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  1. Yes that's true but that's just a dial that can be adjusted at that point. Either way the option should exist.
  2. Stopped reading 3 pages in but I'll throw in my 2 cents. I hate the idea of eventually being able to fill out everything. I'd much rather see some sort of point allocation system. Say we get X amount of points to spend. Keep the current trees, keep the gradual training increase over time but make us allocate our X points. Want to train something else but you capped on points? Start slowly untraining something else to free up points. I'm ok if it takes a long time to use up the X points but X should not be infinite. This is what I miss the most in games. Building unique characters with vast possibilities. Look at shadowbane. Runes, stats, discs, promotion classes, training points on top of many skills, etc. Unlimited freedom in chatacer design. Was Cool's mage melee 100% staff warlock viable? No not really, but it was fun and it was possible. and more importantly it was possible to find out. And while I'm here I'll also say that I hate the current idea of minimum viable powers. It's not currently minimum viable powers, it's just minimum powers. If you only want us to have access to 10 active powers at once that's fine but give me a choice of 50.
  3. Yoink


    That's odd. I've never experienced that, even on stress test weekends. I'm still having quite a bit of fun playing but there are about 7 or 8 -W- also playing so I've always got someone to play with.
  4. I wanted to play Darkfall but Aventurine wouldn't let me buy the game.
  5. Looks familiar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVxWYHh7GGA
  6. I need part 3. I was in Stumps guild. LoD was my first guild in my first online game. You guys ruined me for all games since. There was nothing quite like being up until 4 am burning people's poorly made socks down.
  7. You would also be supporting the game more, and that counts for something.
  8. We will have a no Guinecean guild policy, right?
  9. Don't get me wrong. I almost exclusively played rogues. I just felt it got a bit out of hand at times. There was no fear in playing a bird scout solo. 0. None. And sure, it was funny some times to take on a mino warrior and completely demolish him, but it still felt wrong.
  10. Not being able to play any toon other than a rogue outside of seiges/mines. And this is coming from a guy who loves his thieves/scouts
  11. 1. Meaningful PVP 2. Meaningful PVP 3. Meaningful PVP Anything else is negotiable and/or a bonus.
  12. haha you have a serious girlfriend. Time to change your name to Old Spice
  13. How long did you spend perfecting the crochchop moon combo with your guidies?
  14. You know, I once heard that smushy faced kittens in your sig made you win SB. Those are some pretty smushed faced kittens.
  15. Boars dropping suits of armor. Bears with no intestines.
  16. Death server was the best. I came over to LoD from ST with Stumpy, Skunkbush, and BA. I still remember when we dropped our tags in the middle of that fight and turned on Colossa. Best video game moment ever. Second best had to be every night at 4 am knocking down some scrub city's walls and protected buildings just because we were LoD and its what we did. I also paid a months rent by buying 10 stat / 30 regen jewelry from the nation's sages and selling them on eBay for 10 bucks a crack. Then there was the time I was playing poker with BA and he was trying to get me to play DF. I wanted to but gave up because I literally could not buy an account because I failed at F5. Anyway,I mentioned that if I could play it would be with my guild, WB. I think he called us all queers and that he was fighting then in game. I mentioned I had access to Damebix's account and he offered me oral from one of his lady friends if I gave him the info.
  17. You have that little faith in the Devs? Ever play a game with server wipes? I think it's an interesting idea that would be fun to talk about.
  18. My first real sb character was a thief. I'd yoink peoples inventory.
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