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  1. Just now, mystafyi said:

    Could that objective not be accomplished with a very short campaign ruleset with full paper-doll loot and permadeath?

    Mabye, but I think people would complain about teams not being exactly the same size or guilds working together, which they would. From what I've seen people want an exact 3v3 or 5v5 or what ever experience.

  2. I still think some sort of arena system or pvp que system would be good. There are lot of people that want this. I know it sounds counter productive to the main game but when you find good fights in CF it is awesome, and that happens so infrequently. I'd start off with having the queable pvp arena system have no tangible rewards. Just let us do it for fun and bragging rights. Maybe throw some cosmetic rewards at it.

  3. 32 minutes ago, Arkdin said:

    Currently in Crowfall a good deal of the character specialization/customization comes from creating an upgraded quality of "vessel" for your crow to utilize in battle. 

    How? You get nothing but un-impactful stats. You will still go main stat first and then your secondary stat.

  4. I'd like to see the domains that we can choose in the talent tree do more than just grant access to some discs. I'd like to see them also grant some interesting or powerful things that you can not normally get. This would make the choices even harder and more meaningful. I could see scenarios where you get stuck choosing between the ability 1 domain grants vs the disc that another domain opens up. This would add another layer to the character customization / hard choices.

    Here are some mock up examples to get an idea of what I mean.

    Battle - 5% movement speed. 10% retribution.

    Dark - 3rd LMB attacks strip any barriers from your target.

    Death - 25% HP and resource regen on player kill.

    Fire - Taking fire damage increases your bonus damage: fire by 15% for 10 seconds.

    Frost - Gain 15 seconds of critical strike immunity after suffering a non DOT critical strike.

    Justice - 15% long CD reduction.

    Light - 15% short CD reduction.

    Music - +10 second song duration.

    Nature - Increases healing received by 15% and healing done by 5%

    Plague - 10% life steal.

    Protection - Gain a 500pt barrier every 30 seconds.

    Shadow - 10% stealth movement speed. +15 stealth.

    Storm - 3rd LMB cause an explosion on the target. Dealing AoE damage as electricity.

    War - Increase duration of buffs by 30%

    Wind - 10% movement speed.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Gratheil said:

    the one crafting vid i watched said you could mix white an green

    so it has to be all white or all green or all blue?

    Yes, this was changed recently for base components. When you are making the actual armor, you could have a mix of different quality squares though.


    8 minutes ago, Gratheil said:

    what part of ive tried every combo on that page did you miss?

    Every one of those combinations 100% worked last week when I was crafting leather armor.

  6. Going to third the 'something is wrong with gem/mineral chance, the potion, or how it's calculated in a group.'

    We had Guy with the 35-40% gem chance and 3 others helping with no gem chance. We would destroy nodes in like 3 seconds and got maybe 1 gem every 10 nodes or 1 out of 30 chances. If we slowed down, only using 2 people total, it was more what you'd expect for gem drops.

  7. 9 hours ago, PopeUrban said:

    I think its worth looking at how all the pieces fit before calling foul on it.

    Absolutely. And I've admitted before that I've yet to see any discs other than the new Banshee. I've said before that with these new trees, if character building is going to matter it will be in the discs, so they need to be awesome. I am making a prediction based on what I've seen and what I expect from Ace that this will not be the case. I really hope I'm wrong but will lobby for meaningful character building while there might still be time to get it.


    Hopefully, worse case, we end up with 33 viable classes.

  8. 2 hours ago, McTan said:

    Yes, I think they are mistaking choosing a domain as somehow a harder choice than choosing the majors themselves

    They have to be of the impression that choosing a promotion is the 'hard character building choice'.

    I think their ideas behind domains is that we will think, "I really want Disc X but Alpha Warrior does not get the right domain. I will now instead choose to be a Pit Fighter to pick up Disc X."

    This would be fine if major discs were character and build defining. From what they currently are and what we have seen/heard so far about disc in 6.2, they will not be.

    How this is going to play out is we will decide on a PROMOTION CLASS we want to play, and then pick the best 2 majors available to that.

    If discs are not going to be anything special, then domains serve very little purpose and work in the opposite direction that they were intended.

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