much difference between a HG, Human, Centaur, or Rat Cleric. All 4 of those races would generally be built the same way, have the same discs, geared the same way, and play the same way. They would only differ in a few stat points here and there, a few abilities that usually don't get slotted.

    Lets continue with Cleric and take the new 5.11 Guinecean and HG. Ok, they both get some flat stat buffs. Currently in 5.10 this does not matter very much as you cap the stat you want and move into the secondary and tertiary stats. This is why you see confessor books with strength and 2H hammers with Int. HG gets 2 active abilities. You might run either or both of these but neither are any reason to choose HG. Its also very likely that 0 of them would be used. Guinecean gets an extra ring slot. Very useful, but its just a stat gain. At the end of the day I just pick what ever is going to give me the best min/max on my stats because there isn't anything else to consider. But lets say there were disciplines that that only a HG or only a Guinecean could take. Now I have a choice that matters assuming both of these disciplines are good. Lets see a Guinecean only Major that increases your healing by 25% to other Guineceans. A Human-Cleric only Major that reduces the remaining CD of your skills by 1 second every time you cast a heal on someone. A HG-NonCleric only rune that applies a group barrier equal to 10% of the damage you deal.

    We need more of, "If I chose this, I lose out on that." and the 'this' and the 'that' need to matter.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Pann said:

    Yes. I had to leave a bit for an appointment, but I'm back now and putting the finishing touches on Dev Diary: The Many Splendors of Interactive Roads in Crowfall. I know everyone has been having a hard jones for it. TODAY IS THE DAY I MAKE THOSE INTERACTIVE ROAD DREAMS COME TRUE!


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